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The music industry today is one of the hardest environments for independent, unsigned artists to showcase their talent and material. We have come to an era where it is almost impossible for independent musicians to reach the masses, be discovered, and even more, to become a legend with their music. Existing digital music streaming platforms, record labels, agents and other intermediaries receive a bigger cut, resulting in reduced income for the artists. Each and every renowned artist have faced incredible difficulties with their record labels at some point of time in their whole career. It is no surprise then that unknown, independent artists face numerous challenges trying to navigate the music industry today.


The aim is to provide a solution to the struggling musicians who are working hard to make a name for themselves and earn their living.

About Sound Legends

Sound Legends provides independent musicians from across the globe the chance to distribute their content by uploading their music on the Sound Legends platform. By doing so, the artists automatically starts accessing a broad repertory of digital distribution outlets where their music will be heard around the world. The platform features innovative, integrated, and automated proprietary technology capable of marketing, distributing, and capitalizing on the content. The independent musicians on a global scale create these contents. The platform provides unequalled services for independent musicians who want to distribute, protect, and publish their music but lack the tools and resources to accomplish their goals. It is truly a comprehensive marketing platform for artists.

SoundLegendsIco Overview

SoundLegendsIco ICO
Ended 122 Days Ago
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Private Sale: 50% discount. Public Sale - first 48 hours: 20% discount. next 48 hours: 10% discount
Token Type
Start Date
Dec 15, 2018
End Date
Feb 15, 2019
Payment Method
  • BTC
  • ETH
  • USD
Start Price
1 SLC = 0.1 USD
Private Sale: 50% discount. Public Sale - first 48 hours: 20% discount. next 48 hours: 10% discount
Total Supply
35,000,000 USD
Know Your Client (KYC)
Presale Start Date
Oct 22, 2018
Presale End Date
Nov 30, 2018

SoundLegendsIco Team

Alex Malagon
- President

An entrepreneur with over 20+ years running a multitude of successful businesses and startups within the media & hospitality industry. Alex has managed an array of notable projects, both B2B and B2C, from promising startups to established Fortune 500 companies such as Starwood Resorts, LVMH and Capital One. His expertise includes marketing, hospitality, luxury brands and financial institutions.

Gregory Smith
- Chief Technology Officer & Blockchain Expert

Greg brings over three decades of experience in the design, delivery and successful deployment of new technologies and platforms. For Sound Legends & Sound Legends VIP platforms, Greg’s experience will be applied to combine technology strategy, development and industry partnerships, delivering an extraordinary secure, innovative and immersive experience for all of Sound Legends stakeholders.

Bart Siegel
- VP Business Development

Bart brings over 35 years of experience in technology business development to Sound Legends and Sound Legends VIP platforms. Bart has been the CEO of Allen Consulting LLC, a financial and technology consulting firm for over 25 years security and software technology.

Ricardo Porven
- Senior Software Engineer & Project Manager

Ricardo Porven is an award-winning, 20+ year veteran of the advertising industry. In that time, he was directly responsible for creating memorable and effective campaigns for an impressive roster of national clients, such as Ford Motor Company, Mobil Oil, American Airlines, Pizza Hut, M&M Mars, SC Johnson Wax, Office Depot and more.

Francisco Gonzalez
- Software Engineer / Frontend Developer

Francisco graduated from the Art Institute of Tampa with his BFA in Art and Design. He has over 7 years of experience in graphic design, web design, and social media. He has certifications from Google Analytics and Digital Sales over his 3-year tenure at Infopaginas, one of Puerto Rico’s largest business directories.

Michael Garrett Bryant
- Music Advisor

Michael Garret Bryant is an accomplished piano and keyboard artist of over 40 years. He has composed over 200 musical compositions utilized in film scores, dance and other commercial uses. His music is influenced by a wide range of artists including Elton John, The Beatles, Allman Brothers, Cat Stevens, Yes, Bob Seager, Neil Diamond, and classics like Nat King Cole, Frank Sinatra and many others

Ronald Tato
- Cryptocurrency Advisor

Ronald is the Cryptocurrency Project Advisor for Sound Legends. He has over 5 years of experience in Banking specializing KYC and AML procedures plus SWIFT (Cross border payments processor) administration. He is a cryptocurrency enthusiast since 2015 being involved in blockchain technology as an investor.

Theresa Turchin
- Music Advisor

Theresa has a lifetime of experience in the Music and Fashion Industry. Her career includes modeling for French, Italian, German and British Vogue. She was featured in music videos for The Rolling Stones, secured campaigns with Coke, Levi’s, La Perla, Kenzo, and Jean Paul Gaultier to name a few. Theresa and her husband Tommy formed the band Me and The Blue Dog.

Dindy Yokel
- Advisor & Public Relations

Dindy has been a public relations & marketing professional for over 30+ years. She managed her own communications firm focusing on luxury brands and services, arts organizations, restaurants, wine & spirits, visual artists, authors and nonprofit organizations.

Tommy Turchin
- Global Entertainment Advisor

Tommy, Co- founder of Club Nu an entertainment icon in the South Beach night club scene in the early 80’s, that paved the way with its innovative concepts and ideas for future clubs in the industry. As an entertainment entrepreneur, he brought notable pop icons of the time including Rod Stewart, Mick Jagger, Muhammed Ali, Madonna, Prince, David Bowie and Eddie Murphy to the club.

Jim Trice
- Advisor, Digital Marketer

Jim is considered a subject matter expert in the field of digital marketing. He combines 20 years of entrepreneurship and retail eCommerce experience, as a “technologist” developing digital marketing products, as a Vice President on both the Advertising and Marketing side.

Marshall Kanner
- Corporate Development Advisor

Marshall is an accomplished media & entertainment entrepreneur with 30+ years of developing successful businesses & serves as an advisor to SL VIP. He was co-founder of Television Marketing Group, a national cable TV programing platform, VP of South Florida Magazine and co-founder and COO of MyCity

Brian O’Neill
- Legal Advisor

Brian O’Neill is the Managing Partner of the law firm O’Neill & Partners LLC. Brian counsels clients on a wide range of legal, regulatory and compliance matters. Brian’s practice focuses on broker-dealer and exchange regulatory compliance issues and advising companies on matters related to compliance with SEC and self-regulatory organization (SRO) regulations.

SoundLegendsIco Rates & Bonuses

  • Private Sale: 50% discount. Public Sale - first 48 hours: 20% discount. next 48 hours: 10% discount

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    SoundLegendsIco Milestones

    January 2015
    Sound Legends Concept is created
    July 2015
    Technical whitepaper drafted
    April 2016
    Technology Framework Developed
    November 2016
    User Ecosystem Program Commenced
    September 2017
    Marketing and Sale Strategy Designed
    October 2017
    Full Development in Process
    March 2018
    First Concept of Token and VIP Club Membership
    September 2018
    Sound Legends Platform Launch
    October 2018
    Private Sale
    December 2018
    Public Sale

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