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Mobile games are not only dominating the gaming industry but also the mobile software market as a whole. With a market share of over 40%, mobile games are by far the most profitable sector of the gaming industry. Although blockchain/ DAG as a concept is decades old, the technology and its possibilities are only being utilized in the past couple of years. The gaming industry still lags behind others in the implementation of the blockchain/DAG. In a competitive environment such as the mobile gaming industry, standing out is the key to success. A major problem in the gaming industry is the lack of an easy to access platform for player-developer interaction.


Worldopoly aims to provide an engaging multiplayer economic simulation with its own exchangeable cryptocurrency.

About Worldopoly

Worldopoly combines exciting multiplayer strategy gaming with the possibility to earn real money. Worldopoly is a real-time strategy game that implements Blockchain/DAG and augmented reality into a world-building simulation. Combining AR, blockchain/ DAG and Geopositioning, Worldopoly provides a unique gameplay experience that enhances mobile gaming from its current limitations. In comparison to other AR-games in the market, Worldopoly provides a rich gaming world as well as numerous possibilities for add-ons to keep players invested. Worldopoly uses both micro-transactions and its own cryptocurrency; female players could possibly impact both the profitability and the value of in-game tokens. Worldopoly implements the technologies and combines them with the security of blockchain/ DAG, creating a compelling gaming experience optimized for the gaming market today.

worldopo Overview

worldopo ICO
Ended 122 Days Ago
Vote For worldopo
26 Feb 12:00 PST - 30 March 23:59 PST : 25%
Token Type
Start Date
Aug 16, 2018
End Date
Feb 16, 2019
Payment Method
  • BTC
  • ETH
  • Fiat
Start Price
1 WPT = 0.12 USD
26 Feb 12:00 PST - 30 March 23:59 PST : 25%
Total Supply
18,000,000 USD
Know Your Client (KYC)
Presale Start Date
Apr 23, 2018
Presale End Date
Jun 26, 2018

worldopo Team

Prof. Dr. Dieter Kranzlmüller
Senior Advisor

Graham Doggart
Senior Advisor

Ian Scarffe
Senior Advisor

Nicolas Sierro
Product & Project Manager at EverdreamSoft (EDS)

Wolfgang Stelzle
CEO and founder of RE’FLEKT GmbH

Kerim Ispir
Chief Operating Officer at RE’FLEKT GmbH

Paul Borst
Head of ICT at Ferrari Financial Services GmbH

Manuel De Vits
Founder & Managing Director of Valyman Consulting

Sadie Hutton
Co-Founder of DynamicAbundance

Olivier Azan
Quantitative Researcher

Marcus Neufeldt
ICO Investor and Consultant

Constant Tong
ICO/Blockchain Game Advisor

Nikolay Shkilev
Strategic Business/ICO Advisor

Vladimir Nikitin
ICO/Compliance Advisor

Nathan Christian
Senior ICO-Advisor

Jura Hölzel
Chief Operating Director

Sergey Sergeenko
Chief Technology Officer

Sebastian Schneider
Chief Executive Officer

Felix Weinstein
Chief Operating Officer

Maria Chezganova
Public Relations Officer

Charles Duyile
Partnership Director

Andrew Sencilo
Creative Director

Marin Diaconu
Senior Fullstack Developer

Oleg Zaitev
Senior Frontend Developer

Artem Gordadze
Business Development Executive

Katya Boyko
Business Development Executive

Nikita Bakunov
Computer Vision and Deep Learning Engineer

Christopher Schofield
Influencer Marketing Manager

Ilya Anikin
ICO, Investment and Strategy Advisor

Serial entrepreneur with 17 years of experience. Managing and Investment director of VC Funds Sferiq Venture Capital Fund and Imperious Group, which have total invested more than $200 millions in more than 30 companies. 8 years' professional investment banking experience. Carrying out a large number of investment deals, totalling more than $ 300 million.

worldopo Rates & Bonuses

  • 26 Feb 12:00 PST - 30 March 23:59 PST : 25%
  • Presale week 1 - 20%, Presale week 2 -15%, Presale week 3 - 10%.
  • Main Sale - 5%

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worldopo Milestones

May 2017
Market entry. Our first steps ICO Launch MVP. Worldopoly Airminer release Roadshow. Introduction Worldopo within Europe Initial Community
July 2018
Reaching Softcap. Strategy & Game concept upgrade: Reached Softcap. Detailed Game Play Design with Everdreamsoft at Station F (Paris). Started working on Alpha Release of Worldopo (Upgraded concept). Started negotiations due to WPT-token listing on several exchanges.
August 2018
Preparing for Main Sale. Release of New Updates: Foundation of Qubit AG in Liechtenstein and FMA approval. Main Sale on Continued Token Sale Structure (CCO). Release of Alpha Version & migration from AirMiner (MVP). Game mechanics fixation in Blockchain. Implementing new Marketing campaigns. Publishing new Game-trailer! The Presale of Worldopo in-game digital assets. Smart contracts based deals. New Update release. Redesign of the website and other crypto-software. Setting up the merchandise store for fans & clans. Preparation for Gamescom in Cologne for 21-25.08.2018 (H10.1).
September 2018
WPT-token listing. Entry on external Digital assets marketplaces: Game update. New game mechanics, buildings & resources, etc. Introducing an in-game Auction for Digital assets trading. In-game objects tokenization for trading on Global Digital assets marketplaces. Creation of Worldopo Forum. Deposit WPT into the game and unlock 25% of tokens on holders’ ERC 20 wallets. Preparation for WPT listing on Exchanges. Running the fixation of the game mechanics in TestNet. starting working on webversion (Manager) of Worldopo.
October 2018
Marketing expansion. Worldopo “Game Manager” release: Post ICO strategy implementation to support WPT-token growth. Diving deeply into community interaction. Bug-bounty Campaign / Hackathon Event & Security Fixes. WPT support into Running the fixation of the game mechanics on Ethereum platform. Start working on microtransactions and moving to fully DAPP (from off-chain to on-chain model). Implementing new Game loops, resources and digital assets. Releasing the first web-version “Game Manager” for Worldopo.
November 2018
Game Loop Finalizing: Finalizing the High Level Game Design and closing the game loop for the Cryptolord. Preparing to launch the first stable Pre-Release(Beta) Game-candidate. Start working on AR & building recognition. Personalization for end users and advertisers. Creation of SDK & technology such as ARKit / ARCore for outdoor building/shape recognition. Integrating game loop for the Makers. Resource trading possibilities between Cryptolords and Makers.
December 2018
PVP-activities. AR-advertising and new opportunities: Finalizing the full Game loop. Launch of in-game chat and push-notifications for important game events, (i.e. when someone buys the most expensive building). Making all in-game deals between players and for the clans to be based on smart contracts. New In-game Events and competitions. Users will be able to receive revenue from AR-advertisements placed on their game objects, as well as, being able to place adverts of their own. All tokens will be unlocked.
January 2019
Land Register: Cryptolord will be able to buy land through a special land registry divided by region. Expanding AR-functions for PVP-gameplay.
April 2019
New Buildings. New Market Economy stage: Entering special types of buildings: Banks, hedge funds and Casino.
July 2019
New Features: New features, new options for in-game building improvement, new methods of interaction between players, as well as the introduction of unique objects. To be continued…

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