Carl Cotton

Carl Cotton

An entrepreneur with experience in finance and journalism. Fascinated with the intersection of current digital footprints, modern entrepreneurial eco-systems, and world events, particularly when they culminate in subtle, or significant shifts in the global business terrain.

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    • Centralized and Decentralized Exchanges – Which One To Choose?

      Centralized and Decentralized Exchanges – Which One To Choose?

      Cryptocurrency has brought power back into the hands of individuals. With the possibility of eliminating the third-party involvement in transactions, the digital currency has made palpable growth since its introduction in 2009. As a currency which is almost impossible to duplicate, it holds enormous value in this digital age.There are

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    • Bitcoin Newspaper

      How Mass Media Drives Your Decisions When It Comes To Cryptocurrency Investing

      Contrary to popular belief, social media is not only a “young person’s game”. A Cogent Research paper indicates that about 90 % of investor groups in the high net worth bracket use social media sources to take crypto investment decisions. 70 % of them have changed relationships or have relocated

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    • Crypto coins 77

      Speculative vs. Regular Cryptocurrency Trading

      The cryptocurrency market might be stuck in a seemingly endless bear market, but that doesn’t mean that the interest in trading cryptocurrencies has disappeared. In fact, there are still thousands of traders trying to make the best of the current market conditions.What many of these investors have realized is that

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    • Cryptocurrencies Portfolio

      Effective Tips for Creating a Killer Cryptocurrency Portfolio

      Cryptocurrency investments are worthwhile. In fact, some people are now billionaires because they invested in virtual money and the systems that support it. Some of them include Chris Larsen, Changpeng Zhao, Joseph Lubin, and Winklevoss Twins, and they worth $8 billion, $2 billion, $1.5 billion, and $1.1 billion respectively.Their success

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    • Cryptocurrencies

      5 Tips to Consider Before Integrating Cryptocurrencies in Your Business

      Even though the cryptocurrency market has more or less plummeted since the end of 2017, the interest for these digital currencies is still high. During 2018 the focus in cryptocurrencies has slowly started shifting from mostly being an investment opportunity for private investors to something businesses are becoming more interested

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    • Blockchain Asia

      Asia: Taking Over the World Economy with Blockchain

      “Blockchain” – a term heard frequently nowadays amongst trading circles and tech enthusiasts alike have started coming into the public eye, especially in 2018. Nearly 20% of all cryptocurrency trading volume comes from South Korea and other nations in the region. This 20 % comprises of big institutional investors and

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