Core Spreads Review 2019

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Core SpreadsReview

Core Spreads Review

Core Spreads is an online Contract for Difference (CFDs) and spread betting platform that is owned and managed by Finsa Europe Ltd. Based in the United Kingdom, Finsa Europe Ltd’s head office is located at Tower Bridge Business Centre, 46 – 48 East Smithfield, London. The company also comes under the jurisdiction of the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority and operates with the FCA registration number 525164. What brought Core Spreads to our attention is the fact the broker doesn’t claim to want to reinvent the wheel. Core Spreads also recognizes the fact that their platform may not be the right fit for some traders. Nevertheless, Core Spreads does have a goal which is to try and excel in 3 key areas namely:

  • To provide competition pricing to its traders
  • To provide a fast and reliable trading platform
  • To excel in with their customer service

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Core Spreads Regulations

As mentioned earlier, Core Spreads is regulated by the FCA under the registration number 525164. The FCA is one of the most prestigious financial regulatory agencies in the world. It is also recognized as being one of the strictest regulatory bodies in Europe with a serious enforcement bite.

Core Spreads Reliability

With regulatory oversight provided by the FCA, Core Spreads’ clients have no reason to doubt the reliability of this broker. Founded in late 2014, Core Spreads has been around for a few years now and to date there has been no negative feedback about them on the internet.

In addition to having a pristine reputation, Core Spreads operates with strict compliance imposed by the FCA.  For example, all their clients’ funds are kept in segregated accounts at Barclays Bank, a Tier one bank. By doing so, Core Spreads’ clients can rest assured that the broker will not use their money to fund the operations of the brokerage firm. In addition should ever Core Spreads becomes insolvent, creditors of Core Spreads will not be able to claim the funds in these segregated accounts as part of Core Spreads assets. Furthermore as a regulated entity under the FCA, Core Spreads’ clients are covered under the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS).  Under this scheme, qualified claims are entitled up to 50,000 pounds. In other words, your money is completely safe with this broker.


Core Spreads Trading Platforms

As for trading platforms, Core Spreads’ clients are given a choice of two powerful trading platforms, the Core Trader and the Core MT4 platform.


The Core Trader is a web based trading platform which is purposely designed to be simple to use. Being a web based platform, there is no requirement for any software download and installation. Considered a work in progress, the Core Trader is constantly being refined to offer its users a fulfilling trading experience. Its main strengths are its speed and simplicity.  In addition, the platform does not suffer from any reliability issues.

MetaTrader 4 (MT4) platform

Apart from the web based Core Trader, Core Spreads has also made available the popular MetaTrader 4 (MT4) platform.  This platform has always been a favourite among traders and is widely adopted by brokers in the industry. In fact because of its wide spread use, the MT4 platform is considered the industry standard platform.  One of its key strengths lies in the comprehensive charting package that comes with the platform. In addition, the platform also boasts of a wide array of technical indicators which traders can overlay over their price charts. But the one feature that made the MT4 platform stands out is the ability of the platform to support automated trading through the use of Expert Advisors (EAs).


Mobile Trading

Both the Core Trader and the Core MT4 platforms are available as mobile trading apps as well. These apps provide traders who want to trade the financial markets whenever they want with the mobility which they need. The apps are available as an Android based app which traders can download from Google Play Store. For iPhone and iPad users, they can download the app from Apple’s App Store free of charge.

Core Spreads Instruments

Core Spreads range of instruments covers spread bets and CFDS. Traders at Core Spreads can use these two types of instruments to trade in currencies, commodities, market indices and shares.

Core Spreads Account Types

Trading accounts at Core Spreads can be either a Core Trader account or a Core MT4 account.  The Core Trader is used for spread betting whereas the Core MT4 platform is for CFD trading. Apart the increments, the key differences between the two types of trading accounts include the spreads, the nod minimum order requirement and the number of underlying assets which are available for trading.  There is also no minimum deposit requirement for these two types of trading accounts.

Core Spreads Commissions & Spreads

One of the main attractions about Core Spreads is the ultra tight spreads which they are offering to their traders. Virtually all the key markets covered by Core Spreads are attractive to trade with due to the competitive spreads offered by them. Core Spreads has managed to provide their traders with low spreads due to their lower operating costs. Their business model is what is known as a “Discount Broker” as Core Spreads does not offer their traders any kind of free  trading tools. This puts them at an advantage as the broker is able to survive on thinner margins. The savings in turn are passed on to the clients in the form of lower spreads. For traders, this is a crucial factor as this can easily turn a winning trade into a losing trade. Because of this, Core Spreads has virtually eliminated all add on costs to their trading platforms by simply just offering their clients the basic tools which they need to trade profitably.

In terms of the applicable spread types at Core Spreads, they come in the form of variable spread or fixed spread. For traders trading with the Core Trader, the platform supports fixed spreads. Traders who want to access interbank rates will need to trade the markets using the Core MT4 platform.  The commission for trade made on the Core MT4 is just $1.50 per lot.

To give you an idea of the kind of fixed spreads that you have to pay when trading the markets, we have provided a list of some of the more frequently traded assets and their minimum spreads.


Spreads (in pips)

EUR/USD 0.7 pips
USD/JPY 0.7 pips
EUR/GBP 0.8 pips
USD/CHF 1.4 pips
Silver 3 pips
Gold 4 pips
UK100 Cash 0.8 pips
France 40 Cash 0.8 pips
Germany 30 Cash 1 pips
US SPX 500 Cash 3 pips

Core Spreads Deposits & Withdrawals Options

For deposits and withdrawals, the supported methods that can be used funding and withdrawing from the accounts include major credit cards such as VISA, American Express and MasterCard. Bank wire transfer is also available for traders who do not have a credit card. Core Spreads does not charge their clients any fees for making a deposit or making a withdrawal.


Core Spreads Customer Support

Customer support service at Core Spreads is on a 24/5 basis from Sunday 10pm to Friday 10pm. Traders can contact the support team either through live chat, email or calling them on the telephone.

Core Spreads Q&A

  • Is Core Spreads regulated?

Yes, Core Spreads is a regulated broker under the jurisdiction of the Financial Conduct Authority.  They operate with the FCA registration number: 525164.

  • Where is Core Spreads based?

Core Spreads is based in the UK and their head office is located at Tower Bridge Business Centre, 46 – 48 East Smithfield, London.

  • How does Core Spreads make money?

Core Spreads makes its money by charging traders a small spread or commission on the trades that they make through Core Spreads’ trading platforms.

  • How to deposit in Core Spreads account?

Funding of a Core Spreads account can be done through credit cards and bank wire transfer.

  • How to withdraw money from Core Spreads

Withdrawal of funds from Core Spreads can be done through credit cards, and bank wire transfer.

  • How to open an account with Core Spreads

To open an account with Core Spreads, simply click on the red “Open Live Account” tab located at the top of Core Spreads’ home page. Fill in the registration and submit the form with copies of all the required documents.

  • Is Core Spreads reliable?

Yes, Core Spreads is a reliable broker as it is fully regulated by the UK’s FCA.

  • Does Core Spreads use MetaTrader?

Yes, Core Spreads has also provided its clients with the use of the MetaTrader platform.

  • What is Core Spreads’s leverage?

The maximum leverage which Core Spreads offer its clients is 1:200.

  • Is Core Spreads a scam? How safe is Core Spreads?

No, Core Spreads is not a scam. The broker has been operational since 2014. In addition, Core Spreads operates under the strict regulatory requirements imposed by the FCA.


From our observations, the key benefits that traders will have with Core Spreads are the ultra tight spreads which the broker is offering.  However, it should be noted that this is achieved by eliminating many of the expensive tools which most brokers in the industry are offering for free to their traders. So in short, Core Spreads is a no frills broker. Nevertheless, for beginner traders who are just starting to learn how to trade, these tools are of little value since novices have yet to learn how to make full use of them. In other words, the omission of these extra tools is of no loss to a beginner trader. It should be noted that Core Spreads has already acknowledged that their platform is not for everyone before they sign up.  In other words, Core Spreads is geared more towards beginner traders rather than experienced traders.

Core SpreadsOverview

Company Information

Broker DetailsInfo
Regulated byASIC, FCA
Headquarters CountryUnited Kingdom
Foundation Year2014
Publicly TradedNo
Number Of Employees100

Deposit Options

Credit Card, Skrill, Wire Transfer

Withdrawal Options

Credit Card, Wire Transfer

Trading Account Options

Account TypeInfo
Min. Deposit$0
Max. Leverage1:200
Demo AccountYes

Core Spreads Trading Features

Suitable For

Trader LevelYes/No
Day TradingYes
Weekly TradingYes
Swing TradingYes
Social TradingNo

Customer Service

24 Hours SupportYes
Support During WeekendsNo

Customer Support Languages


Trading Services

Supported Trading PlatformsMT4
Commission On TradesYes
Fixed SpreadsYes
Guaranteed Limit OrdersYes
OCO OrdersYes
Trailing SP/TPYes
Automated TradingYes

Supported Instruments

Instrument TypeYes/No

Core SpreadsPromotions

Promotion infoOfficial Site
Welcome Bonus
Half price trading. A welcome bonus worth up to 50% of your first month’s spread. Open a CoreTrader account and start trading our tight, fixed spreads. After a month claim your bonus by emailing or calling our customer support team.
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