Revolutionary Collaboration: Accuindex and Hybrid Solutions Join Forces to Elevate Your Trading Game!

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Published: May 11, 2023, 13:26 UTC

Get ready for lightning-fast, high-quality trades with VertexFX Trader and Accuindex Liquidity.

Accuindex and Hybrid Solutions, FX Empire

We’re thrilled to reveal that Accuindex, a powerhouse in the Forex and CFD markets as a top-notch liquidity provider, has joined forces with Hybrid Solutions, a renowned provider of trading solutions for global markets. Get ready for an unstoppable partnership!

The collaboration of Accuindex and VertexFX Trader offers a broad selection of liquidity for speedy and seamless trade execution. Get the best quality trade executions in real-time without delays.

The CEO of Accuindex, Mr. Hasan Al Aqqad, said:

“We’re excited to partner with VertexFX Trader and to provide our LP solution to its clients. We believe that this partnership will help to raise the standard of trading solutions and expand our reach to a broader range of clients. We’re looking forward to a successful collaboration.”

Here’s some exciting news for you! The coming together of Accuindex and VertexFX Trader brings you top-notch institutional-grade liquidity, advanced trading tools, and tons of benefits. Get set for an exceptional and higher standard of trading solutions in the forex market.

The CEO and Managing Partner of Hybrid Solutions, Adel Jibrin, said:

“This integration provides real-time access to one of the prime liquidity providers, which will reduce the cost of trading and improves execution speed. We’re committed to providing the best-in-class trading solutions, and we’re confident that this integration will benefit our clients greatly.”

About Accuindex

Accuindex is shaking up the Forex and CFD markets with a fresh approach to trading. Their team of seasoned pros is all about speed, innovation, and fairness, delivering a top-notch experience that’s accessible to all. With cutting-edge tools and services, we’re leading the charge into the future of trading.

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About Hybrid Solutions

Hybrid Solutions is the leading provider of advanced trading technology VertexFX Trader, offering traders comprehensive trading tools, trading signals, and real-time market data. Their mission is to provide traders with the most advanced and reliable trading technology available.

Hybrid Solutions adopted all the latest programming languages and tools to develop the trading front-end terminals and communication content and to deliver them as a single package named VertexFX Trader. The product guarantees flexibility, reliability, and security, and has shown excellent availability in all versions.

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