Gold Price Forecast: Intraday Bullish Reversal Shows Strength

Bruce Powers
Published: Apr 23, 2024, 20:13 GMT+00:00

Gold completes a 50% retracement, rebounds to 2,334, signaling potential upside breakout.

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Gold completed a 50% retracement today with a low of 2,291 before buyers took control and ran the precious metal up to a high of 2,334, at the time of this writing. Earlier in Tuesday’s session the sellers were in control and dropped gold down to below its 20-Day MA to test support around the 50% retracement of the internal upswing. The 50% level is at 2,289. That is close enough given the subsequent bullish reaction following that low.

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Quick Recovery of 20-Day Line is Bullish

Since around February 23 gold has been trading above the 20-Day line. Today was the first direct test of the line as support since then. Although it failed to maintain support, gold may close above the line with a bullish doji hammer candlestick pattern. Both a close above the 20-Day MA is bullish, and the fast recovery of the line is also bullish. It points to the possibility that a correction may be complete, or at least for now.

Upside Breakout Above Tuesday’s High

An upside breakout will be triggered on a rally above today’s high of 2,334, while a drop below today’s low of 2,291 signals a continuation of the correction. Also, gold could trade tomorrow inside day, which would provide a setup for Wednesday. A rally will be heading up into a potential resistance zone that arguably starts from around 2,354. Also, keep an eye on potential resistance around the 8-Day MA at 2,362 and this week’s high of 2,389.

Long-term Base Breakout in Play

Gold broke out of a multi-year basing pattern recently, which greatly improved its chances to continue to strengthen and trend higher following a correction. The degree and length of the current correction will tell us something about underlying demand. It should not be surprising if it stays strong given the significance of the long-term breakout. Upward momentum really kicked in upon the breakout of a symmetrical triangle on February 29. By March 5 a new record high in gold had been reached.

Drop Below 2,291 Starts a Deeper Retracement

There will likely be a retracement to test support around the orange 50-Day MA at some point during the advance. However, so far, it doesn’t look like it will happen in the current correction. Nonetheless, as noted above, a drop below today’s low of 2,291 could accelerate that scenario. But first there is potential support around the 2,261-price area, which the 38.2% Fibonacci retracement of the bull upswing, beginning from the February 14 swing low.

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