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Thibault Vasse

Thibault Vasse

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  • Name: Thibault Vasse
  • An economist with Scope Ratings GmbH and author with FX Empire since September 2020

Education and Work Information

  • Certification: Master’s in International Business and Economics from IAE Lyon School of Management
  • Job Title: Senior Analyst, Sovereign and Public Sector
  • Company/Organization: Scope Ratings GmbH

About author

Thibault Vasse is a macroeconomist and an analyst in Scope Ratings’ Sovereign and Public Sector team based in Paris, France, responsible for sovereign and sub-sovereign ratings and research. Before joining Scope, he worked as a Policy Analyst at the OECD in Paris. He holds a Master’s in International Business and Economics from the IAE Lyon School of Management. His research interests include development economics, international trade and investment, fiscal and monetary policies, as well as ESG.

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