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This is a project which claims to be the very first trustless, decentralized and entirely secure network based on the Proof of Location on the blockchain. Because of its unique core concepts which are Bound Witnesses and Proof of Origin, the project shall allow developers as well as creators of smart contracts to conveniently interact with the real word in a way as if it was through an API.

The project is designated to bring serious incentives which are going to ensure long-term crypto-economic values for the users and for the community as a whole.

The benefits of the XYO Network

As we mentioned above, the project is going to deliver substantial and long-term value for the entire crypto economy. The ground breaking tools which are built into the ecosystem are going to incentivize XYO miners as well as token holders. This is going to encourage lower transaction fees, healthier liquidity as well as long-term value in general.

The tokens which are unsold are going to be burned after the crowd sale ends. This is going to ensure that all the tokens are allocated. What is more, though, this guarantees that the tokens which are purchased are going to become a scarce resource that’s undoubtedly beneficial for the current holders. As the demand grows, the tokens will have much higher value.

Throughout the token generation event, the project will take advantage of audited smart contract based on the Ethereum blockchain. This is done to ensure a rather secure purchase of the XYO tokens and to make sure that everything is handled as per the highest standards – this is convenient and it is important to note. The platform is undoubtedly one that is going to ensure that the entire crypto economy benefits in the long run through the implementation of high-end and contemporary blockchain-based technology which isn’t yet introduced to the market.


The crowd sale is going to begin on the 20th of March in 2018 and it is going to end on the 20th of May in 2018. The two month window should give you enough time to make your investments. The country of origin is the USA. There is a white list that you would have to keep in mind and even though there are no officially restricted countries, this is something that you ought to keep in mind.

The project shall only accept ETH as the main form of investment currency which is quite convenient as it is easy to obtain.

The Token

The token is ticked as XYO and you would be able to purchase a total of 100,000 of them with 1 ETH during the official sale. However, the presale is going to allocate the tokens with a serious bonus and you’d be able to get 200,000 XYO for the same amount. The project is going to allocate a number of bonuses throughout the entire period.

XYO Overview

Ended 311 Days Ago
Vote For XYO
Smart Contracts
Token Type
Start Date
Mar 19, 2018
End Date
May 19, 2018
Total Supply
Presale Start Date
Mar 28, 2018
Presale End Date
Mar 28, 2018

XYO Team

Arie Trouw
Founder & Architect

Ten years before Elon Musk wrote his first line of computer code, another young prodigy from South Africa was busy writing software on his TRS-80 Model I. In 1978, at the age of 10, Arie Trouw started developing software on the TRS-80 Model I, moving on to Atari, Apple, and PC. He then ran a series of bulletin boards centering on game-theory modification.

Scott Scheper
Co-founder & Head of Marketing

Scott has worked on many exciting ventures with exceptionally talented people, including the Co-founder of Uber. Scott's first “real boss” was Arie Trouw, who hired Scott in 2009 during an economic recession, when very few companies were hiring, and even fewer were starting companies.

Markus Levin
Co-founder & Head of Operations

Markus mined his first Bitcoin in 2013 and has been captivated by blockchain technologies ever since. Markus has over 15 years experience in building, managing and growing companies around the globe.

William Long
Head of Hardware

William is a veteran computer hardware and firmware technologist with over 25 years experience in engineering management and electrical engineering development.

Christine Sako
Head of Analytics

Christine has an extensive background in Mathematics and has worked in upper management for over 5 years.

Johnny Kolasinski
Head of Media

Ohio native Johnny Kolasinski has over fifteen years experience in marketing and media production, from e-commerce to video production to live performing arts.

Jordan Trouw
Customer Experience Manager

Jordan runs the Customer Experience division at XY. She is known for following up on every single detail of the customer’s journey within the XY consumer business “XY Find It.”

Lee Kohse
Sr. Design Engineer

Lee has an extensive and reputable career in design and has helped create and manage the logo and style guide of Verizon.

Louie Tejeda
Warehouse Logistics Supervisor

Louie manages the XY inventory, shipping, and IT-systems for product fulfillment of XY’s consumer business “XY Find It.”

Maryann Cummings
Client Support Manager

Maryann runs the customer support and technical support of XY’s consumer business “XY Find It.”

Maria Cornejo
Retail Management Supervisor

Maria comes from the world of retail management and has been part of the XY Findables team since June of 2016.

Vicky Knapp
Sr. Accounting Manager

Vicky is a rare breed who’s had a love for accounting since high school. She has a history of more than seventeen years of bookkeeping and ten years of tax preparation.

Patrick Turpen
Hardware QA Supervisor

Patrick has a wide variety of skills ranging from over 20 years of experience in photography, eCommerce, and even animal husbandry.

Tom Kysar
Advisor - XYO Token Market Economy Augur

Tom Kysar is the operations lead at Augur, a decentralized oracle and prediction market platform built on Ethereum.

Raul Jordan
Advisor - XYOMainChain Scalability

Raul Jordan leads the development of the biggest problem Ethereum is currently facing: scaling its platform; specifically, it’s Geth client. Raul leads the Ethereum Geth Sharding effort, which powers over 60% of Ethereum Nodes.

Azam Shaghaghi
Advisor - Blockchain Consultant

Azam is a bold entrepreneur and blockchain consultant with a deep passion for innovation and disruptive technology.

David Kim
Advisor - Blockchain Specialist

David Kim is a blockchain specialist who aims to apply DLT (distributed ledger technology) to anything and everything.

Zak Folkman
Advisor - Digital Programmatic Advertising The Nexus Group

Zak Folkman sits quietly behind the biggest online brands and companies that pioneer digital advertising today.

Tristen Blake
Advisor - Artificial Intelligence

Tristen is the Founder and Community Architect of The Machine Learning Society and Founder of CO Data+Science.

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