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The debt was civilization’s first currency and medium of exchange. Economies relied on trust displayed over long periods of time among well-known associates to operate. Fiat currency requires multiple parties to trust in the same sovereign backer. A gap exists between traditional fiat lending and digital asset-backed lending. Residual promotes digital asset-backed financing to expand individual borrower access to liquidity by empowering professional lenders with a modernized version of the traditional lending framework, a simple and intriguing bridge from old to new. The decentralized ledger blockchain model cuts out intermediaries and provides documentation, and offers training to adopters of the lending platform.


They are planning to have a SOC1/2 audit performed over the protocols at this time as sufficient volume is running through the ecosystem to warrant the attestation.

About Residual Token

Residual Token Inc. designs the protocols, provides documentation and offers training to adopters of the lending platform. The enterprise-grade digital asset lending platform is for lenders and the borrowers with whom they do business. The open-source, lending management protocols and vast traditional fiat lending experience bridges this gap. Built on the blockchain, our system is mostly trustless with the exception of certain assessment protocols, information privacy modules and fund transfer activity. Residual provides training on protocol implementation and documentation for end users. They believe that by providing a set of trustless workflows to facilitate this type of lending, holders of digital assets would be willing to invest more of these assets into illiquid, tokenized assets and blockchain concepts.

ResidualToken Overview

ResidualToken ICO
Ended 162 Days Ago
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Token Type
Start Date
Sep 15, 2018
End Date
Dec 15, 2018
Payment Method
  • ETH
Start Price
1 RSDLL = 1.5 USD
Total Supply
23,112 ETH
Know Your Client (KYC)
Presale Start Date
Sep 15, 2018
Presale End Date
Oct 15, 2018

ResidualToken Team

Howard Krieger, Asa, Ceiv

Howard is a Managing Director in CBIZ Valuation Group, LLC (“CBIZ”). He specializes in the valuation of complex financial instruments including crypto-currency loans, interest rate swaps, agency and non-agency mortgage-backed securities (MBS), and collateralized debt obligations (CDOs). He is a former Big-4 Senior Manager responsible for a variety of assignments including: intangible business valuation, intellectual property valuation, financial modeling, valuation of equity participating instruments and other exotic financial assets/liabilities with almost 20 years’ experience.

Ryan Medlin
Ryan Medlin is a seasoned Silicon Valley entrepreneur and technologist.

His most recent exit was the sale of his proximity tracking and measurement company in 2015 to Neustar where he then led a team of engineers to build out Neustar's IoT Identity initiatives. This included a product for IoT which was an improvement over normal PKI providing cryptography based policy enforcement and Identity Management in a highly decentralized architecture.

Kumar Sriram
Technical Blockchain Advisor


Kevin Thompson

FP&A / Strategy

Melissa Barbera,
Legal Advisor

Michael Gale
International Tax Advisor

Katy Atkinson

Product Development. Director - ForgeRock

Alan Alford, PhD

Risk Pricing (Economics)

Scott Banks, CPA

FP&A / Controls

Edward Eaton
Advisor Operations

Stanley Krieger
Engineering Advisor - Quality Assurance

Daniel Love
Product Design Advisor

Martin Williams
Technology and Operations Advisor

Michael Forester, CFE, CMB, CPA


John Owens
Operations Advisor

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      ResidualToken Milestones

      December 2018
      Basic Collateralized Lending Protocols and Lending Browser based DaPP using one Asset Class. ​ Beta test Alpha of lending protocols in a closed environment ​ Begin full third party security audits.
      January 2019
      Additional Ecosystem Protocols such as Escrow, Uunderwriting, and Custodial Services ​ Ecosystem Servicing DApps using Protocols Initial Lending Ecosystem Partners officially introduce its lending platform based on Residual protocols based on market feedback and asset classes ​ Add 1 to 2 more asset classes determined by market demand. Potentially Real Estate and Accounts Receiveable tokenized assets.
      April 2019
      Advanced Protocols such as Collateral Valuation and Loan Pricing Valuation and Loan Pricing Servicing DApps using Protocols ​ Pinning/Linking to Tokenized assets on non Ethereum blockchains. ​ Iterate on existing protocols and features based on system usage and market factors. Onboard/Integrate 2 to 5 more partners in each Ecosystem Area ​ Onboard 5 to 10 more Tokenized assets based on market demand
      October 2019
      Iterate with Ecosystem partners and add value add priority features and work towards how a more fully decentralized set of participants will work. Potentially annouce plans for Version 2.0, the evolution of platform. Engage other Blockchain platforms and technologies and determine how to interoperate. Potentially Migrate to Zen Protocol with formally verifiable and Finantial system domain focus.

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