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Presently, tens of millions of people legitimately own cryptocurrencies. Even more people are aware of the currencies and would like to obtain them. Of these, a majority view crypto coins as a way to invest while others are simply excited about the prospect of seamless digital transactions and new business opportunities afforded by blockchain technology.

It means that sooner rather than later, we will witness mass adoption of cryptocurrencies. In fact studies project that the number of cryptocurrency owners will jump from the current 22 million to over 200 million by 2020. That’s 200 million people who are comfortable spending crypto coins on leading online marketplaces.

Yet, governments are reluctant to enact legislation regulating cryptocurrencies to enable lawful buying and selling of physical goods using digital assets. Put in other words; we could soon have nearly $300 billion just collecting dust somewhere when it could be spent on day-to-day transactions.

UBCOIN’s Solution

UBCOIN is determined to solve this issue by;

  1. Empowering consumers around the world to participate in crypto, and
  2. Creating a UBCOIN marketplace where consumers can freely and securely buy and sell goods using their crypto coins.

The global UBCOIN marketplace will be powered by the Ethereum blockchain and transactions carried out in UBC tokens. Smart contract technology will be used to secure transactions in the UBCOIN marketplace. The technology guarantees safety, executability, intractability, and verifiability of transactions, enabling successful peer-to-peer trade

Ubcoin Overview

Ubcoin ICO
Ended 252 Days Ago
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Smart Contracts
Token Type
Start Date
Apr 02, 2018
End Date
Jul 14, 2018
Payment Method
  • ETH
Start Price
1 UBC = 0.000125 ETH
Total Supply
29,000 ETH
Know Your Client (KYC)
Presale Start Date
Mar 10, 2018
Presale End Date
Mar 31, 2018

Ubcoin Team

Felix Khachatryan
Founder and CEO of Ubcoin

Experienced entrepreneur with an excellent track record operating within the financial services industry. Skilled in Mobile Applications, Management, Software as a Service (SaaS), and Payments. CEO and founder of Ubank - one of the leading mobile wallets on the Russian market. Felix raised $8 million in 2013 from Runa Capital, which is a leading Russian venture investment fund.

Mazhar Jan
Founder and investor of Ubcoin

Director of Product Development and VAS at FLY Mobile (one of the TOP 5 smartphones brands in Russia). A highly-experienced Operations Executive in telecommunications with strong technical and business qualifications with an impressive track record of 22 years of hands-on experience in sales, strategic planning, business unit development, project and product management, and system engineering strategies.

Andrew Lee
Founder and investoŸ of Ubcoin

Commercial Director of Union Services. He has 20+ years of experience in global markets and mobile industry. With his strong international network with Samsung, Andrew Lee has been advising several international teams to streamline their processes.

Stan Danysh
COO of Ubcoin

Now managing partner in Ubank, Stan was the deputy chairman, COO and Head of Digital at MDM Bank - one of the leading private banks in Russia. MDM’s online banking program brought it recognition as “2016 Best Mobile Banking App in Eastern and Central Europe” according to the Global Finance magazine.

Alex Putilin
CTO and chief blockchain developer of Ubcoin

Software Engineer with 15+ years of experience in commercial development. Currently, he focuses on data driven applications and smart contract development. He is a full stack software developer capable of handling the whole life-cycle of the development process.

Marina Lerner
CMO of Ubcoin

Head of Marketing at Ubank from 2013, more recently head of brand management team in the HeadHunter Group (#8 of the TOP 20 most valuable Russian Internet companies according to Forbes 2018). Throughout this evolution we keep the original distinct entrepreneurial spirit alive, whilst the energy of our founders and core tech team continue to propel us towards the exploration of new global opportunities while concurrently improving our products.

Kirill Kosolapov
Chief Artificial Intelligence Officer

Yama Bassam

An American entrepreneur and angel investor with over a decade of national and international finance and banking executive experience. Yama is a member of the United States Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) since 2003.

Maxim Filin

Sr. Executive product division at Motorola mobility (Russia and CIS products) – company known as manufacturer of the only success modular phone in the world. Having huge experience in mobile devices, networks, technologies and years of experience in top industry companies

Evgeniy Pavlov

Evgeniy Pavlov is leading Bitfury sales and business development in Russia, CIS and E.Europe. Before, Evgeniy leads innovation products and services launch for HTC (smartphones and virtual reality systems vendor) Fly (mobile phone vendor), i-Free (contactless NFC payments and e-commerce), Mobifinans (mobile financial services). Evgeniy`s total experience in sales and new products market launch is more then 13 years.

Oleg Bud

Samsung smartphone porfolio management for emerging markets. Innovational mobile products and services development for Samsung mobile. Toatal 15 years experience working with innovative mobile devices and services. 10 years of experience in product portfolio management. 5 year of experience of of VAS and Ecosystem development for CIS markets.

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    Ubcoin Milestones

    July 2017
    Strategic partnership with MDM Bank. Co-branded card launched. Ubank financial marketplace model launched. 6.1 million downloads of Ubank app on GooglePlay. Strategic partnership with Sovcombank. 12 million downloads of Ubank app on GooglePlay.
    June 2018
    Beta smart-contract platform developed. Support and verification team formed. Beta-testing of MVP through existing app distribution channels with leading smartphone manufacturers. MVP launch in Eastern Europe. Basic KYC framework developed.
    January 2019
    Full version of the app launched in Eastern Europe. App distribution agreements extended to additional regions. Beta open API developed.
    April 2019
    Launch in Middle East and South Korea. Beta AI-screening developed.
    July 2019
    Launch in South East Asia and South Asia. Open API available for developers.
    October 2019
    Launch in Latin America. Full AI-screening tool rolled out.
    July 2020
    • Marketplace launched in North America. • Organic growth of the platform. • Strategic partnerships with non-crypto online marketplaces to enrich customer experience. • Ongoing improvements of technology to enhance marketplace experience.

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