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Electricity has no global markets but includes thousands of regional subsystems in many areas where abundance counters with scarcity, making the resource unstable and fluctuating. The crypto-mining activity is strongly influenced by the electricity price and availability because the success of this business model is largely dependent on the energy. The basic parameters for that are the number of hours of light per day, the actual power of solar radiation, low rainfall areas on annual basis, areas of constant winds, and tax system.


Togacoin aims to bring an effective and long-term solution to overcome the limitation of cryptocurrency mining by finding a solution in the renewable green energy. In order to give solidarity to the project, the cryptocurrency mining is combined with hosting/housing services, as well as web appliance development and electricity reselling.

About Togacoin

Toga’s business model is part of a new generation of mining operations, which is climate-friendly, less subject to the fluctuation of energy price and, finally, more profitable and safe as it combines green energy sources with the business diversification. Their endeavour is to separate the mining operations from the electricity costs, as well as diversifying investments to make the business safer and more independent from any market variable. They are focused on an almost total elimination of the energy costs, so they carried out a deep analysis on a global scale, in order to determine the best location amongst various alternatives. Redundancy is one of the key features of the TOGA data centre because of its round the clock continuous functioning.

TogaCoin Overview

TogaCoin ICO
Ended 50 Days Ago
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Token Type
Start Date
Jun 04, 2018
End Date
May 01, 2019
Payment Method
  • BTC
  • ETH
  • LTC
Total Supply
76,321,000 USD
Know Your Client (KYC)
Presale Start Date
Jun 04, 2018
Presale End Date
Jun 21, 2018

TogaCoin Team

Luca Puppi CoFunder & General Manager at Hosting Misterdomain.EU

Massimo Ferretti CoFunder & Legal Advisor

Sergio Livrieri CoFunder & General Manager at Hosting Giga It

Slavomira Jobbagyova CoFunder & CEO of Inmediatamente WEB SL

Silvia Rossi
Architect specialized in green building

Vincenzo Varagona
Outreach Advisor

Hernán Difonti
Marketing Manager for EU, US & Arab Emirates

Mitty Sheri
Customer Care at Togacoin Ltd

Marcello Dodi
Real Estate Advisor

Alessandro Tozzi
Startup & Blockchain Director at Togacoin LTD

Cristian Valbonesi
Web Engineer

Mario Petriccione
IT Consulting at Togacoin LTD

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      TogaCoin Milestones

      March 2019
      Whitepaper Completion and website creation
      April 2018
      Marketing and communication
      June 2018
      July 2018
      Opening of negotiations with major exchange
      September 2018
      Company establishment in Tenarife
      October 2018
      Land purchase and beginning of the construction works data centre wind farm and solar park
      January 2019
      Realization of the Solar park
      April 2019
      Installation of the prefabricated shed: realization of the electric system; start of the wind farm works
      October 2019
      Solar park testing; end of the wind farm works; testing and launch of the whole structure.
      January 2020
      Migration of mining system to our data centre

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