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Nowadays, most job applications are made by sending CVs online to employers or head-hunters. But it becomes a herculean task for the recruiters to validate the information mentioned and provided as supporting documents. Fake certificates and dubious degrees have created tremendous problems in the present day. Non-existent institutes’ especially distant ones bearing name and resemblance to licensed university are fooling prospective students enrolling for their non-existent courses. Then there are some individuals who are ready to buy fake degrees knowingly. All these are affecting the corporate industry. Despite costly background checks by investigating agencies, which in turn makes the hiring process costly, this real issue remains at large, and no watertight system exists to curb this.


The aim is to provide one complete ecosystem of trust, provenance and secure identities, which bridges the currently prevalent trust deficit to build a sustainable world.

About Talentchain

Talentchain is a real-time ledger that records a student’s learning journey from inception to becoming a talent asset, in a manner that serves as a tamper-proof skill repository. Once degrees are created and issued on Talentchain to students all individuals can use the system to manage, store, and share them with the necessary people as and when needed. Students can even upload certificates to the chain themselves, but, it will remain unverified unless notarized by the institute or some notary. It is not only a trusted platform for issuing, certifying and maintaining certificates, but also acts as a cost-effective method of mapping the trajectory of the alumni.

TalentChain Overview

TalentChain ICO
Ended 15 Days Ago
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TIME BONUS: At the start of ICO, the time bonus will be 25% and it will be linearly decreased to zero by the end of ICO.
Token Type
Start Date
Oct 15, 2018
End Date
Nov 30, 2018
Payment Method
  • BTC
  • ETH
  • USD
  • Fiat
Start Price
1 TTO = 0.1 USD
TIME BONUS: At the start of ICO, the time bonus will be 25% and it will be linearly decreased to zero by the end of ICO.
Total Supply
Know Your Client (KYC)
Presale Start Date
Aug 23, 2018
Presale End Date
Oct 14, 2018

TalentChain Team

Rangin Lahiri,
Founder and CEO

18+ yrs. experience in Technology domain with Cognizant, PwC, IBM as Practice Leader, Director, Partner roles. P&L responsibility of Digital Transformation practices spanning multiple geographies. Has worked with Atos Consulting in Netherlands to drive Digital & Customer Experience Solutions. Education: Carnegie Mellon, USA; MBA from FMS (Delhi) and Bachelor of Engineering from Jadavpur University, India

Ayon Hazra,
Co-Founder & Business Development Head

Ayon works as the Lead Blockchain Strategist & Head of Presales and Business Development at Qlikchain. He has 13+ yrs. Consulting & Presales experience in Digital Technologies in CRM and BPM domain and has worked in Cognizant Business Consulting, Ericsson, and Oracle Consulting. He is an expert in leading process consulting initiatives applying BPMN2.0 framework. Ayon holds an MBA and a Bachelor in Information Technology

Shaik Hamdan,
Sales Director, Middle East

Based out of Abu Dhabi, Shaik is the Sales Leader and Director of Qlikchain UAE, our company based in Abu Dhabi Masdar Free Zone. Shaik has been the CEO of Next IT Systems and is one of the earliest IT entrepreneurs in UAE with great reach and control of the market

Mathijs Koper,
Business & Market Insight, Europe

Specializes in Corporate Entrepreneurship Programs, Startup Acceleration, Impact Ventures, Open innovation, Social Entrepreneurship, New Business Models, Social Intrapreneurship, Asset Management & Operations, Co-creation, Alliances.

Debmalya Changdar,
Head of Business Consulting

Debmalya heads the Business Consulting and Product management roadmap at QlikChain. With 14+ yrs. experience in Fintech domain with technical expertise in distributed databases, decentralized applications and deep techno functional expertise in Presales, technology program management & rollouts. Debmalya is a ALMI, ACS and AINS certified Insurance champ

Nicole Van Haelst,
Product Advisor for fostering Global Talent

Nikole is the founder of Lift B.V, a company reinventing the recruitment space with Artificial Intelligence based on passion, purpose and potential. She has previously acted as a Director of International Community Platform and Check N.L. She is a mentor and advisor to the Company and provides advice and assistance to the Company from time to time.

Subham Mitra,
Blockchain Engineering Head

More than 20 yrs. of experience in leadership Roles in IBM, Cognizant, ATOS across Technology CoEs, Performance Engineering, Program Management and R&D . Has deep Technology experience across multiple domains like Blockchain, DW/BI, Big Data and Analytics. Subham holds an Economics & Statistics Degree.

Vijay Kandy,
Ethereum Guru, Tech Hacker, Crypto Expert

Vijay is co-founder of an IoT based blockchain startup. He is a Blockchain developer with expertise in decentralized systems and consensus algorithms. An active crypto enthusiast with experience in Machine Learning, Blockchain Algorithms and Analytics, he was pivotal in launching successful ICOs in the past. Previously, he worked as an independent consultant developing software for clients in banking, insurance and oil & gas industries.

Sandeepan Bose
Chief Product Technologist

Extensive telecom software industry experience and domain knowledge with proven delivery track record of telecom domain solutions over 22 years. Proven experience in performance engineering and performance enhancement of complex telecom applications. Skilled in technical pre-sales support with estimation, partner engagement and client interactions.​

Sayan Sengupta,
Marketing Communication & Tokenomics

Sayan comes with rich experience across industries like FMCG, Skill Development and Cryptocurrency. Mentorship and Communication Skills are his forte. Worked with giants like Heinz, Pepsi, ITC, HDFC bank to name few.

Dr Clarence Tan,
Researcher & Innovator

Dr Clarence Tan is an academician, entrepreneur, innovator, inventor, investor, researcher, financial trader, knowledge seeker and writer. He specializes in Exponential technologies and organizations, education, Startups, Angel Investing, SMS/Text messaging applications, M-Commerce, Artificial Intelligence, Artificial Neural Networks Applications in Finance and Health and Data Mining.

Sandeep Sakharkar
Product and Business Strategy Coach and Advisor

Besides being a seed fund investor, Sandy coaches, mentors and advises Qlikchain and Talentchain founding team on business and product strategy. He is an accomplished leader with over two decades of having delivered technology driven business transformation in global corporations. He currently serves as a Global VP of Core Retail and infrastructure as part of the technology leadership team of global retailer Foot Locker.

Dileep Srinivasan,
Digital Strategist & North America Business

A global visionary and thought leader, Dileep has excelled in building and growing Consulting and System Integration businesses into profitable units. Well versed in technologies like AI, Industrial IOT, Big Data Analytics and Cloud technologies, he has been instrumental in bringing new areas of Revenue Generation in companies.

Siddharth Banerjee,
Marketing Communication, Consumer Insight & Brand Management

Siddhartha Banerjee is one of India’s leading business executives with two decades of experience across FMCG & Telecom, two of the most competitive markets globally. He currently leads the Marketing operation of a leading telecom operator in Asia.

Sameer Kala,
Business Operations and Finance Excellence

Senior business leader with 22 plus years of management experience in Tata Motors, GE, Genpact and Capgemini. Demonstrated success in improving operations, business growth & maximizing profits with strong client relationships. Specializes in Service Delivery Optimization, Multi-site Global Operations and Process Re-engineering.

TalentChain Rates & Bonuses

  • TIME BONUS: At the start of ICO, the time bonus will be 25% and it will be linearly decreased to zero by the end of ICO.
  • HIGH CONTRIBUTION BONUS • Less than 1 ETH = no bonus. • 1 to 3 ETH = 5% bonuses. • 3 to 10 ETH = 10% bonuses. • 10 ETH and more = 15% bonus.
  • REFERRAL BONUS: During the ICO, there will be referral program where both the referrer and referral will receive a 5% bonus.

TalentChainUser Reviews

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TalentChain Social

    TalentChain Milestones

    January 2018
    TalentChain Product Ideation. Domain Name Registered.
    April 2018
    First University registered. Development starts. Private Alpha of Main (V1) functionality.
    July 2018
    Website published. Feature finalization. ICO website launch.
    August 2018
    Pre-ICO starts. First public implementation of TalentChain in Main net.
    September 2018
    ICO token launch & crowd sale. ICO starts
    October 2018
    ICO completes. Private Beta of V2 release.
    November 2018
    Private Beta of main functionality. Audit & Review.
    January 2019
    V2 release of TalentChain. Implementation of additional nodes in production.

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