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There has been a landslide shift in terms of how content creators have become the major force in digital media influence when contrasted to the older, more centralized approach of celebrity-oriented influence media. Celebrities serve a powerful function in the brand and media space, but they are no longer necessarily the most influential part of a social flywheel equation at the early stages. Now the networks have the critical mass to drive meaningful awareness and adoption, yet they are driven by content creators who lack the ability to monetize their command of attention. The influencers have the ability to influence and create sustainable social momentum, but they are increasingly marginalized by the economics of today’s large social platforms.


SelfieYo aims to introduce a rich toolset of APIs for developers and brand partners to build on top of the SelfieYo platform.

About SelfieYo Gold Tokens (SGT)

SelfieYo Gold Tokens are Ethereum blockchain based tokens that represent social currency earned through and spendable on the SelfieYo social network. The tokens will become redeemable inside of SelfieYo for premium features like face masks, filters, digital location features and SelfieYo merchandise. SelfieYo is a wholly owned subsidiary of Sprinklenet Labs and will continue to be operated exclusively in the manner. The platform currently provides a variety of cutting-edge technologies including highly programmable chatbots, face detection to automate camera functions, skin smoothing algorithms to tune selfie photos and software to enable masks.

SelfieYoGoldToken Overview

SelfieYoGoldToken ICO
Ended 147 Days Ago
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Token Type
Start Date
Oct 01, 2018
End Date
Dec 30, 2018
Payment Method
  • ETH
  • USD
Start Price
1 SGT = 0.00125 ETH
Total Supply
2,000,000 USD
Know Your Client (KYC)
Presale Start Date
Jul 01, 2018
Presale End Date
Sep 30, 2018

SelfieYoGoldToken Team

Jamie Thompson

Jamie is a graduate of the University of New Hampshire and an experienced technology entrepreneur. His 15+ years of technology experience includes product management for a government-funded research firm in Cambridge, MA, a mobile startup that developed innovative marketing campaigns for Fortune 100 brands, and a global technology consulting business.

Daniel Gutierrez
CTO, Blockchain Lead

Daniel is a computer science graduate from MIT and has over 10 years of software engineering experience and leadership. His work includes architectural design and development of business intelligence software for several multi-billion dollar, venture-backed enterprises as well as smaller software startups in the digital social media advertising space.

Mike Sands
Marketing & Crypto Economics

Mike holds a degree in finance from Penn State University. He's well-versed in market analysis, algorithm monitoring and has served as a management consultant for Fortune 50 companies that have relied on his insight and strategies around big data management, risk mitigation and business process re-design. Mike works on product marketing and SGT market economic token structure that helps shape the compliance, crypto currency and applied SGT market policies within the smart contract.

Yash Vazirani
Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Advisor

Yash Vazirani is a crypto consultant to SelfieYo and a Manager in Accenture's Capital Markets Group based out of Boston, MA. Yash has 6 years of experience as a consultant to large asset management firms, with engagements in the data governance, reference data, back-office operations and fixed income portfolio management domains.

Kevin Thai

Kevin is a graduate of Saint Petersburg University in Russia where he majored in applied mathematics and information systems. He has been working in crypto related projects since well before Bitcoin was all the rage. Kevin has led the infrastructure engineering team for SelfieYo since 2015 and he’s looking forward to expanding development as the company grows, reaches new users and enables campaign partners to become a part of the SGT blockchain ecosystem.

Benjir Hasan
Web Developer

Benjir is responsible for the implementation of the latest web standards coding for SelfieYo touch-points on mobile and desktop. He works with a team of developers building back-end tools for the brand advertising and campaign management side of the business.

Henry Nguyen

Henry is a graduate of University of Science, Ho Chi Minh City. He holds a degree in software engineering and has 3 years of experience in native iOS and Android development. Henry’s combination of creativity and engineering skills have made him a great asset to the SelfieYo team. He’s looking forward to rolling out a robust set of in-app items users can purchase with SGT and helping to grow the marketplace around SGT on the blockchain.

Prints Magoncia

Prints is an information design expert with a degree from Holy Name University in Bohol, Philippines. He has worked on creative teams in UI and UIX for 5+ years across a variety of consumer-facing projects in mobile, entertainment and gaming. Prints brings a Gen-Z mobile view, broad design experience and community-oriented skills to the SelfieYo team.

Dave Tong

Dave has a software engineering degree from the University of Science, Ho Chi Minh City. He has over 8 years of experience in mobile development, game development methodologies, coding in native iOS and Android environments and a broad set of skills in mobile application engineering. Dave is excited to be a part of the SelfieYo team as it scales and implements additional AI, augmented reality and fun features for users to experience in the app.

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    SelfieYoGoldToken Milestones

    July 2018
    ERC20 Token Sale: The SGT token presale starts in July and the STO will run through Q4 of 2018, as needed. You must complete verification with our whitelisting process to purchase.
    October 2018
    Accelerated Development & Integration: At the completion of the token sale, significant resources will be devoted to the tokenized feature development and SGT integration. Accelerated engineering efforts to bring the social content and business blockchain add-ons into the platform will begin after the STO.
    January 2019
    Crypto Exchanges & Influencer Marketing: Application, review and exchange auditing will begin as soon as practical. Influencer marketing programs tied to the in-app earning of SGT rewards will occur around the same time.
    April 2019
    Brand Partnerships: As soon as all of the other components are complete, we'll begin building media partnerships around in-app SGT rewards on the blockchain. Traditional campaign planning and participation rewards will apply as available.
    July 2019
    Campaign Sales Programs: We will build out a sales organization, brand and agency partnership program beginning in Q3 2019. The goal will be to extend the network tools for brand partners to integrate into the SGT ecosystem to run their own campaigns, activations and reporting.
    May 2020
    SelfieYo Team Vesting Schedule: The SelfieYo team, founders and advisors are subject to a 4-year vesting schedule that is contractually bound by the SGT ERC20 escrow contract. We are committed to building a long-term, sustainable marketplace around the social network, influencers, brand partners and SGT holders. We encourage all participants to review the smart contract code, which is open source and available on GitHub.

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