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Gleb Zykov

Gleb Zykov

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  • Name: Gleb Zykov
  • An author with FX Empire since November 2021

Education And Work Information

  • Education: Peter the Great St.Petersburg Polytechnic University with a Bachelor’s degree in radiophysics. Master’s degree in Engineering, specializing in telecommunications.
  • Company: HashEx
  • Position: CTO (Chief Technology Officer)




Gleb began his career in software development in a research institute, where he gained a strong technical and programming background, developing different types of robots for the Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations.

Later Gleb brought his technical expertise to the IT services company GTC-Soft, where he designed Android applications. He moved on to become the lead developer and afterwards, the company’s CTO. In GTC Gleb led the development of numerous vehicle monitoring services and an Uber-like service for premium taxis.

In 2017 Gleb became one of the co-founders of HashEx – an international blockchain auditing and consulting company. Gleb holds the position of Chief Technology Officer, spearheading the development of blockchain solutions and smart-contract audits for the company’s clients.

He leads a team of talented auditors and developers, working with various projects, including Bitcoin and Ethereum payment solutions, popular open source services (like ABI encoder), etc.

In 2020 Gleb was invited to join the team of the global telecommunications service providers Lanck Telecom to help to develop a detection system for fraudulent calls. He created the architecture of the solution and led development based on the conducted research.

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