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  • Will The Price Of Bitcoin Drop To Zero As Forecasted By Vanguard Economist?

    Will The Price Of Bitcoin Drop To Zero As Forecasted By Vanguard Economist?

    Bitcoin (BTC) is the perfect example of what the cryptocurrency market can achieve and the opportunities that it offers. It was the first digital currency to be introduced and has experienced phenomenal growth especially in the past one year. However, the price has since then been dropping but Joe Davis,

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  • How will U.S. Sanction on Iran Impact on the Global Markets?

    How will U.S. Sanction on Iran Impact on the Global Markets?

    While there are many words that may be used to describe Donald Trump’s tenure as U.S. President, ‘dull’ is certainly not one of them. A list of his recent endeavors definitely makes for interest reading, from initiating a trade war with China to withdrawing from the controversial Iran Nuclear Deal

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  • A Fork on The Road: Bitcoin Cash Hard Fork Pursues Bigger Block Size

    A Fork on The Road: Bitcoin Cash Hard Fork Pursues Bigger Block Size

    Cryptocurrency forks are no longer a new concept especially owing to the many that have happened recently. The Bitcoin Cash is the latest cryptocurrency to benefit from a hard fork, with the main goal being the expansion of its block size and enhance the functionality of its network.Hard forks are

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  • crypto investments banks

    Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan, NASDAQ And Others Have Big Plans for Cryptocurrencies

    Director of Financial and Risk Innovation at Thomson Reuters Sam Chadwick said that conversations with various clients have revealed that many hedge funds and other asset managers are showing increased interest in adding crypto to their portfolios. The increased enthusiasm is in line with a recent Thomson Reuters survey that

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  • Global Warning from Economic Warming?

    Global Warning from Economic Warming?

    The threats keep coming, Russia, Syria, Brexit, Inflation, trade wars, radioactivity, Middle East and Korea. The IMF report and the Global Financial Stability report did not help allay my concerns, instead, it added to them. Add to that, 75% of the ultra rich say a recession is likely in the

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  • market crash

    How Close are We to a Stock Market Crash?

    Could the bull market be over, and a stock market crash be imminent? In late April the Dow Jones Industrial Average sank more than 420 points, just under two percent, which leads some experts to claim that stocks have peaked. In addition, as US bond yields reached 3%, funds will slowly

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  • How Bitcoin Can Destroy The World. Completely!

    How Bitcoin Can Destroy The World. Completely!

    Earlier this month we explained why Google banned crypto related ads and Let’s face it, the world as we know it is so fragile that even a Tweet can destroy it, especially if it comes from a certain Mr. Trump. Next thing you know missiles start flying, political leaders become agitated

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  • Bitcoin Cash Next Hard Fork: Good or Bad?

    Bitcoin Cash Next Hard Fork: Good or Bad?

    The hard fork talk saw Bitcoin Cash rally to an April high $1,578.3 from early April’s $600.1 low, with the 15th May hard fork getting plenty of airtime this month, coinciding with the passing of the U.S tax deadline in mid-April and a relatively quiet period from a regulatory news

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  • How Are US Sanctions Affecting Global Markets?

    How Are US Sanctions Affecting Global Markets?

    With tensions continually rising over Syria, it looks as though there may well be further developments between all countries involved in the coming months. Any US sanctions could well have significant consequences for global markets and investors. Here are some of the effects they may have.Iranian OilIran is one of

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  • stocks picks

    Top 5 Stock Market Picks

    Macerich (MAC)Macerich is included in the S&P 500. Its major activity is acquiring, selling, managing, developing, and remodeling shopping malls all over the US. As of now, Macerich owns around 53M square feet of commercial property, which includes 48 retail shopping malls.Macerich stock falls into the Financial Retail category; over the

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  • bitcoin amazon

    Bitcoin is Evolving Just Like Amazon

    Volatility, however, is an indicator that a potentially powerful force is coming into its own. In this regard, one might think of Bitcoin as a new Amazon: navigating some growing pains but developing innovative solutions to help solve them.At this point, it’s safe to say that Amazon has achieved retail

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  • The Next Financial Crisis is Around the Corner

    If History Repeats Itself – The Next Financial Crisis is Around the Corner

    From the great depression in the 30’s to the meltdown about a decade ago, certain trends are noticeable. With a new President and uncertainties about his economic policy, many are worried that the next financial crisis might be around the corner. It goes without saying that policy mistakes are most

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  • George_Soros

    It’ not a Bubble, George Soros Plans to Invest in Cryptocurrencies

    George Soros is well known for his influence on the financial markets, Soros has made a name for himself when he took the Bank of England to the cleaners on Black Wednesday back in the early 90’s, Soros pocketing a cool billion in the process, placing him at the top

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  • Bitcoin Out! Why Google Finally Banned Bitcoin Advertisements

    Bitcoin Out! Why Google Finally Banned Bitcoin Advertisements

    The crackdown on cryptocurrencies has begun. From Facebook and Twitter to Google – advertising Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies have been banned! Just days ago, Google decided to also ban and remove all crypto mining extensions for their browser Chrome, writes Coindesk.com.The rumor mills are as always running at full speed in

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  • Trade War Fears

    Trade War Fears Justified as China Responds with Force, Stock Markets Tumble

    While the U.S administration introduced tariffs on a broad range of goods, the Chinese government has focused on aircraft, soybeans, and cars, which were the three largest exports to China in 2017, the tariffs announced targeting $50bn of U.S goods annually, with 25% tariffs on the big 3.The total number

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  • amazon advertising

    Amazon Ready To End Alphabet and Facebook Advertising Duopoly

    According to, Alex DeGroote, a media analyst at Cenkos Securities, the e-commerce giant advertising business is growing at an impressive rate and could be worth $20 Billion by 2020.Growing Search Ad BusinessAmazon advertising business is currently valued at about $3 billion amounting to about 1.5% of North America Advertising business.

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  • trump tariffs

    Impact on Stocks of Trump Tariffs

    President Trump’s recent announcements on tariffs should have created a threat to the US Stock market logic tells us as well as to the other nations that are involved in this trade war.Let’s not forget Canada, Mexico, and Australia are already exempted. Plus the announced tariffs cover hardly any US

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  • The US Has All the Tools to Win a Trade War

    The US Has All the Tools to Win a Trade War

    Advocates of Trump and the current administration will be cheering the president on, but whether the U.S President will find his supporters by his side in the months ahead remains to be seen. Trump’s does have a point, however, it’s a risky path.There are multiple implications to using the threat

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  • Mark Zuckerberg

    Facebook Must Have a Moral Duty, It’s a Social Network!

    While Cambridge Analytics is facing heavy scrutiny over the use of the data acquired from Facebook Inc., the bigger finger should be pointed directly at Zuckerberg and the company’s board that has spent the last 18-months and more dodging serious questions over the company’s affiliations with companies and governments and

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  • spain europe

    Viva Espana? Bravo Europa? Leaving America?

    Look at this image I created using Bloomberg for the data. It shows the Dow and the Spanish IBEX indices over a 5 year period. It begs the question: will we see a closing of this gap now in performance? And does that mean better performance from Spain?Dow Jones/IBEXLet us

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