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The digital security is of the vital essence these days. As more and more data are being digitized, the number of cyber-threats are growing. Hackers are aiming for IoT and smart houses. The blockchain also introduces many new security challenges. The smart contracts that are impossible to update are one of them. Symantec foresees that hackers are to aim the cryptocurrencies and cybercrime is to use artificial intelligence for the malware attacks. Classic anti-viruses show low efficacy against modern malware because they are technologically outdated and cannot combat the modern threats. Today malware is the main cyber-threat and the entire anti-virus industry is making an effort in fighting it.


ROMAD Company made all efforts possible to ensure ROMAD Endpoint Defense consumes as little PC resources as possible.


The ROMAD blockchain is based on a hybrid Proof-of-Authority (PoA) and Proof-of-Reputation (PoR) model. The first stage is to verify the record format and the second stage is the use of the statistics classifiers to look for an abnormal behaviour. The ROMAD Endpoint Defense user interface is extremely simple. The vast majority of the end users is not the experts in cyber-security, so should not dwell too deep into the project settings. Thus the next generation anti-virus should be as simple as possible. ROMAD is to go its heavy way to the market full of competitors. The scheme is beneficial for both end users and token owners. The end users are paying only when ROMAD Endpoint Defense successfully repel the malware attack.

Romad Overview

Romad ICO
Ended 237 Days Ago
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Token Type
Start Date
Sep 25, 2018
End Date
Oct 25, 2018
Payment Method
  • BTC
  • ETH
  • LTC
Start Price
1 RBDT = 0.00022222 ETH
Total Supply
68,000 ETH
Know Your Client (KYC)
Presale Start Date
Aug 20, 2018
Presale End Date
Sep 20, 2018

Romad Team

Yevgen Melnyk

Sergey Loshak

Nadezhda Vasylieva

Member of the supervisory board

Evgeny Tumoyan

Andrii Yurchenko
Country manager Malaysia

Illia Salata
Sales lead Malaysia

Katya Semenova
Country manager Ukraine Ukrainian office

Alexander Artemenko
BDM Ukrainian office

Andrii Ovcharenko
Blockchain development manager

Elena Lusta
Integration manager ROMAD client

Igor Zhukov
General Manager Asia

Henry Gresthone
RBDT Global Operating Manager

Sergei Gerasimenko
Bounty manager

Taras Rudenko
System administrator; support manager

Anatolii Sviridenkov
ROMAD client manager ROMAD client

Ismail Malik

Kirill Kazakov

Denis Dovgopoliy

Darren Franceschini

Mr. Thomas Ng
CEO of Blockchain Link Limited

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    Romad Milestones

    June 2014
    ROMAD EDR tested. Its functionality confirmed. Morpher is sold.
    June 2016
    ROMAD was the winner at the Shark Tank Cupertino competition. Got the «Key innovator up to 2021» status due to M&M research.
    June 2017
    ROMAD was the winner at the Shark Tank San Francisco competition. ROMAD got the DSSZI certificate. ROMAD got the US/EU patents. ROMAD EDR B2B released. B2В sales started.
    July 2018
    (R&D) ROMAD Endpoint Defense beta 60-days Trial version (R&D) Beta supports top-50 malware families.
    October 2018
    (R&D) Secure ROMAD Cryptowaller based on the lightweight sandbox with the active protection for Windows.
    April 2019
    (R&D)Lightweight ML-classifiers to combat 0-day malware families. (R&D)Secure ROMAD Crytpowallet on Android
    July 2019
    (R&D) Heavyweight ML-classifiers and the BigData processing in the cloud. (R&D) Secure ROMAD Cryptowallet on iOS.
    October 2019
    (R&D) ROMAD Endpoint Defense on Android
    April 2020
    (R&D) Digital ID & Digital Cast prototype.

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