Adidas Partners with Coinbase, The Sandbox Could be Next

Hassan Maishera
Published: Nov 26, 2021, 15:29 GMT+00:00

Adidas has become the latest multinational corporation to enter the cryptocurrency space and could be going deeper into the metaverse.


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The cryptocurrency space has grown to become a $3 trillion market over the past few years. The massive growth recorded in recent months has attracted some of the leading companies and brands in the world.

Big companies have partnered with cryptocurrency entities and invested in their products and services.

Adidas Announces Partnership with Coinbase

The Adidas brand Adidas Originals announced earlier this week that it has partnered with Coinbase, one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges in the world. The partnership has gotten a lot of attention within the crypto space due to the German company’s stance as one of the leading sports apparel manufacturers in the world.

Adidas wrote, “We’ve partnered with Coinbase. Probably nothing.” On its part, Coinbase replied to the tweet, welcoming Adidas to the party. The announcement stopped there as neither Coinbase nor Adidas provided further details regarding the partnership.

The crypto world is now left wondering how the two companies could work together in the cryptocurrency space. However, Coinbase and Adidas could provide in-depth details into the partnership when they feel the time is right.

The Sandbox Might be Next for Adidas

The German company could be looking to establish deeper roots within the cryptocurrency space. One of the most exciting areas in the crypto space at the moment is the metaverse. Adidas might be looking to establish a presence in the metaverse space.

The company is flirting with the metaverse, and The Sandbox could be the company it partners with to explore this new exciting field. Adidas purchased a 144-parcel space in The Sandbox’s virtual space.

Following this acquisition, Adidas said, “Adidas Originals is diving into the Metaverse and headed for the Sandbox with our first immersive and always-on virtual experience. Join us as we take our first steps into this brave new world of originality.”

The Sandbox has been one of the biggest winners in the metaverse in recent weeks, rising by more than 260% since the start of the month.

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