Will Next Week’s Big Tech Earnings Reinvigorate the Market?

James Hyerczyk
Published: Apr 20, 2024, 08:15 GMT+00:00

Key Points:

  • Goldman Sachs excels; Bank of America's shares drop.
  • UnitedHealth excels, Netflix disappoints with outlook.
  • Upcoming Big Tech earnings crucial for market momentum.
Microsoft Earnings

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Earnings Yield Mixed Outcomes

Last week’s earnings reports from major corporations like Goldman Sachs, Bank of America, and Netflix provided mixed signals about the health of various sectors. While some financial giants posted strong results, concerns linger in the entertainment and technology segments.

Bank Earnings: Mixed Results

Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley reported positive earnings, with their shares appreciating by 3.7% and 6%, respectively. Goldman Sachs, in particular, was praised for its shift towards asset and wealth management, benefiting from increased investment banking activity and emerging opportunities in artificial intelligence and private credit. However, Bank of America, despite beating earnings expectations, saw its shares decline by over 3% due to a projected decrease in net interest income, casting a shadow over its short-term financial outlook.

Healthcare and Tech: Highs and Lows

UnitedHealth outperformed expectations dramatically, which could be its largest weekly gain since 2020. This was overshadowed by ongoing cyberattack repercussions expected to impact its annual earnings significantly. In contrast, Netflix posted strong early results for 2024 but provided a subdued revenue outlook and announced the cessation of detailed subscriber reporting, causing its shares to tumble.

Tech Giants on the Horizon

Next week, attention turns to other Big Tech firms like Microsoft, Alphabet, and Meta Platforms, poised to report their earnings. The market is particularly watchful of these reports to gauge whether Big Tech can provide a much-needed boost to the market. Meta Platforms is expected to highlight gains from AI investments, while Microsoft is anticipated to report solid growth, driven by stable cloud spending and increased AI engagement.

Outlook: A Tech-Led Recovery?

Investor sentiments are mixed as nearly three-quarters of reporting companies have surpassed earnings expectations, yet overall profit growth remains tepid. With major tech companies lined up for their earnings release next week, there’s a palpable hope that robust results could rejuvenate the somewhat stagnant market conditions. The focus will be especially sharp on AI-driven growth and cloud infrastructure, which are seen as key drivers for the tech sector’s performance.

Short-Term Market Forecast

The market’s immediate future appears cautiously bullish, hinging significantly on the upcoming Big Tech earnings. Positive surprises could bolster investor confidence and drive market recovery, whereas underwhelming results may exacerbate the current sluggish trends.

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