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  • Draghiecb EUR

    Who Will Succeed Mario Draghi?

    Currently finishing a very bold mandate that started back in 2012, Mario Draghi is ready to hang up his boots as the President of the European Central Bank (ECB) on October 31 of this year.

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  • GreenRed chart

    Hope for the Best, Prepare for the Worst

    This idiom could not be more applicable as we look to 2019 after global markets erased their gains for the year after almost 10 consecutive years of a bull run. As complacency spread in 2017 amid high global growth and decreased political risk, 2018 seemed much less benign. But does

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  • The Brexit Conundrum: How the UK Holds the Forex Market Hostage

    On June 23, 2016, the UK decided to leave the European Union. This has made a lot of people very angry and been widely regarded as a bad move.

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  • Trump - Xi

    The Big Events that Shook the Financial Markets in 2018

    It was quite a year for the global financial markets, with never a dull moment seeing the U.S majors hit record highs before hitting bear territory late in the year, the year culminating in the Dow seeing its worse Christmas Eve on record and its best single day gain in

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  • Trader disappoint

    Are We at the End of the Economic Cycle?

    2018 was a rough year for traders, as they faced extremely high market volatility and uncertainty. Worse yet, there are signs that indicate that we’re not going to get any relief next year – in fact, 2019 might be even tougher for traders. Are we at the end of the

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  • Trader shock

    Unpredictable Predictions 2019

    Everyone wants to know what to expect in the New Year. Traders are not an exclusion. This time we created something new and interesting for you. We think that it’s boring to talk about things you can expect yours

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  • Fed Chair Powell

    This Week’s Fed Meeting: Pressure on Powell to Sound Dovish, but Not Too Dovish

    Ahead of the meeting, investors are expressing concerns about the U.S. economy and whether the Fed would hike further after December. As recent as September, the Fed came out as a little too optimistic about the economy next year. At this meeting, they may come down a little on their

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  • Crude Oil

    With Saudi Arabia Preparing to Slash Shipments to U.S. Refiners, Crude May Be One Big Inventory Draw Away from Sparking Rally

    Saudi Arabia’s plan is pretty clear. Their strategy is to cut exports to the United States in order to prevent a build in U.S. crude oil supply. Since they plan to make their move starting in January, this is likely to have a more immediate effect on prices then predictions

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  • Australian Dollar

    OECD Warns of Hard Landing in Australian Housing Market, Others See RBA Rate Cut in Late 2019

    The Australian Dollar is likely to remain under pressure throughout 2019. The on-going trade dispute is likely to continue to weaken exports which should force the RBA to keep policy unchanged because lower rates are helping to keep the economy afloat as it rides out the storm. However, an escalation

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  • What's the Current Status of Weed Stocks?

    What’s the Current Status of Weed Stocks?

    During the last year, weed stocks were flying high on the hope that this legalization will inspire other countries around the world to follow suit. What’s next for the cannabis industry?

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  • Apple Store New York

    Is Apple About to Fall From Investor’s Grace?

    Apple has for quite some time been a good investment for the big picture but the same as any other big company, Apple faces new challenges.

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  • US Dollar

    U.S. Dollar – Three Factors Signaling Major Top

    The combination of the tame inflation report, comments from Fed Chair Powell on cooling global demand and the dovish comments from Fed Vice Chair Clarida stating the Fed is getting closer to neutral, are all signs the Fed may slow its pace of rate hikes and this should be bearish

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  • europe italy

    Historical Analysis of Italy and Its Relations with the EU

    With Italy frequently dominating the headlines in the recent weeks, it’s a good idea to take a macro look at the Eurozone: its origins, some aspects of its structure, and what dangers it might face in the near future.

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  • Financial Crash

    Are We Going to See Another Financial Crisis in the Coming Years?

    There are too many variables to accurately predict whether a crash will happen. The world has been slow to recover since 2008, but progress is being made, and the modern world has woken up to the dangers of complacency.

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  • mid term elections

    How Can the US Midterm Election Impact the Financial Markets?

    The US mid-term elections on Tuesday might have a huge impact on financial markets and the global economy.

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  • Stock Market Trend

    Stock Market Whipsaw: Trust Kudlow, Not Unnamed Sources

    Ah, the dreaded unnamed sources are to blame. They seemed to know more about the potential deal then say Trump’s chief advisor Larry Kudlow according to Bloomberg. Why not ask Kudlow you say? Well he must’ve been too busy preparing for his interview with CNBC.

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  • Yuan Breaks 7

    What Happens if the Yuan Breaks the Magical 7?

    The Yuan has dropped by about 9% over the last six months in response to trade disputes with the U.S. concerns of further easing by the Country ’s central bank and the consequences of breaking the magical 7 could be difficult for the Chinese and the global economy.

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  • Trump and Powell

    The Fed vs Trump: The Battle is On

    The clash between Donald Trump and the Fed does not seem to be ending anytime soon. Trump continues to accuse the Fed of raising rates too fast and stop the market growth. So, what are the implications of this battle for the financial markets?

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  • How to Trade the Trade War

    How to Trade the Trade War?

    Trading the trade war is not very straightforward. Firstly, we really don’t know how it will end. It will probably be resolved eventually, but the timing will make a big difference.

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  • The Big Short

    The Big Short – Is It Coming Now?

    Analysts looking for key drivers over the near-term that will ultimately decide the fate of a number of currencies, economies and ultimately whether a new crisis dawns.

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