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  • ubex

    Ubex’s ICO Success Indicates Future of Digital Marketing

    That’s where Ubex comes in. Utilizing the power of blockchain technology and artificial intelligence, this startup is revolutionizing the digital advertising market. It circumnavigates the problem of high commission fees by eliminating digital marketing agencies entirely, tokenizing ad slots and having AI collect key data to make sure buyers can

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  • Tokenbox

    Tokenbox Platform Introduces KYC Based on Telegram Passport

    Security of clients’ and investors’ data is one of the top priorities when it comes to managing crypto assets and working with sensitive personal information during a KYC procedure. As users’ verification has become mandatory for most of the crypto projects, such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, Tokenbox and the platform’s

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  • European Parliament Assesses ICO Legal Framework

    European Parliament Assesses ICO Legal Framework

    The proposal has been written by Ashley Fox — a member of the European Parliament — and called for a €8M cap on tokens sales and AML/KYC requirements. What’s remarkable about this initiative is that it would create an EU “standard” for token sales, allowing to conduct them in all

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  • fxempire

    RSC Endorsed by Soccer Legend Ronaldinho Launches Crowdsale

    World Soccer Coin is launching its highly anticipated Ronaldinho Soccer Coin (RSC) Crowdsale. It will begin on August 16. The Whitelist has been opened to the public on August 1st. https://tokensale.soccercoin.eu/RSC is a revolutionary blockchain business model that captures multiple unique business areas, and profitable revenue streams within its leading-edge

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  • Neluns is the next step in the financial ecosystems evolution

    The bank side of the system will support operations with crypto and fiat currencies and will have a built-in currency exchange module. The system is likely to create the most favorable conditions for the further evolution and increased maturity of the cryptocurrency market.Ecosystem Key featuresThe Neluns ecosystem includes:Neluns Bank is

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  • ICO

    You42 To Begin Public Sale On July 2nd 2018

    The public sale will come hot off the heels of a successful private presale that has raised $21.1M. Accredited investors may continue to invest via SAFT in the presale until the public sale opens. These presale events give users a chance to get in early and help shape the platform

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  • Startup

    Don’t Miss the Chance to Get $2,500 for Mobile Start-up Promotion From Digital Agency BDCenter!

    The industry is developing quite fast. Telegram, Snapchat, Instagram – the list of start-ups that have won the trust of the global user is endless. Digital agency BDCenter opens a new mobile applications direction and is ready to support young projects. The company will give $2,500 for the promotion of

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  • Ke Xu CEO ONO

    Interview with Ke Xu, CEO & Founder of ONO

    How was the idea of ONO born?I think to a large degree, ONO is the culmination of my career, which began with Bitcoin, and was furthered by social networking. I started out with cryptocurrency during my university days, back in 2013, when I had purchased mining rigs with a friend

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  • WONO

    WONO Predicts Tourists, Entrepreneurs, and Students to Become the First Everyday Crypto Users

    For now, cryptocurrencies are used for short-term investments mainly, but in a couple of years, they are going to become a part of everyday people’s lives. Who will become pioneers of the new era? WONO P2P platform believes that tourists, entrepreneurs, and students will have the best chances to become

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  • genesis

    Genesis Vision Introduces Genesis Markets, a New Chapter in crypto trading

    Genesis Vision launched their newest project Genesis Markets on June 7th.Genesis Markets (GM) is a crypto brokerage that will provide crypto traders the many benefits that have long been enjoyed and expected by conventional traders. It is designed to provide traders access to all crypto instruments through a single brokerage

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  • Noah Project

    Noah Project Partners with the Large Payment Gateway PayRemit to Expand Its Payment Options

    Since the start of the Noah Project in 2016, the team has been focusing on creating a number of blockchain-based solutions aimed to bridge the gap between Japanese and Filipino citizens, connect families, travelers and businesses.Today the Noah Project is pleased to announce the launch of a strategic partnership with

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  • Patron

    How Brands Go Local with a PATRON Global Platform?

    The rise the of social media influencers and opinion leaders market has experienced steady growth. Now it is estimated to be over $1 billion. By 2019, that figure will double.While some marketers still question the value of influencer marketing, it has become one of the most effective marketing tactics for

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  • Game Stars

    4 Reasons Why Google Experts Joined Game Stars Team

    The TeamA strong team is already a half of success. Game Stars platform was created by gaming and blockchain enthusiast who believe in their work. Experience in digital marketing and PR, blockchain and cryptocurrency industry is a great benefit for the project. One more advisor Daniel Laufenberg has been leading teams

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  • Interview with Franklin Song, Co-Founder & CEO of DATA

    Interview with Franklin Song, Co-Founder & CEO of DATA

    How was the idea of DATA born?DATA was a brainchild of co-founders and college classmates, Franklin Song, Chairman of DATA Foundation and Victor Ye, Lead Engineer. They both studied Computer Science Master’s program in the US and worked in a large enterprise or social networks. Franklin had started three companies

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  • Spindle

    SPINDLE Project Goes in High Gear, to Be Listed on FIVE Cryptocurrency Exchanges

    BLACK STAR&CO., co. ltd, (hereinafter referred to as “BLACK STAR&CO,” head office: Chiyoda Ward, Tokyo, CEO: Masamitsu Hirai) has announced that, as part of the SPINDLE project it has been promoting in conjunction with its partners both home and abroad, its SPINDLE tokens (hereinafter referred to as “SPD”) have been

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  • gamestars

    Pre-Sale Complete Sold-Out. Game Stars Tokens Are Favoured By Bitcoin Holders

    The token will be in demand as you need to have them in order to use platform’s solutions. As soon as the project reaches Hard Cap point only 14285 profit-users needed to cause a shortage of the tokens in the platform. Tokens will be sold by their holders at the

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  • PayPortal

    PayPortal: Small Steps Towards Great Success in the Payment Industry

    In India, the payments and Fintech ecosystem has been growing rapidly, as per the EY Fintech Adoption Index 2017. The index denotes Fintech and digital payment users as a percentage of the total digitally active population and has ranked India second in the list of top 20 countries.PayPortal: Creating a

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  • Whalesburg

    The Secret of Success: Whalesburg Private Sale Closed in 1,5 hours, Demand Exceeded Supply 6 Times

    Mining is a new trend in the tech world and its popularity is constantly growing. This new way of money making is not perfect: miners face difficulties, restrictions, and problems every day.Whalesburg is the world’s first Mining 2.0 Platform that gives everyone access to the resources needed for mining coins

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  • Shivom

    Blockchain R&D Project Shivom Garners Support from Government Officials in Several Countries

    Shivom, an international blockchain-powered startup that aims to create the world’s biggest data hub on genomic information using decentralized technologies to secure the data and put it to a good use via various apps, has announced in its blog post that it has garnered support from government officials from three

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  • Interview with Chance Du, Founding Partner at Coefficient Ventures

    Interview with Chance Du, Founding Partner at Coefficient Ventures

    How was the idea of Coefficient Ventures born?I came to the United States in 2016 to do Venture Capital. I was exploring the opportunities in different verticals by doing Angel investing in the Silicon Valley.  The first vertical I was investing in is Artificial Intelligence. But I realize it’s not

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