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    • usd and yuan

      Trumps Proposes 25% Tariffs on $200 Billion on Chinese Imports Instead of 10%, Yuan under Pressure

      According to Reuters, a trustful source that is familiar with President Trump plans, the US will probably announce a proposition for higher tariffs on Chinese imports.There was no immediate reaction from the Chinese administration after Trump’s new proposal but last month China accused the US of bullying and warned that

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    • Us and Russia

      Russian Hackers Invaded Control Rooms of U.S. Power Companies, President Trump Warns Iran

      The Wall Street Journal reported on Monday that hackers from a Russian state-sponsored group invaded the control rooms of U.S. power companies. There were two attacks by the Russian group: the first attack was back in the 2016 and the second attack throughout 2017.The Russian hackers broke the security networks of

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    • Ukraine Bitcoin

      Ukraine Leads the Crypto Regulatory Idea

      Timur Khromaev, the head of the National Securities and Stock Market Commission (NSSMC) said on a Facebook post on Friday that a new crypto regulation plan has been supported by the Ukranian government.The plan establishes the recognition of cryptos as financial instruments and the roles of the government in regulating

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    • “Largest Bilateral Trade Deal Ever” – Trade Deal Between Japan and the European Union Covers 600 Million People

      The trade agreement will probably secure the global trading system from the threat of protectionism and covers almost a third of the global economy.This agreement will eliminate all the tariffs on nearly all goods between Japan and the European Union and covers 600 million people altogether. Among all products, it

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    • Coinbase Looking Forward and Expand Their Services

      Based on the Coinbase latest report the fall in the crypto prices had some serious drawback for the Coinbase App. Coinbase CEO and founder, Brian Armstrong, stated: “After many years of this, I’ve come to enjoy the down cycles in crypto prices more. It gets rid of the people who are in

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    • US and China

      The US is Probably Targeting key Chinese Manufacturing Export Industries, Trade War Escalates

      A potential implementation of the new tariffs on China will probably be a huge hit. Trump’s threat came on Tuesday and stated a 10% tariffs on $200 billion worth of Chinese imports.According to the IHS Markit Chief Economist, Rajiv Biswas, United States aims for specific key manufacturing export industries like

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    • Jean-Pierre Landau: Cryptocurrencies Direct Regulation is Not Desirable

      Although French officials released a report on July 5th with the conclusion that cryptocurrencies should not be regulated, most of the major cryptos are trading lower on Monday.Jean-Pierre Landau, who is responsible to investigate the French blockchain regulatory policy, said that cryptocurrencies should not be directly regulated and pointed out the

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    • "something that goes up to [around] $20,000 in one year can have a correction,"

      Bitcoin Has a Potential to Reach $50,000; BitMEX’s CEO Arthur Hayes Remains Bullish

      BitMEX Co-founder Arthur Hayes stated on CNBC that he remains bullish and believes the price of Bitcoin will reach $50,000 by the end of this year despite the recent falling of cryptos.Even though Bitcoin price has dropped since the beginning of the year, Arthur Hayes stated: “something that goes up to [around]

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    • Bithumb

      $10 Billion Was Lost form Bithumb and Cryptos Recover Slightly

      No problem the cryptocurrency market just added today another $8 Billion to its value.Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, and Bitcoin Cash fell almost 2% on June 20. Now a minor correction was noted on the charts and that was the result of the hack, but a quick action was taken by the Bithumb which immediately

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    • Trump

      President Trump Not Stepping Back, New Tariff Thread for China

      This move from President Trump could be counted as a countermeasure to China’s decision to raise tariffs about $50 Billion on U.S products. This was also in response to the U.S for applying first, the tariffs.President Trump stated: “China apparently has no intention of changing its unfair practices related to

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    • Experts Warn Crypto world That the Pursuit for Decentralization May End Up in an Environmental Disaster

      The fundamental flaw in cryptocurrencies creation is basically the uncontrolled network of computers and the imitators that contribute to high electricity consumption.On their 24-page article which was released on Sunday, the Bank report that bitcoin and their mimic coins are suffering from a “range of shortcomings”. Those shortcomings will probably prevent

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    • US Stocks Exchange

      After Nine Years, The United States Can Look at the Future with Confidence

      The Federal Reserve increased Interest rates for the second time this year and suggested 2 more rate hikes in 2018. The unemployment slides down and inflation overshoots their target faster than they anticipated.“It took almost nine years of slow recovery for the United States to finally show growth potentials with a

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    • US dollar steady ahead of FOMC meeting.

      Fed Meeting Could Provide Clues on Future Policy, Will the Dollar Rise?

      On Wednesday, the Fed will conclude their 2-day meeting which is expected to meet expectations of a second rate hike this year. Fed chairman, Jerome Powell, will begin his press conference 30 minutes after 2 p.m.The market will focus on the Fed’s clues on its future tight monetary policy as the

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    • US Dollar

      Trump, Kim Historic Summit Sparks a Bullish Sentiment for US Dollar

      The President of the United States said that the two have made a big progress and that the meeting went better than he anticipated. They are both hoping for a historic deal to end the nuclear standoff crisis at the Korean peninsula.How Markets React The US Dollar rose versus the

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    • Bitcoins

      Hackers Pushing Bitcoin Down Once More

      This once more created a great uncertainty in the Crypto market that has nothing to do with the actual value of the coin but more because of the infrastructure been incomplete.The rapid growth of the popular coins came with a big disadvantage – the fact that we don’t have a

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    • North Korea-USA

      Trump Stopped Pushing Kim for Denuclearization

      The immediate denuclearization is no longer on Washington’s agenda and many are wondering if President Donald Trump will keep his noticeably softened tone next week in Singapore, and if he is going be able to achieve the promise “complete, verifiable, and irreversible denuclearization’ in a short period of time”.More than a week after

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    • US Dollar

      Is US Dollar Euphoria Started to Fade Out?

      The geopolitical events have a major impact on the investors trust about the Dollar and that it is backed up by the fact that the popular currency lost against the most major pairs.Even though the USD retraced, nonfarm payrolls, the most important report last week, didn’t have any major impact

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    • Italy Crisis and Brexit Bigger problem than EU Expected?

      Italy Crisis and Brexit Bigger problem than EU Expected?

      According to the finance minister of Latvia, Italy’s political turmoil will hit harder than Greek financial crisis and Brexit vote.When Latvian minister Dana Reizniece-Ozola was asked if the recent events could have a growth impact during a panel discussion in Paris on Wednesday she stated:“Definitely, I think we can see

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    • Is Bitcoin a Leading Indicator for Stocks?

      Is Bitcoin a Leading Indicator for Stocks?

      On Tuesday, Stutland said on “Fast Money” that “Bitcoin is sort of becoming the new VIX, in sort of getting ahead of credit risk in the banking industry,”Basically, Bitcoin is started to becoming the “money under the pillow” method for many investors due to the fact that they fear for some

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    • Risk Ahead

      Will Geopolitical Tensions Drive Fundamentals in Favor of the Stocks this Summer?

      The light bull sentiment on stocks looks like it comes with an expiration date.With the Federal Reserve ready to increase interest rate due to the increase in inflation, now the markets are sensitive to geopolitical and trade frictions but also to military confrontations.The U.S should try to ease the markets by

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