Introduction to Risk and Money Management
Introduction to Risk and Money Management

Weekly Webinar- Introduction to Risk and Money Management

3 months agoByFX Empire

This webinar, presented to you by Ioannis Gerousis, will teach all Traders the importance of Risk & Money Management. As well as to present an introduction to Risk Management techniques, the webinar will enable traders to limit loses and Trade smartly.

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Key Topics covered in this webinar:

  • Risk management explained
  • Risk Management techniques
  • Identification of Risk scenarios

Who should attend this webinar and why?

Any new or intermediate Trader should attend this insightful webinar and will gain an understanding into the importance of managing their Risk, which will make them more efficient and Safe Traders.

What will you learn in this webinar?

  • What is Trend
  • How to use trends to identify Market direction
  • How to use indicators to make informed Trading decisions.

About Ioannis Gerousis- Head of Dealing, FXPRIMUS

Ioannis is mathematically minded strategist with an extremely high level of Forex knowledge based on years of in-depth exposure to Technical Research & Market Analysis. Ioannis is multilingual and applies his technical knowledge to educate clients on charts and indicators. He also works closely with the FXPRIMUS risk team to monitor volatility within the markets, and to protect clients with extra Safety measures where necessary.