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A paradigm shift of the global economy, such as financial crisis, pose a threat to currency security and its value depreciation. Such is the same with cryptocurrencies, which are built on IT advancements with no notable intrinsic value. Crypto market is mainly sentiment-driven market. There isn’t a structured financial model or even standardized taxation policy. Even regulation is a huge issue. In the current conventional financial system, individuals contribute to economic activities. For a currency to become a medium of exchange, a reliable standard of value must be guaranteed. However, due to the high volatility, cryptocurrency is still struggling with unreliability.


The aim is to provide practical services that enable current and the future crypto asset to safely handle their assets and also to provide proper management services.

About TrustVerse

TrustVerse is a blockchain based intelligence platform for personal wealth management. It is a digital asset decentralization protocol. It manages and decentralizes encrypted assets and all digital identities and proprietary information online. TrustVerse is an AI and blockchain based platform. It provides an information service that enables users to make investment decisions in global assets. With minimal effort and limited knowledge, while enhancing financial stability, the platform provides users with a simple experience in investing. TrustVerse seeks to stabilize the currency and provide revenue generation and seeks protection by providing an AI-based portfolio. TrustVerse provides reliable asset management services based on blockchain technology that will enrich the user’s life. TVS Token is used to access the portfolio information of various classes of products, global equity and cryptocurrency.

TrustVerse Overview

TrustVerse ICO
Ended 153 Days Ago
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Pre-sale: +25% Bonus. Public Sales: TBD
Artificial Intelligence
Smart Contracts
Token Type
Start Date
Oct 24, 2018
End Date
Nov 19, 2018
Payment Method
  • ETH
Start Price
1 TVS = 0.12 USD
Pre-sale: +25% Bonus. Public Sales: TBD
Total Supply
35,000,000 USD
Know Your Client (KYC)
Presale Start Date
Sep 27, 2018
Presale End Date
Oct 23, 2018

TrustVerse Team

Michael K Jeoung
Co-Founder & CEO

Global Business Development.MBA from the University of Chicago, Booth School of Business. 15 years of high-tech business development and go-to-market strategy experiences in global MNCs, international organizations, public sector & startups

Seth Huang
Partner AI Technology Architect

AI-Finance & Data Science. Ph.D. and Masters in Economics from the Cornell University. Entrepreneur, educator & investor

Nelson Wong

Asset & Wealth Management. MBA from the University of Chicago, Booth School of Business. 14 years of IPO, M&A, asset & wealth management in the financial industry. Focusing on Greater China, Hong Kong & New York

Matt Smart
Algorithm & Quant Trading

Derivative Trader at Bookook, Securities, Risk management consultant at Kabouter fund, trader at Sun Trading. University of Chicago, B.A. in Economics

Jayden Song
Global Strategy & Planning | Compliance

Graduated from the University of Sydney, with the background of further studies at the London School of Economics. 8 years of experience as a consultancy and auditing professional at EY and Deloitte

Elias Sy Park
Head of Marketing

Korea alliance manager for LimeICO Consulting Company. Corporate participation of BlockBerry Consulting Company. Artifact Management at Seoul Museum of History. Art Dealer at spacebm Gallery

Rain Lee
AI & Blockchain/DLT Modeling

Kyungbuk National University – M.A. Computer Science

Elon Kim
Blockchain and Smart Contract Design Architecture

+15 year of software engineer at LG Electronics, IBM, Samsung, KB Kookmin Group

Dr.Na, Hyung Jong
Taxation & Legal (AI)

Research Professor at Sungkyunkwan University – Account & Tax Ph.D. and M.A. in Accounting and Tax from Kyunghee University

Vivian Xu
Wealth Managmement Shanghai University

Roy W Choi
Blockcahin Research & Egineering

Kyunghee University

Michael Tsang

Former Regional GM / Senior Director at Alibaba Inc. Americas

Cecilia Mueller Chan

Founder and CEO of ComplyNow. EMBA from University of St. Gall and is a graduate from University of California at Berkeley. Cecilia is the primary author of the Crypto Valley Association (CVA) ICO Code of Conduct and thought leader in compliance in the blockchain space.

Russell Craig

National Technology Officer at Microsoft. Victoria University of Wellington. Executive Advisor & Director, British Innovation Gateway, Cisco Systems, Policy Analyst, OECD, NZ Health IT, Executive Council Member, AI Forum NZ

Jack Poon

Co-Founder & CEO of AtCipher. MBA from University of Chicago, Booth School of Business/MA Science, Engineering Management from Stanford University/MA of Science, Electrical Engineering from California Institute of Technology

Michael Yip

Founder, managing partner of RG Finance, NP Capital. The qualifications of Certified Public Accountant(CPA), Chartered Financial Analyst(CFA), also with the degree of Juris Doctor. Graduated from Chicago Booth Business School with MBA

Seonik Jeon

Tokyo Bureau Chief at The Financial News / Founder of CSO of Financial News. Founder of

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  • Pre-sale: +25% Bonus. Public Sales: TBD

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