Ed Anderson
Ed Anderson
Ed Anderson has over 35 years of experience in the financial markets, having worked in London, New York, Toronto, Singapore & Australia. His early career saw him as an Interbank Trader, Futures Trader & Voice Broker before he moved to electronic trading in the early 2000s. With extensive knowledge of leverage platforms and instruments and as the Chief Market Strategist at FxPro, Ed provides in-depth Fundamental and Technical Analysis, as well as frequent market insights on multiple asset classes, to the benefit of FxPro clients.

    Recent Activities

    • Global Stocks Edge Higher

      The Potential of USD Growth is Limited, Global Stocks Edge Higher after Powell’s Testimony

      The Fed’s confidence that the years ahead of the low unemployment and sustained growth have increased the demand for risks at the stock markets. As a result, S&P500 has overcome the downturn of the previous two trading sessions and has updated the highs since February, rising by 0.6%. The credibility

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    • Oil prices drop sharply

      Markets Under Pressure after Oil Hits 3-Month Lows, Powell’s Testimony in Focus

      After returning to the highs area since March, the American S&P 500 lost growth momentum in anticipation of further signals from the economy or the Fed’s chairman.The dollar index has continued its decrease since Friday, losing 0.8% in the meantime and failing to stay in the area of year highs near 95. The pair EURUSD managed

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    • Global Stocks Recover

      Oil Prices Drop Back into the June Price Range while USD Strengthens, Global Stocks Recover

      Libya has said it would lift restrictions on exports and production would return to normal levels from close to 0.5M bpd back to 1.3M bpd. Saudi production has also increased by 0.7M bpd to 10.7M bpd in June responding to President Trump’s call for lower prices. Increased production can lead

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    • Markets Shunted into Risk Aversion

      Markets Shunted into Risk Aversion as US President Looks to Add $200B in Tariffs Against China

      This led to a selloff in stocks wiping out all of yesterday’s modest gains and eating into the gains from Monday. Risk off extended to other markets as traders flew to safety with the yen gaining in value, USDJPY fall from 111.263 to 110.791, while AUDUSD took a hit falling from

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    • The Pound Continues to Weaken as UK Political Uncertainty Prevails, Global Stocks Rise

      The initial move on the Davis resignation was for Cable to rally from 1.33000 up to 1.33500 but news of Johnson’s departure sent the pair down to 1.31940. Jeremy Hunt replaced Johnson as Foreign Secretary, PM Theresa May was quick to right the ship saying that there would be no

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    • Crude Oil

      Crude Oil Gets Closer to Its Turning Point

      The recent momentum of the dollar’s setback has been caused by some improvements in the world statistics in the recent weeks. But the growth rate of the world economy is noticeably lower than a few months ago, according to PMI, and the actual introduction of tariffs between the US and

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    • Pound Rises after Three UK Government Ministers Resign over the Latest Brexit Proposals

      The UK’s Brexit Secretary David Davis has resigned along with two junior ministers, Steve Baker and Suella Braverman, over PM May’s latest softer Brexit proposals that were agreed at a cabinet meeting over the weekend. He said in a statement that his role requires an “enthusiastic believer” in May’s approach

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    • ECB

      Some ECB Members Want Earlier Rate Hike, Global Stocks Mixed Ahead of Tariffs Deadline

      The markets remain subdued after yesterday’s 4th of July celebrations in the US. US President Trump has restated his call for OPEC to bring down the price of gasoline. He recently backed Saudi Arabia to increase production after he targeted Iran with tougher than anticipated sanctions reducing Iran’s production by up to

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    • Bitcoin

      Investors Pick Up Bitcoin after Its Fall to $6000

      The news brings a cautious hope to the crypto investors that the market will turn to the growth. According to CoinMarketCap data, the total crypto market capitalization has increased by 17% to $275 billion since the beginning of July. For the recent 24 hours, Bitcoin (BTC) grew by 5% exceeding

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    • Concern from China

      Concern from China Has Sent Global Stocks Lower

      The Japanese Yen gained a little against the dollar as the US currency weakened a little against the other majors. The risk today comes from low liquidity conditions. Yesterday there was concern from China when a court blocked the sale of memory chip maker Micron, sending stocks lower towards the US close. Oil had

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    • Global stocks steady

      Global Stocks Steady as Merkel Holds onto Power in Germany

      The RBA left rate on hold at 1.5% for Australia saying that inflation is likely to remain slow for some time, household consumption remains a source of uncertainty while low wage growth is likely to continue for some time. AUDUSD moved up from 0.73299 to 0.73607 and continues to climb as

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    • Shanghai Stock Exchange.

      Chinese Bourses Falling for the Third Week in a Row

      The recent impulse occurred after the U.S. imposed duties on Chinese goods with a capacity of $50 Bln, and soon promised to expand them to $200 Bln. During this time, China’s largest companies have lost more than 10% of their capitalization, according to the FTSE China A50 Index, which sagged

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    • Global Stocks in the Red

      Risk off to Start the Week as Germany’s Coalition Strains, Global Stocks in the Red

      The EU Immigration deal reached last week gave a short-term boost to the risk on side but now that the dust has settled cracks have appeared in the German Coalition. The increase in the number of migrants being accepted by Germany is fracturing the government and the leader of the CSU, Seehofer,

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    • Global Stocks Drop on Trade War Concerns

      US Markets Blow the Biggest Intraday Gain Since February, Global Stocks Lower on Trade War Concerns

      The President signaled that the CFIUS would regulate investments in the US which the markets took to be a softening of his position. US Stock markets rallied to the day’s highs posting the biggest daily gains since February with the US 30 up from 24284.00 to 24570.00, while in FX

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    • Global Stocks Rebound

      Equities and USD Rebound in Risk Adverse Markets, Trade War Fears in Focus

      US Company Harley Davidson has announced plans to shift some production out of the US in order to avoid paying tariffs when exporting its products into the EU. This is a blow for Presidents Trumps trade policy and is a bell weather for the extraordinary measures businesses are having to explore in order

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    • Global Stocks Mostly Lower

      Risk off Sentiment Forces Market Participants out of Risk Assets, Global Stocks Mostly Lower on Trade War Concerns

      Meanwhile, China and the EU have agreed to defend against the US position of multilateralism and to promote globalism. The PBOC cut the RRR over the weekend to ease the impact from US tariffs and the stock market fall, giving Chinese banks a 500 Billion Yuan cushion. This led to a

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    • US-China

      US President Trump Wants a Further $200 Billion of Tariffs on China

      The increase in intensity has markets rattled with stocks lower globally, Japan 225 Index down -1.75% overnight, and strong moves in USD Index as it fell below $95.00 yesterday, currently trading at $94.66. There was a noticeable shift in sentiment with USDJPY back down under 110.000 overnight. AUDUSD fell to

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    • Oil prices drop on OPEC production cut

      Oil Down Over 4% from Friday’s Open as OPEC Plans to Discuss Production Output in Vienna this Week, Global Stocks Lower

      US Rig counts on Friday showed an increase of 1 to 863 as more US production comes online. The market expects production cuts to be eased adding more supply to the market and putting downward pressure on prices. The meeting is set to be contentious as Saudi Arabia and Russia are said to

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    • Global Stocks Lower

      FOMC Meeting Results in a Weaker US Dollar Against the Majors, Global Stocks Trade Lower

      The move had been fully anticipated by markets and so did not come as a big surprise. The committee cited a solid growth outlook and greater confidence that inflation is converging on target as supporting their decision. The End of year GDP forecast was raised to 2.8% from 2.7% and the

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    • Asian Markets

      Markets Take a Breath Ahead of the FOMC Rate Decision this Evening

      In an interview with FOX News, US President Trump suggested that there will be additional tariffs imposed on China on Friday focussed on Chinese agricultural products. Chinese stock markets are down as a result but most other markets are steady today ahead of the FOMC Rate Decision to be announced later. During

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