Review Process

Our goal is to provide our users with reliable and objective information about financial products. We strive to ensure that our reviews are not influenced by our marketing of affiliate relationships, rather, they’re based on facts and on the general impression from the actual products that we review. Note FX Empire is free. Learn more about how we make money.

Our process is still in progress and we are working on finalizing criteria, and metrics to monitor. If you have any suggestions, comments or improvements, please contact us.

Brokers and Exchanges

FX Empire as a source of information regarding brokers and exchanges, what we have identified that the marketplace needs. It is no secret that there are many of brokers all competing against each other and many more popping up each month.

This certainly makes the work of the discerning trader hard, even before they have selected the broker.

What is certain is that no two brokers were created equal and that traders must identify the broker that best suits their needs. Here at FX Empire we have made your job easier, We sift through mountains of information and data on each broker and organize it in the form of structured broker reviews. We check information and data regarding trading conditions, all of the brokers’ claims and their offering ensuring you know exactly who you are working with, before imparting your hard-earned capital.

Initially, brokers that wish to be reviewed will have to fill out an in-depth data questionnaire. This robust 70-page document covers everything from the type of dealing model to a number of assets and even proof of regulation. From here our analysts use this reference document to finely comb through all of the information, which is then backed up by rigorous testing and quality assurance process. This involves creating a demo trading account, downloading trading platforms on to the desktop and mobile and testing the software, placing and closing trades, while fact-checking assets, spreads, leverage, and other details. Additionally, in a mystery shopper capacity, we contact the broker through Live Chat and email to test the length of response time, plus the helpfulness and efficiency of support representative response. We often post screenshots of this correspondence on to the final review to back up our feedback.

Once all of the broker data has been verified we then build a written and video review of the broker, disputing any incorrect claims and generally walking through the product.