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Global Trader 365 User Reviews

Everything good with this company when started, funded account and became "Diamond" investor - trading good and making profits that they stopped contact - no answer to calls or eMails - totally deaf to my approaches - request refund of account - no response - BEWARE OF THIS COMPANY - if you have funds with this company withdraw them NOW!!!!!!!!!

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No communication channel

When you do the online question submission, you would get this responds...... ------------- Thank you for contacting Global Trader 365 Your request has been sent to one of the members of our support team who will reply to your inquiry shortly. We wish you successful trading! Best of trading, The Global Trader 365 team. ----------------------------------------- And after two weeks, it still nobody to contact you instead the salesman call you to fund more money. And most of the time, the online chat doesn't functioning to enable chat on IE web-browser platform. Now, when I ask for withdrawing few days ago, I got no reply, no responds of communication indicate my withdraw are in the process or anything. I'm just wonder whether we are talking to the machine?

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The Worst Broker ever

these guys and girls are true jokers. I have traded with them and my account have bounced around like a basketball and I have not made in profit off my account. Now when you try to with draw they will not send you anything or call you back or anything. they only think of themselves. Now I did have one good broker from there but the management took the broker off my account and sent my account to some dumb ass other broker who had no clue what he was doing. I never made a trade with him nor a deposit. O that's the kicker every time they send you another dumb broker you have to deposit more money with that dumb ass before you make any trades. now I highly recommend staying away from these people. I am doing my best to find a way to sue these guys for everything. PLEASE BEWARE STAY AWAY FROM THEM PLEASE PASS THE WORD

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I was recommended to Globaltrader365 through a website which offered matching bonuses for deposits. I then realized my mistake after reading their terms. If you get a bonus, you have to make 20x the trade of the bonus PLUS your deposit. So if you deposit $1,000 and they gave you a bonus of $1,000, you couldn't make a withdrawal until you had executed $40,000 worth of trades. I realized too late and tried to withdraw my money. They refused more than 4 requests to return my deposit. Then they called and said that I could have my money if I do one more trade... you can guess the rest of the story, but I'll go ahead and tell you. I have no more life savings. It wasn't much, but was all I had and needed it for work on the house.

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Large Asset List!

They really cover a wide market letting me being able to trade almost constantly. They have over 80 plus types of asset and its possible to trade them in 3 different ways! 

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New Traders Will Like This Platform

Their user friendly interface which is typical of the SpotOption trading engine will definitely attract beginners to the binary options market. 

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All time send S P A M !

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Never get money refunded

You will never get your money refunded with this broker. You can keep trading with your money until it lasts but moment you ask for money withdrawl no one will answer your calls and no reply to your emails. Take my words they will never give you money back.

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Average Run-Of- The-Mill Returns

Their highest return stated is just 75%. Compared to others who offer up to 85%, this is just average.

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This Is A Very Good Trading Platform For Beginners

Easy to use and attractive design. 

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Good For New Binary Option Traders

Being a new trader, I actually like their trading platform. The site is really easy to navigate.

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