iOption Wins Prestigious Award for Technology

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iOption receives the International Binary Options Trading Association’s (IBOTA) award for the best trading platform and newest innovations for 2011. On Thursday December 28th, iOption was informed of their appointment to the Binary Options Trading Associations Hall of Achievement, by receiving their coveted award for innovation in technology.

Just a short time ago, iOption launched their newest trading platform at This new platform incorporates many of the favorites of long time traders and new training formats, like OptionBuilder, which allows the trader to set their own risk and profit ratios.

The new site includes the all new Lobby called the Knowledge Centerand is home to the iOption Academy. This Lobby includes all the training and support features an investor needs to become a great trader. The all new iOption Academy is a complete school for advanced learning in the financial markets. The Academy Class selection offers a complete course for beginners to professionals with reading materials, study guide, eBook and weekly webinars and live trading. The beginning courses are free to all iOption clients.

The new site also encompasses what is known as the iOption ToolBox, this is all the tools a trader needs to be successful, including live market information, charts, graphs and signals, strategies and risk management information.

The revolutionary new site, tries to pair the professional services and account managers with clients to form a close bond and together form a team, to make successful trades and investments.

iOption motto is partnership and team spell success.

Their all new complete trader philosophy combines the trader, the staff, signals and alerts and education into a complete package to produce successful traders making huge profits.

iOption has added risk management tools such as Buy Me Out and RollOver, Buy Me Out, allows a trader to sell his position and reduce his losses when traders are not going favorably. RollOver, works with a trader to extend the expiry time of his trade, when the market reactions are not as fast as the investor expected. iOption continues to provide Protection Insurance on each and every trade, so that an investor never loses all their investment.

To learn about all the newest features on the iOption site click on this link. To watch a video on the newest features click here. Or just visit

Watch for iOption’s newest feature online tutorials to help a trader at anytime. This feature will be available in mid January. Enroll now in the iOption Academy.

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i looked up Binary Options Trading Associations Hall of Achievement and found nothing. can you please post the reference for this award?

FX Empire Analyst - Barry Norman

Hey Joe

The IBOTA is a new small organization that is trying to build an link between binary option brokers, trading platforms, news services, industry professional and affiliates.They are a small start up and have just recently launched their awards and recognition program. Their website is scheduled to go live in the 1st quarter of 2012.



hi barry,
thanks for the response. out of curiosity, how does a platform win an award when it doesn’t officially exist yet? were other platforms also reviewed and considered? if so, which ones? what were the other categories for awards? etc. i’m asking because i’m looking for legitimate information about sites to trade on but if you’re really only pushing one platform because you have a financial interest, that’s something that i need to consider when reading your site.


FX Empire Analyst - Barry Norman

ed, the platform exists.. it is
I am a news analyst for fxempire, I do not push any brokers or platforms.
I received an email with the information and I wrote about it.

I review and write about many sites, awards and brokers, as well as news and the markets. This was a news article and not a site review…
If you look at the broker news this month, I have written about many broker, I receive no benefits for my articles. They are simply news and information and not endorsements. This month, I have written about Etoro, AVAFX, OneTwoTrade, SpotOptions, etc. In prior months, I have written about numerous other brokers in the news.