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The access to crypto is still hard for the vast majority of people. New crypto and blockchain based technologies emerge on a daily basis; however, the knowledge barriers to entry are too high. While some technologies need more development, the ability of blockchain to democratize the access to financial services is real, tangible, and most importantly, can be used today. Even though the cryptocurrency ecosystem is a global phenomenon, mass adoption is still a pending subject, especially in the conversion from awareness to usage.


Ubanx aims to become a user-friendly, real-world connection to the crypto economy by bridging the gap between mainstream retail finance and crypto assets and opportunities.

About Ubanx

Ubanx is a blockchain-agnostic platform and its initial release will be using Ethereum ERC20 tokens known as BANX. Ubanx created an easy-to-use mobile wallet that will allow the general public a seamless digital onboarding to the world of crypto, plus an exchange with secure trading features and retail spaces to educate and onboard the public into the world of crypto. Ubanx mission is to be a bridge between the early and late majorities, allowing both to be part of it, through a strategy that includes both digital products and physical spaces operated either by Ubanx Flagship or by the community (Webanx). Ubanx will deploy a retail blockchain platform based on the Ubanx Wallet app, Ubanx pro-exchange, and Ubanx Spaces. Ubanx focused on providing a user-friendly interface that is easy and intuitive to use, and have created the Ubanx Spaces for the best community onboarding.

Ubanx Overview

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Token Type
Start Date
Jul 07, 2018
End Date
Aug 24, 2018
Payment Method
  • ETH
Start Price
1 BANX = 0.14 USD
Total Supply
84,515,857 USD
Know Your Client (KYC)
Presale Start Date
Apr 23, 2018
Presale End Date
Jun 30, 2018

Ubanx Team

Pablo Orlando Trackzuk
President & Chairman

Recipient of the MIT Innovators Under 35, the Endeavor High-Impact Entrepreneur and the TOYP (The Outstanding Young Person of the World) awards, Pablo holds an impressive track record founding and growing companies such as Bluesmart, Gone, Goodpeople and others. Considered a “Fintech Guru“, his experience in finance is extensive, holding senior positions at banks, stock brokers and the Buenos Aires Stock Exchange.

Janes Cochesa
Chief Executive Officer

Janes has extensive experience managing and growing investment operations globally. Holding a Hult International MBA, and a Florida International University Masters in Finance, he has a solid background in finance and sales for global ventures:

Mary Saracco
Chief Investment Officer

Mary Saracco, a former Investment Professional at the World Bank serves as Chief Investment Officer at Ubanx. Her experience as an Investment Banker at UBS gives her a prominent background in traditional banking, emerging markets, and economics. This combination led her to blockchain technology where she is able to act on her passions for education and support within developing countries.

Ezequiel Calvo
Chief Technology Officer

Ezequiel has extensive experience in technical architectures and full stack development. Former Tech Leader and Senior Architect at Globant and GlobalLogic.

Maximiliano Cañellas
Head of Blockchain

Maxi is a seasoned blockchain developer with more than 10 successful projects executed, including Bitsign -the platform trusted by some of the largest retailers to protect transactions using the blockchain-, Cryptologic, Bitcharts, and more. With more than 15 years in security, encryption applications and software development experience, Max brings an unique skill set for rapid software development.

Nick Bayerque Chief Business Development Officer

Nic holds extensive experience in partnerships and Business Development. He started his career as a consultant as consultant for Deloitte Consulting, helping Fortune 500 companies achieve their strategic goals. Then he founded Appstars, a leading mobile studio in LatAm, and Relayer, a software solutions company helping corporates and startups. Named “Global Mobile Innovator“ by Worldwide Investor Networks, he's a Techstars (#1 Startup accelerator) graduate.

Gastón Cartier
Chief Operations Officer

Gaston brings more than 10 years experience developing software and managing large software development teams for MCDG, a software development firm engaged with innovative startups and corporations. -Executed software projects for corporates such as Walmart, Carrefour, Coca Cola, and several others in Retail, Real Estate and Finance.

Máximo Cartier
Chief Product Officer

Max is a Graphic Designer, founder of MCDG Design Studio. Specialised in User Interface design and User Experience, leading digital products for more than 20 corporations -Including The Coca Cola Company and Falabella, on of the largest retailer in Latin America- for more than 10 years. Max lives and breathes design and digital product execution, with a strong technical foundation.

Bernardo Corti
Chief Legal Officer

Bernardo is one of the most acknowledged legal counsels in the areas of finance and blockchain in LatAm. Founder at Cryptologic, Bernardo held several senior partner position at major law firms

Alejandro Ahumada
Chief Creative Officer

Studied “Graphic Design” at the University of Buenos Aires where he also obtained a postgraduate on “Digital Design”. Later on he earned a scholarship at E.S.C.P. to Major on “Advertising“ summing up a total of 10 academic years.

Pablo Yabo
Smart Contract Developer

Pablo began working in the computer security field in 1997. Since then he has been responsible for designing a variety of security-related products and leading product development teams, first at Core Security Technologies and later at Nektra Advanced Computing.

Sebastian Wain
Smart Contract Developer

Sebastian Wain is one of the most recognized “White Hat“ hackers in the space. He co-founded Nektra Advanced Computing and has held several conferences on topics of computing and security. -Lead Developer at RSK and JAXX

Matías Calvo
Back End Developer

Matías is a web architect, specialized in Javascript, with five years of experience. He worked on 11 projects of different clients (Bally Technologies, Intuit, Carrefour, Grupo Unicomer, Grupo Santander, and more).

Maiki Nahara
Front End Developer

Mike brings extensive experience in software development with a focus on user experience, including the development of several Web and Mobile projects at SPBLab, a Latin American software development firm

Joaquín Casano
Head of Architecture

In 2004 Joaquin founded architecture studio “estudio44” in Buenos Aires, Argentina. http://estudio44.com.ar. His most deserved recognition is for the several private and public works of architecture carried out in Argentina, Brasil, Chile, Uruguay and El Salvador.

Nicole Bett
Head of Communication

Dominique Bett
UI/UX Designer

Dominique is an UI/UX Designer studying Graphic Design at the University of Architecture, Design and Urbanism of Buenos Aires. Her passions are art and illustration.

Steven Nerayoff
Advisor, CEO & Founder at Alchemist | Ethereum | Lisk | Bancor

Steven Nerayoff, Esq. LL.M. is a prolific serial entrepreneur, attorney and inventor of 20 international patents, having founded seven companies in Silicon Valley and New York City.

Jacob Farber
Advisor, Ourobors LLP Partner at Ouroboros LLP Blockchain | General Counsel

As one of the first law firm attorneys working with blockchain and virtual-currency innovators, Jacob has earned a reputation as an authority on emerging trends and enforcement. He has been a featured speaker at Money 20/20, the National Forum on Emerging Payment Systems, the American Bankers Association Annual Meeting and numerous other financially focused forums.

Jeff Pulver
Advisor, President Security Token Alliance | Internet Pioneer, creator of Voice over IP

Jeff Pulver changed the way the world communicates.Throughout his highly successful international career Jeff has been insistently promoting internet communications and telephony and has helped change the way the world communicates. An “Order” named after Jeff Pulver was issued by the Federal Communications Commission, supported by the White House.

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Ubanx Milestones

January 2017
Going public with the Ubanx value proposition.
June 2017
Ubanx onboards early investors, new partners and advisors.
January 2018
BANX Token Sale.
April 2018
Ubanx Mobile App Launch.
May 2018
First Flagship Ubanx Space location is secured.
March 2019
Ubanx contributes to the vision on bringing cryptocurrencies and blockchain to the masses.

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