Silver (XAG) Daily Forecast: Poised for Gain Amid Fed Cuts, $29 Target in View

Arslan Ali
Updated: Apr 10, 2024, 07:28 GMT+00:00

Key Points:

  • Silver eyes $29 as US Fed rate cut speculation and Middle East tensions boost safe-haven appeal.
  • Anticipation of US CPI data influences silver prices, with potential rate cut driving investor interest.
  • Silver maintains bullish trend above $27.60, technical analysis predicts continued upward momentum.
Silver (XAG) Daily Forecast: Poised for Gain Amid Fed Cuts, $29 Target in View

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Market Overview

Silver prices have extended their winning streak and remained well bid around just above $28 level. However, the surge in silver prices can be attributed to a combination of factors, including speculation surrounding US Federal Reserve policy, geopolitical tensions, and upcoming US CPI data. These factors have contributed to increased demand for silver as a safe-haven asset and alternative investment.

US Fed Rate Cut and its Impact on Silver Price

On the US front, speculation regarding a interest rate cut by the US Federal Reserve tends to positively impact silver prices by weakening the US dollar, making silver more attractive to investors.

Market experts anticipate a rate cut during the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) meeting scheduled from April 30th to May 1st, 2024. This anticipation has been fueled by positive US non-farm data and expectations of favorable US Consumer Price Index (CPI) data.

Therefore, the possibility of a rate cut tends to weaken the US dollar, making silver and other commodities more attractive as alternative investments, thus driving up their prices.

Geopolitical Tensions in the Middle East

On the geopolitical front, ongoing tensions in the Middle East have bolstered silver prices as investors seek safe-haven assets. However, long-lasting conflicts and geopolitical uncertainties in the region have intensified, leading investors to turn to silver and other precious metals.

This surge in demand has driven silver prices to reach new highs. According to the latest reports, at least 33,207 Palestinians have been killed and 75,933 wounded in Israeli attacks on Gaza since October 7.

It is worth noting that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced a scheduled ground offensive in Gaza’s Rafah, despite US opposition. This heightens geopolitical tensions, boosting silver prices as investors seek safe havens, anticipating increased demand amid escalating conflict fears.

Upcoming US CPI Data and its Impact on Silver Price

Another factor impacting silver prices is the upcoming US Consumer Price Index (CPI) data as stronger-than-expected CPI data could indicate higher inflationary pressures, prompting the Federal Reserve to take a more hawkish stance on monetary policy. Conversely, weaker CPI data could reinforce expectations of a rate cut, leading to further gains in silver prices.

Silver Prices Forecast

Silver - Chart
Silver – Chart


 Silver currently trades at around $28, showing a slight correction of 0.05%. The commodity is hovering above a pivot point of $27.60, indicating a bullish stance in the market.

Resistance levels are staged at $28.12, $28.64, and a further stretch to $29.24, suggesting potential hurdles for upward momentum. Conversely, support is established at $27.19, followed by $26.66 and $26.15, marking zones where buying interest might reignite.

Technical analysis reveals bullish signals, underscored by recent bullish candle formations, pointing towards continued upside potential beyond the $27.94 mark.

The 50-day and 200-day Exponential Moving Averages at $24.63 and $23.62, respectively, further validate silver’s upward trajectory. The conclusion: Silver remains bullish above $27.60, with a downturn below this pivot potentially igniting a sharp sell-off.

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