VivaNetwork ICO & Token Sale

Viva is a transformative financial technology that introduces large-scale decentralized mortgage financing to the world. Viva’s platform will utilize smart contracts to crowdfund home loans, connecting borrowers and investors directly within a decentralized trustless ecosystem. Viva concept was developed primarily for the purpose of reducing the disparity of interest rates among the nations of the world. Viva will allow users to earn investment returns with techniques similar to those employed by a traditional bank.

Viva Network will use decentralized technologies to improve three key sectors of the current mortgage process which are Mortgage financing, Residential Property Valuations and Credit scoring.

Viva Mortgage Financing

Viva Network cuts out the middleman utilizing blockchain technology. Viva greatly simplifies mortgage markets and iron out their inefficiencies on a global scale. Borrowers who were previously hostage to the terms imposed by local banks can be connected with investors anywhere in the world, and reap the benefits of the free market.

Physical ‘brick and mortar’ Viva Hubs will be required for the initial stages of Viva’s development, facilitating wide-scale adoption while the viva team works toward total decentralization. Viva Hubs are local offices that play a key early role in the Visa Network managed by the Viva Hub System, a web-based application for publishing vetted mortgage listings to the blockchain. These Hubs will initially be launched in countries that we believe to offer the most attractive risk-adjusted returns per unit of capital invested. Viva hubs will uphold the standard Viva Framework designed to protect investors and gradually be phased out as the Viva Network advances. Viva Hubs will be monetarily incentivized to produce a high ratio of performing to non-performing loans.

Some of the key roles of Viva Hubs mentioned below:

  • Evaluate the application creditworthiness
  • Appraise the home values, ensuring that the underlying asset is worth at least the borrower’s stated value.
  • Ensure adequate mortgage insurance
  • Underwrite the client-facing mortgage process
  • Coordinate repossession of the asset and redistribution of the recovered principal to FMS holders in the event of default
  • Act as a versatile local representative of FMS holders
  • Uphold the Viva Framework

Viva Tokens

VIVA tokens (“VIVA”) are Ethereum blockchain based ERC20 tokens, designed to provide utility within. The Viva network platform’s exclusive applications, VIVA will initially be distributed, to early believers of our vision for the Viva Network Platform, as recognition of contributions made during the Token Generation Event. VIVA will act as ‘in-app currency’ serving as an integral driving force for the incentive-based ecosystem.

VivaNetwork Overview

VivaNetwork ICO
Ended 121 Days Ago
Vote For VivaNetwork
Real Estate
Business Services
Token Type
Start Date
Apr 01, 2018
End Date
Aug 14, 2018
Payment Method
  • ETH
Start Price
1 VIVA = 0.00002800022 ETH
+35% Bonus
Total Supply
Know Your Client (KYC)
Presale Start Date
Apr 26, 2018
Presale End Date
Apr 26, 2018

VivaNetwork Team

Christian Fiddick
Chief Architect

Nick Thomson
Chief Executive Officer

Benjamin Erichsen
Chief Operating Officer

Paul Montero
ACCA Chief Financial Officer

David Erichsen
Chief Technical Officer

Tarek Waked
Chief Strategy Officer

Wilson Carter
Chief Marketing Officer

Greg Maybury
Accounting Manager

Katherine Masters
Director of Public Relations

Jeff Hooton
Full Stack Developer

Blake Carter
Director of Business Expansion

Alex Brown
Financial Advisor

William Lewis

Linc Kupke
Assistant Architect

Nikolai Paloni
Branding Expert

Kenneth Thomson
Real Estate Analyst

Dennis O'Connell
Global Architect, CTO

Stephen Thomson
Real Estate Developer, Entrepreneur

Marlon Weems
Director of Business Development, FinTech Consultant

Gilbert Darrell
Blockchain Entrepreneur

VivaNetwork Rates & Bonuses

  • +35% Bonus

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VivaNetwork Milestones

May 2016
Inception of original idea.
June 2017
Exploration of blockchain ecosystem to identify suitable core technologies.
July 2017
High level, service-oriented architectural planning of the Viva Platform.
August 2017
Exploratory data and feasibility analysis.
November 2017
Developed the Real Value 1.0 Home Valuation Algorithm.
April 2018
Launch of Token Generation Event and development of MVP. Initiate large-scale marketing campaign.
July 2018
Develop Real Value 2.0 Application. Obtain legal and regulatory licenses.
October 2018
Launch Real Value 2.0 application. Finalize proprietary ML algorithms.
January 2019
Begin incremental launch of the Viva Network Platform.
April 2019
Launch the Viva Network Platform and successfully crowdfund first home loan with Viva mortgage financing system.

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