Crude oil Price Surges

Michael Stark
Published: Feb 28, 2024, 16:12 UTC

Is a BULLISH market on the horizon?

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Have You Been Keeping An Eye On Crude Oil Prices?

Lately, there’s been a lot of talk about the potential for a bullish turn. But what’s really driving these predictions, and how are the US inflation figures and the PCE index playing a role? Could the recent trends in the Commitment of Traders report (COT report) give us a hint about where oil prices are headed?

What are the factors setting the stage for a bullish oil market? Are refineries coming back online going to tip the scales? What should traders be looking out for in the crucial data releases from the US and China? Don’t miss out on our analysis of the current state of crude oil prices. Tune in to get the insights you need to navigate the possible shifts in this volatile market.

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