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Joel Frank

Joel Frank

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  • Name: Joel Frank
  • Author with FX Empire since November 2021

Work Information

  • Certification: BSc in Economics from the University of Birmingham
  • Job Title: Financial Market Analyst
  • Published on: FX Street

Investing profile

  • Investing Style: Combination of fundamental & technical analysis to execute short-term swing trading strategies.
  • Area of Expertise: How shifts in global macroeconomic and monetary conditions impact FX, bond, equity, commodity and crypto markets.
  • Favorite instruments: DXY, AUDUSD, NZDUSD, US T-NOTE, S&P 500, STOXX 600, WTI, XAUUSD, BTCUSD


About author

Joel Frank is an economics graduate from the University of Birmingham and has worked as a full-time financial market analyst since 2018. Joel specialises in the coverage of FX, equity, bond, commodity and crypto markets from both a fundamental and technical perspective.

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