The MORSI Trading Strategy – Webinar April 23

In the MORSI Trading Strategy webinar, FXTM’s acclaimed Forex Educator Bilal Jafar will delve deep into the importance of two popular technical indicators: Moving Average and the Relative Strength Index. Participants will learn how to apply these indicators on the charts, as well as how to identify trends in the

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Win Rate ratio explained

Using Win/Loss Ratio in Trading

Some traders love to focus on a high win rate. The problem is that a few losses (or even just one loss) can fully wipe out the gains made in weeks or months from winning trades, causing huge frustration.

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Basic Education

Forex Brokers guide

How To Choose the Best Forex and CFD Broker

Regulations, commissions, platforms, account minimums and fees are just some of the factors you should consider when choosing an online Forex and CFD broker.To help you in your broker selection process, we have prepared a guide with a list of key factors that you have to look at when choosing

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Advanced Education

VIX Defensive

Defensive Assets and How Should You Use It

There have been a lot of questions concerning defensive assets and mechanisms. I would like to highlight a couple of important aspects for a more comprehensive understanding of the topic.

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Financial Glossary

Economic Calendar

How to Interpret the Economic Calendar

What is Purchasing Managers Index (PMI)?What is GDP? What is Counted in GDP?What is Consumer Price Index (CPI)?What is Income Statement Used for?What is Retail Price Index (RPI)?How does Unemployment Rate Work?What is the Impact of the Interest Rate Decision?What is Producer Price Index (PPI)?What is Consumer Price Index (CCI)?What

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