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  • Yuan 1

    Yuan Revaluation will be a Grave Mistake for the Chinese Economy

    U.S want China to revaluate yuan a claim that can hardly be met by the Chinese if they do not want repeat Japanese 2 lost decades

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  • USA and China. Usa flag and china flag

    US-China Trade Talks: Deadline Postponed

    The postponement of the deadline may be a sign of understanding that the final chord in the negotiations can’t happen in the near future.

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  • Chinese Equities Enter a Bull Market on Trade Optimism

    What sounded like mission impossible a couple of months ago, now seems doable. President Trump announced late Sunday that he will delay the U.S. increase on Chinese tariffs which were scheduled for 1 March.

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  • American flag and banknotes (USD) currency on Stock market

    Why Trade Wars End is Good News for the Dollar

    Markets cheer trade news talksGlobal markets demand for risky assets persists due to hopes for trade negotiations progress and confirmation of the Fed’s soft position. Sources close to the negotiations report that the United States and China are getting closer on key issues, that feeds hope of ending the trade

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  • Cannabis Stocks Exploding With Marijuana Leaf On Hundred

    Canadian Pot Firms – The Triggers for Future Growth

    I believe we can expect a substantial improvement in the financial indicators across the entire sector in 2019-2020

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  • British Pounds on Time

    Is Pound Growth a Bluff?

    Hopes for Brexit deal helps GBP amid economy cooling

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  • Facade of the Bank of Italy

    Is the Italian Government Thinking to Touch Gold Reserves?

    The populist Italian government is looking at a controversial source of income to help cover the costs of its spending spree: the gold treasure held by the Bank of Italy (Bankitalia).

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  • Bull charts Rally

    Long Live the Markets Rally

    Perhaps last Friday was an important markets threshold, demonstrating the dominance of bullish sentiment.

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  • U.S. Dollar Index

    Next Global Crisis – Strengthening U.S. Dollar Index or Weakening Euro?

    Judging from the way the dollar index is weighted, the best bet for another surge to the upside will be a weaker Euro, Japanese Yen and British Pound.

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  • Russia's Credit Rating

    Russia – Not the Rating it Needs but the Rating it Deserves

    Yesterday I took part in a discussion program on the Russia-1 TV channel. The topic was an urgent one – Moody’s raised Russia’s sovereign rating to investment grade (Baa3). The dispute was quite interesting. I am especially ‘impressed’ with the little verbal duel with a glorious demagogue communist, one of

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  • Ben Franklin 100 Dollar Bill Stock Market

    What Does the Growth of the US Markets Mean?

    The USD demand came back at the start of trade in London: the EURUSD pair has dropped to the lowest mark of the trading spectrum since November returning to 1.1300.

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  • Economic events for week ahead.

    Weekly Outlook, Feb 11-15. Top 5 Things to Know this Week

    The economic calendar for the current week remained relatively quiet with a couple of monetary policy decisions from Reserve Bank of Australia and Bank of England.

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  • EM Currencies to Invest in 2019

    We have come to the second month of 2019 and it’s time to take a deep breath after the crazy run of the year, evaluate what has already happened and made some precisions on the upcoming months.

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  • US Dollar needs strong Payrolls

    Why Dollar Needs Strong Payrolls

    The United States labor market again showed its strength, adding 304K jobs in January, almost twice more than the expected 165K.

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  • Federal Reserve Building

    The Fed May Be not Enough

    The American dollar came under pressure because of the willingness of the Fed to be patient in assessing the situation.

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  • british_and_eu_flags

    Where Next for the Pound as Brexit Saga Wrangles on?

    As was widely expected PM May’s deal was met with a resounding rejection in the house of commons, with the margin of the parliamentary defeat the largest ever suffered by a government.

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  • U.S. Federal Reserve

    Most Fed Policymakers Favor Delaying Further Rate Hikes

    With the exception of Chicago Fed President Charles Evans, who came across as a tad hawkish, Bostic, Bullard and Rosengren were all in line with the minutes of the Federal Reserve December minutes which showed policymakers were willing to pause interest rate hikes given the volatility in financial markets and

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  • New Zealand Dollars

    New Zealand Dollar Surges on Patient Fed, Optimistic Trade Talks – Can Buyers Extend Rally?

    The strong momentum into Friday’s close suggests the rally will likely continue this week especially if the U.S. Dollar resumes its downtrend and an air of optimism over the timely end of the U.S.-China trade dispute lingers.

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  • Brexit

    Brexit Vote Preview

    On Tuesday, there will be an important vote in the British Parliament, which runs the risk of becoming the loudest government defeat in modern history.

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  • Bulls Bear

    Earnings Season Once More. Can the Bulls Survive?

    It’s been a particularly choppy start to the year for the U.S equity markets. The Dow fell to 2019 low 22,686.22 before bouncing back to hit 24,000 levels on Thursday. A number of drivers have dictated direction at the turn of the year.

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