Webinar: How to Eliminate Price Noise

The price often makes false moves that can lead a trader to bad decisions. FBS analyst Elizabeth Belugina will explain how to eliminate market noise and trade with profit.

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Weekly Insights

  • Weekly Market Outlook: February 11-15

    Do you want to get clues on the most important economic events this week? Are you interested in the markets’ movements that are anticipated this week? Watch our latest outlook on USD, EUR, GBP, oil, gold and more.

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  • Weekly Market Outlook: February 4-8

    On Thursday, you should pay high attention to the Bank of England meeting. The last week was negative for the British currency. Still, there is no progress on the Brexit deal. If the central bank sounds hawkish

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  • Weekly Forex Outlook: January 28- February 1

    On Tuesday, the USD traders will take into consideration the release of CB Consumer Confidence figure. Also on Tuesday, we expect news on the Brexit deal. The House of Commons will vote on alternative Brexit plans

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  • The Insights into Exotic Pairs: the ZAR

    The South African currency was named as one of the most volatile emerging-market currencies by some analysts and its recent behavior may prove this statement. After the bullish start of the year, the rand has started to weaken since the last Thursday

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  • Weekly Forex Outlook: January 21-25

    On Tuesday, the World Economic Forum will start. It will last from January 22 to January 25. Although usually, we anticipate comments from the meetings to affect markets, this time is already special. Mr. Trump has already announced that the US won’t visit the Forum

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Daily Trading Plans

  • Trading plan for February 14

    The day will be highlighted by the important releases for the United States. The level of retail sales core retail sales and PPI are expected to be published at 15:30 MT time. According to analysts, headline retail sales and PPI will advance by 0.1%. At the same time, the

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  • Trading Plan for February 13

    The economic calendar offers a lot of events to trade on! During the Asian session, we got comments from the RBNZ. The central bank wasn’t that dovish as it was anticipated. As a result, the NZD surged. For today, we anticipate releases of the British and American CPI levels.

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  • Trading Plan for February 12

    The day will be highlighted by two important speeches by the heads of the central banks. At first, the BOE president Mark Carney will make his speech at 15:00 MT time. His comments may provide volatility to the GBP amid the Brexit uncertainties.

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  • Trading Plan for February 11

    For today, we anticipate several releases for the British currency. During the weekends, we got news that Theresa May rejected the proposal on the customs union with the EU. More uncertainties around the Brexit deal will put additional pressure on the GBP

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  • Trading Plan for February 8

    The Canadian dollar is under the pressure because of the sliding oil prices. Mr. Trump said that isn’t going to meet with the Chinese President before March 1. More uncertainties around the trade deal, more negative the market sentiment, more pressure on the risky assets, such as oil.

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