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  • joy token

    Interview with Andrew MacDonald, JoyToken CEO

    How was the idea of JoyToken born?It started whilst we were working on an online casino build, we were asking key questions about what makes an online casino product stand out and started to deconstruct some key issues with the industry. We noted that there had been some stagnation and

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  • repux

    RepuX Launches a Sharing Ethereum-Backed Data Platform

    A company currently in its pre-sale Token sale is RepuX. RepuX is taking a variety of decentralized blockchain technologies, including Ethereum, to deliver a protocol that enables data producers to increase earnings from their data output by streamlining the circulation process, targeting small to medium-sized business.The RepuX platform will allow

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  • kodak

    Game Changer: Kodak Plans to Launch KodakCoin Cryptocurrency on ICO

    To-date, initial coin offerings have been launched by start-ups looking to develop blockchain technology to upgrade archaic processes in the interest of both businesses and consumers, whilst looking for a decentralized platform and a digital currency that sits away from the purview of governments and banks.The world of photography is

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  • telegram

    ICO Market Update: Telegram and Kodak ICOs in Focus

    Telegram is a well know social media chat platform and is launching its very own blockchain technology and cryptocurrency that will be used to make payments on its Telegram application and more.Funds raised from the Telegram ICO will be used to meet the development and running costs of the project

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