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In the last decade, a high level of uncertainty was seen in the traditional Financial markets. The yield on Treasury bonds has been gradually declining each year, frequently, below the inflation rate. Therefore, committing to this type of investment for 10 or more years won’t be financially viable. The investment prospects are also not ameliorated by the directives aimed at decreasing the possibilities of leveraging the positions in the Forex market. Many investors, discouraged by the bleak prospects of profits in the traditional markets, started searching for brand new investment opportunities. Within the recent years the general perception has changed and today digital currencies are treated less suspiciously.


The aim is to protect in the best possible manner the interests of the individuals wishing to entrust their capital to the platform.

About Tokeneo

Tokeneo is one platform where everyone could participate on an equal footing in its development. The users can influence its shape and fully contribute to its success with a partner. There is a legitimate company behind the exchange project. In the Tokeneo platform, the users will have a chance to trade freely on a minimum of twenty-five token markets. They are determined to support the projects with a long-term strategy and development plan on the most solid foundations. Tokeneo will also offer deposits in a selected fiat currency such as EUR or USD. Ethereum is a decentralized developer platform enabling the development of decentralized applications in the blockchain environment. The most popular example of a smart contract in this network is ICOs and token issuances.

Tokeneo Overview

Tokeneo ICO
Ended 161 Days Ago
Vote For Tokeneo
September 24 - 30: 25%BONUS
Token Type
Start Date
Sep 24, 2018
End Date
Dec 16, 2018
Payment Method
  • BTC
  • ETH
Start Price
1 TEO = 0.036 USD
September 24 - 30: 25%BONUS
Total Supply
10,000,000 USD
Know Your Client (KYC)
Presale Start Date
Sep 13, 2018
Presale End Date
Sep 13, 2018

Tokeneo Team

Tomasz Rozmus
CEO (Chief Executive Officer)

Cyryl Dudek
CSO (Chief Strategy Officer & Product Manager

Adam Tatarynowicz
CCO/CLO (Chief Compliance/Legal Officer)

Lukasz Janowski
CMO (Chief Marketing Officer)

Nikhil Sethi
Marketing Director

Jakub Staroń
PRO (Public Relations Officer)

Bartłomiej Kamionka
Social Media & Support

Paweł Bylica
CTO, Back-end Developer

Stanisław Kiciński
Front-end Developer, Graphic Designer

Kamil Rowinski
Creative Director and Social Media Manager

Tokeneo Rates & Bonuses

  • September 24 - 30: 25%BONUS
  • October 1 - 14: 15% BONUS
  • October 15 - November 4: 10% BONUS

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Tokeneo Milestones

April 2018
July 2018
ICO Start Date.
October 2018
Working Beta. ICO End Date.
January 2019
Tokeneo 1.0. Fiat integration. Min 50 markets.
April 2019
Tokeneo 2.0.
July 2019
Tokeneo mobile. Margin trading.
October 2019
June 2020
Exchange decentralization.

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