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Bob Mason

Bob Mason

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  • Name: Bob Mason
  • An author with FX Empire since December 2016

Education And Work Information

  • School(s) Attended: BSc Chemistry / Biology Oxford Brooke’s University, Oxford, England
  • Job Title: Financial Consultant
  • Company / Organization: VersatileQ
  • Former Jobs: Research Analyst, IdealFX (S) Pte Ltd, Senhouse Asia, Family Offices

Investing Profile

  • Investing Style: Trader / Analyst
  • Area of Expertise: Energy, FX, Equities, Cryptocurrencies, Credit
  • Favorite instruments: Cryptocurrencies, FX, Equities


Bob Mason has over 20 years of experience in the Finance industry spanning across Europe and Asia. He has held management positions within global rating agencies and multinational banks and is also the co-founder of VersatileQ – a boutique research and advisory firm with a primary focus in Asia.

Having managed regional teams across Europe and Asia, focusing on analytics across both corporate and financial institutions, Bob Mason’s experience includes building index products for investment banks and, within multinational banks, risk management and analytics, considering key risk drivers including, FX, geopolitical, credit as well as macro across a wide range of sectors, in structuring and negotiating derivative and term loan products.

He has written extensively for a broader audience and his current focus is on developments relating to the financial markets including, but not limited to currencies, commodities, alternative asset classes, and global equities.

Bob Mason has been an author with FX Empire since December 2016 and has had works published for publications including, but not limited to The Jerusalem Post, KITCO and The Huffington Post.

With VersatileQ, clients include family office, asset managers and brokerages for whom VersatileQ provides outsourced research

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