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Cryptocurrencies may have no intrinsic value- so asset-backed coins make sense – but the main problem is that they’re just too volatile and highly correlated. The reason for the correlation and volatility is that there is simply not enough crypto-to-fiat liquidity when prices drop. We are in the midst of the legitimization of cryptocurrencies as an asset class, which means a huge inflow of institutional capital. The T-Coin risk profile perfectly lends itself as an investment vehicle for funds, family offices, and high net worth individuals. The T-Coin is not only more stable in price, but it solves the biggest problem in the crypto market, namely crypto-to-fiat liquidity.


Tiberius Coin is trying to become the one which outperforms over the medium term, as the implementation of new technologies such as robotics, drones, and wearable technology becomes more prevalent.

About Tiberius Coin

Tiberius is a leading global commodity asset manager, mining operator, metal merchant trader, and Commodities Technology (ComTech) investor. The Tiberius Coin is the first crypto-financial product which grants you direct ownership to a basket of strategic metals that are key to future technologies. Stability metals have been chosen to lower the storage costs and decrease volatility. When you exchange the Tiberius Coin for dollars you are really going through the metal market as a hidden middle step. Metal markets are large enough and liquid enough to soak up any volatility in cryptocurrency markets, providing a stable price floor but still capturing the upside. The Tiberius Coin, in essence, boils down to less price risk than other cryptocurrencies.

Tiberiuscoin Overview

Tiberiuscoin ICO
Ended 241 Days Ago
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50% discount of fees for the first US$10 million
Token Type
Start Date
Oct 01, 2018
End Date
Oct 21, 2018
Payment Method
  • ETH
Start Price
1 TCX = 0.7 USD
50% discount of fees for the first US$10 million
Total Supply
20,000,000 USD
Know Your Client (KYC)
Presale Start Date
Jul 31, 2018
Presale End Date
Jul 31, 2018

Tiberiuscoin Team

Christoph Eibl
CEO Founder

Chris is a finance and commodities expert. For the last two decades he has been trading commodities at Dresdner Kleinwort and Tiberius, developed a mining and metal merchant business, created a EV battery company, built several finance services companies and founded a Commodity Technology investment vehicle.

Phil Zimmermann
Chief Scientist & Security Officer

Rafael Torreblanca

2.0 Entrepreneur, Rafael was involved in numerous successful digital ventures. Among them, he co-founded the leading and multi-awarded company responsible of securing voice and data transmission for tier1 telecom carriers and several governments worldwide.

Giuseppe Rapallo

Giuseppe joined Tiberius Group in 2007 and works as a Managing Director and Portfolio Manager within the asset management division. His team analyses commodities markets from both a fundamental and quantitative perspectives. Giuseppe holds a master in mathematics with a minor in physics from the University of Stuttgart

Nicholas Cutler
Chief Tech Officer

Nicholas has been involved in cryptocurrencies since 2011 but comes from a trading background. Nicholas worked at the world’s largest physical commodities trading house before heading up the derivatives trading desk at a smaller firm, where he continued to gain experience in metal markets and the hedging of physical flow. He holds a B.Sc (Hons) in Mathematics with finance from the University of Manchester.

Simon M.Rahme
Head of Development

Simon has done 1 exit, 2 raises, 3 incubators, 4 companies and a lot of cryptocurrencies. Simon entered the tech world designing network infrastructures, then implementing innovative App & Web solutions, however, his quest for further optimisation led him to the Blockchain where he's crowned as one of Australia's leaders. Simon also holds a B.Commerce - Finance & Economics from Monash University, Australia.

Thomas Gustinis

Thomas Managed various operational accounting and finance roles as an agent of change in New York, London and Zurich including Head of Global Reporting for an Investment Bank, COO of Investment Banking Treasury and CFO of Group Treasury as well Implemented people, process and technology solutions to complex business challenges in a diverse team based environment

Daniel Haudenschild

brings a outcome oriented approach to blockchain. He brings an international view on the business, with over 10 years in London, Africa, Asia, and the Americas. Daniel was heading the distributed ledgers team in his former position, and has consistently led teams to deliver value with blockchain.

Eugen Weinberg

Mr Eugen Weinberg joined Commerzbank in 2007 as Senior Commodity Analyst. Today as the Head of Commodity Research he is responsible for Commerzbank’s Commodity Research products and provides with his team price analyses as well as trading and hedging strategies and ideas on commodity markets for Commerzbank’s financial partners and corporate clients.

Stuart Prior

Stuart Prior is a Fintech veteran with 20+ experience in Corporate and Investment Banking working at executive level in leading Tier 1 financial institutions such as Deutsche Bank and Credit Suisse. Stuart has specialized in cuting edge technology and business development within trading and risk management environment.

Fedor Sapronov

17 years in corporate banking and investments with deep experience in Lending, Project & Structured finance. Executive positions in top banking institutions – Sberbank, Alfa-bank, Gazprombank.

Nicholas McDowell

Nicholas is a passionate engineer with 20 years’ experience in technology and product design and a career that includes Silicon Valley start-ups, Hollywood Movies and US Department of Defence psychological operations.

George Garzouzie

George is a product owner and software architect within the world of banking for the global leader in digital security. This expertise is pivotal in bringing banking standards into the world of Crypto. George has a BSc (Hons) in Computer Science.

Abbe Barnes
Digital Marketing Growth Officer

Partner at Blockbuster Ventures & LUNNNA - Blockchain technology and startup commercialisation

Darian Pizem
Chief Digital Officer

Darian has led numerous high-profile projects as a product designer and hardcore digital marketer, working alongside some of the world's leading technology security companies.

Tiberiuscoin Rates & Bonuses

  • 50% discount of fees for the first US$10 million

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Tiberiuscoin Milestones

April 2016
Tiberius ComTech
January 2017
Select the top 7 metals to make a future-proof, diverse Tech Metal Basket
June 2017
Assemble core team and advisors Investigation into blockchain technology Write and validate White Paper
January 2018
Release proof of concept for Basket of Metals Announcement of project & publishing of White Paper Launch Public website
April 2018
Design architecture for Tiberius coin Release updated website Release process for Tiberius coin conversion to metals Begin marketing campaign Ongoing
October 2018
October 1: ICO Starts October 21: ICO Ends November 1: Listed on Exchanges Tiberius coin web-app launched Tiberius coin iOS App launched Tiberius coin Android App launched Tiberius coin conversion functionality live
December 2018
Issue tokens to accounts
January 2019
Update product based on user feedback Enable more granular storage fee drawdowns opposed to a single yearly fee to increase the value of Tiberius coins
April 2019
Release B2B product for more efficient settlement of metal securities
January 2020
Tiberius Coin - global currency

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