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  • How to Buy Bytecoin: A Complete Guide

    How to Buy Bytecoin(BCN): A Complete Guide

    So what is ByteCoin?How to Buy ByteCoinHow ByteCoin WorksMining of ByteCoinByteCoin FeaturesBottom LineSo what is ByteCoin?ByteCoin is a decentralized digital currency that focuses heavily on privacy and security.  Simply put, it is an untraceable cryptocurrency, which uses CryptoNote signatures to ensure anonymous transactions. The privacy-focused crypto coin was created’ in

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  • Blockchain: What comes first? An Opportunity or a Threat

    Blockchain: What comes first? An Opportunity or a Threat

    Blockchain, with time, has gained a momentum in the technological debate since 2016. First came Bitcoin (in terms of debate), then came Ethereum, Blockchain followed and now, every other Linkedin update announces an ICO launch or an exchange. So, what allowed these ongoing controversial talks? Performance, and the unexpected promise of

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  • PMI

    What is the PMI and Why It Matters in FX Trading

    The survey refers to private sector companies and takes place monthly. No less than four hundred purchasing managers are asked to rate the company’s situation, and evolution in specific areas, such as new orders, employment, inventories, supplier delivers and orders backlogs.Managers have three options to rate all those categories: better

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  • Forex Cash Rebates

    How to Get a Forex Cashback Rebate

    What is a Forex Rebate?How Can You Get A Forex Cash Back Rebate?How Does a Forex Rebate Work?Is a Forex Rebate Like a Forex Bonus?The Benefits of Forex Cash Back RebatesWhat are the Risks with a Forex Rebate?Creating a successful trading program is like opening a business. You have to

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  • Trading Ranges

    Essential FX Trading Strategies – A Quick Introduction to Trading Ranges

    Traders can get hung up on trends – the fact is that most of the time market is not in a strong up or down trend; it is moving sideways (although this is itself a trend of sorts). When markets are fluctuating up and down with no strong direction, trading

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  • Storiqa

    What is Storiqa (STQ) Coin and How To Buy It?

    What is Storiqa?How to Buy Storiqa(STQ)?Shopping 2.0: Crypto Shopping – Storiqa FeaturesStoriqa TokenStoriqa Coin FeaturesBottom LineWhat is Storiqa?Storiqa casts itself as a new generation platform with all the necessary tools needed to create online shops. Unlike other projects looking to make a name for themselves in the ever-growing e-commerce space, Storiqa

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  • Risk Management for CFD Trading

    How to Manage Your Risk in CFD Trading

    Your first task should be to decide, based on your capital, the amount of money you are willing to lose and your profit target on a specific timeframe (daily, weekly, monthly, etc…)Following this decision and prior to entering your first position, you should formulate a risk management plan, determine your

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  • Rules Of Choosing ICO

    How Not to Fall for Scams – Rules Of Choosing ICO

    ICO flow is growing as well. Are you interested in healthcare? There is Well platform that connects patients and doctors. Do you want to create your own cryptocurrency? Support Hero startup that makes it possible in only two clicks.  Do you respect eSports? Invest in Game Stars that helps to

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  • How is Ethereum (ETH) Connected with EOS?

    How is Ethereum (ETH) Connected with EOS?

    After the advent of Bitcoin, it didn’t take long for people to understand the potential behind its technology and from there started a phase of blockchain based project development which created some of the current crypto giants. Ethereum is and has been an influential blockchain project and its market situations

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  • A Guide on How To Secure Cryptographic Keys

    A Guide on How To Secure Cryptographic Keys

    The rise of the cryptocurrency industry and the digitization of the banking industry have been crucial steps towards achieving an advanced future that is centered on technology.Unfortunately, there are always enemies of progress or people who try to take advantage of situations for their own personal gain. The cryptocurrency and

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  • Is EOS the Most Promising Cryptocurrency in Development?

    Is EOS the Most Promising Cryptocurrency in Development?

    EOS is a project who has drawn much attention to itself lately. In part because of the recent sudden increase in the value of its native token and its Weiss rating.In this article, we will analyze the potential of the EOS project and its probable future. It is my personal

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  • Explaining the Importance of U.S. Jobs Data

    Explaining the Importance of U.S. Jobs Data

    The Federal Reserve or the Fed is the largest central bank in the world. And, the most important one.Firstly, it sets the monetary policy for the world’s reserve currency. The U.S. Dollar is the preferred way for nations to keep their foreign reserves, and the dollar is responsible for over

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  • 6 Situations Where Buying a Used Car Makes More Sense Than Buying a New One

    6 Situations Where Buying a Used Car Makes More Sense Than Buying a New One

    True enough, a new car usually comes with new specifications, offers better ride comfort, and probably requires fewer maintenance visits. However, the downsides are usually never discussed. Nevertheless, you need to consider them carefully before investing thousands of dollars in a new car.When Used Cars Can Offer You More Value

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  • Blockchain-powered equity tokens are shaping up to be a game-changer

    Blockchain Technology Is About to Open the pre-IPO Market to Retail Investors

    Private companies are staying private for much longer as they continue to find fewer and fewer reasons to conduct an IPO. A recent study has revealed that 18 years ago, companies usually take about 3 to 5 years to transition from being venture-backed to running an IPO. As at 2016,

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  • How to Maximise Cashback on Your Credit Card

    How to Maximise Cashback on Your Credit Card

    Cashback credit cards offer a great way to save money as you spend money. If used properly, these cards can save you thousands of dollars every year. However, these cards usually come with an annual fee. You have to pay this fee, regardless of the usage of the card. That’s

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  • ICO vs IPO 2

    ICO vs. DAICO: What’s the Difference?

    What is an ICO?What is a DAICO?ICO vs. DAICO: The DifferencesDAICO: The New Evolution of FundraisingWhat is an ICO?ICO is an acronym for Initial Coin Offering and refers to the creation and sale of digital tokens. In this case, a person or a business may create a set number of

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  • Inflation and the Value of Money

    Inflation and the Value of Money

    The higher the volatility, the better for the Forex trader, for this simple reason that opportunities to buy and sell appear more often.Few traders think, though, that the Forex dashboard is the perfect illustrator of the value of money. Everyone focuses on making pips day in day out, but what

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  • How to Buy EOS Coin: A Complete Guide

    How to Buy EOS Coin: A Complete Guide

    What is EOS?How EOS WorksEOS TokenHow To Buy EOSBest EOS Digital WalletsEOS FeaturesEthereum vs. EOSBefore we get into the business of buying EOS tokens, it is essential to have a clear idea of what EOS is all about.What is EOS?Ethernet over Sonnet (EOS) is a powerful blockchain-based infrastructure that enables

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  • How Traders Can Take Advantage of Volatile Markets

    How Traders Can Take Advantage of Volatile Markets

    If markets never moved, nobody would make any money. Short-term price movements are normal. All markets, from forex to the FTSE 100 rise and fall on a minute by minute basis. Some degree of volatility is to be expected but many traders prefer to sit it out when trading conditions

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  • How To Trade Bitcoin And How To Avoid Scams

    How To Trade Bitcoin And How To Avoid Scams

    I remember a few years back: “Bitcoin? What’s that? Ohh, yea, that computer money BS. Come on, spend your time and money on something real”. Ahem… and what are you saying now, huh? Now everybody’s sorry they didn’t spend their time and a bit of money on Bitcoin when it

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