youtradeFX Granted FSA Liscense

By FX Empire Analyst - Barry Norman
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youtradeFX is an internet brokerage and investment firm. Through their advanced website and trading platform, traders can invest in CFD’s (certificates for difference) on stock, commodities, indices and the foreign exchange market.

youtradeFX, adopted and has maintained sound business practices that respect ethical values which is a key part of their philosophy and success.

They base their service concept on four core principles: 

-Offering the most competitive, straightforward and simple execution to our customers.
-Operating in full transparency in everything we do, from the way we present our company to potential customers to our method of execution.
-Keeping tight profit margins per trade, hence increasing trade volume and decreasing costs for individual traders. 
-Only calling customers that ask to be called. By using skillful marketing techniques we know how to approach prospective customers while respecting their rights to privacy. 

By following these principles youtradeFx has be awarded the esteemed FSA (Financial Services Authority) regulation # 548033, which attests to youtradeFX unquestionable integrity and expertise. 

What sets FSA brokers apart from non-registered brokers is that FSA brokers are obliged to maintain records of customer funds and present proof that customer funds are not in any cases used as company assets.

Since their inception in 2001 youtradeFX has excelled in customer service and technology. Over the years that have received many prestigious industry awards, including the 2011 and 12 FxEmpire best broker award and the best broker award.

This does not include accolades from customers, clients and business associates.

youtradeFX worked hard to reach the level required to receive the FSA license and will continue to uphold their high standards, so that their clients can benefit from a great trading partner and broker.

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