Ed Anderson

Ed Anderson

Ed Anderson has over 35 years of experience in the financial markets, having worked in London, New York, Toronto, Singapore & Australia. His early career saw him as an Interbank Trader, Futures Trader & Voice Broker before he moved to electronic trading in the early 2000s. With extensive knowledge of leverage platforms and instruments and as the Chief Market Strategist at FxPro, Ed provides in-depth Fundamental and Technical Analysis, as well as frequent market insights on multiple asset classes, to the benefit of FxPro clients.


    Recent Activities

    • EM Currencies

      August Seems Hot for the Currency Market, Trump’s Sanctions or Tariffs Spook Emerging Markets Currencies

      This August seems hot. Not only temperature but also currency market volatility is rising. The period of active vacations, which is accompanied by a decrease in volumes, this time result in increased volatility. So far we have seen this in the EM currencies that have been subjected to sanctions or

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    • China Trade War

      China Fights the Trade War Through Fiscal Stimulus, US Dollar Retains the Potential to Strengthen

      American indices added yesterday on strong earnings reports, where tax cuts were favorable for profit. Asian indices in the morning add-on speculation that China will protect local companies from the trade conflict with the U.S. through fiscal stimulus. Besides, the restrictions on speculation introduced by Beijing a few days ago

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    • Bitcoin Wall street

      Bitcoin Might Plunge to $5800 Mark, But It’s not Enough for Wall Street

      The crypto market cap lost 20% in the last 2 weeks, falling from $300 bln to $250. The Bitcoin is trading now at around $7,000 comparing to $8,400 in the same period. Although analysts remain bullish on the BTC perspectives, currently they warn us to be cautious. In the short terms, technical analysis

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    • Strong US Dollar

      Is a Strong Dollar Good for the US Economy?

      China, Iran Russia, and Turkey are under PressureThe threat of sanctions and tariffs from the United States puts pressure on a large part of developing markets. Chinese bourses are under pressure because of the threat of tariff wars. Iran is under threat of imposing sanctions because of the Iranian nuclear programme.

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    • Yen Yuan

      The Japanese Yen Loses Its Safe-Haven Status as China-US Trade Conflict Intensifies, Global Stocks Slightly Lower

      The dollar adds at the start of a new week, despite the weak employment growth in July report. The EURUSD pair is trading near the 6-weeks lows at 1.1550. Despite a poor number of jobs created, market participants felt that the Fed would maintain its commitment to the gradual tightening

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    • Asian Markets

      Fears of Higher U.S. Rates and Trade Wars Renewed Pressure on Emerging Markets, Turkish Lira Fell to New Historical Low

      The US Fed kept its interest rates unchanged and indirectly confirmed the pace for further tightening of the monetary policy. The Fed noted the labor market strengthening, as well as the strong growth in household spending and business investment. The commentary did not provoke any big market reaction as it had expected

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    • Global stocks lower

      Global Stocks Mostly Lower as Trump Raises Stakes in the Trade War with China…Again

      Two opposite trends prevail in the global markets. Strong reporting of companies, including Apple indicators supports the demand in world markets. However, the Chinese bourses fall under the pressure on the news that Trump is considering 25% tariffs on Chinese goods worth $200 billion against 10% that are being discussed

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    • Cryptos

      Bitcoin’s Rally Stalled Below $8000, Cryptos Are Back in Red

      Last week it became obvious that the Bitcoin had big difficulties with further growth above $8000. During the weekend, it held above $8,200 mark, but yesterday it suddenly fell below $7900. Most likely, it was “a belated reaction” on SEC refusal to launch the Bitcoin ETF. Nevertheless, shortly after this

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    • EU

      Euro Steady Ahead of Major Economic Data

      The single currency is increasing on Tuesday against the backdrop of the inflation in Germany, which is weaker than expected. A preliminary estimate of the inflation for July showed a 0.3% increase in prices and a slowdown in the annual rate from 2.1% to 2.0%. Usually, sluggish inflation growth provokes

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    • Twitter Facebook

      IT Selloff Continues: Twitter and Facebook Still Did Not Find Support, Global Stocks Steady

      Sale off of technological stocks continued yesterday. Twitter and Facebook, the biggest movers last week, could not find support yesterday; moreover, they fell by 7.7% and 2%, respectively. Both shares are in the oversold area, according to the RSI index that fell below the signal level 30 on the daily charts. However,

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    • Markets

      Markets Summer Lull Can Be Broken by Major Central Banks, Emerging Markets Currencies Under Pressure

      The currencies of developed countries are moving within a narrow range at the beginning of the eventful week. The dollar index is around the mark of 94.50 and has been trading for two months in a range of slightly over 1% around this level. This quiet trading environment can be broken this week after the announcement of the

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    • bitcoin

      Bitcoin Faces Difficulties with Growth over 8K

      The Bitcoin course (BTC) fell below $8.000 on the news that the US SEC had rejected the second Winklevoss twins’ attempt to launch Bitcoin ETF, which negatively affected the prospects of all similar projects. The expectation that the regulator would allow ETF launches have been the main growth driver in recent weeks,

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    • Trump Juncker

      Markets Froze Before Trump-Juncker Meeting on International Trade; RUB, TRY Sharply Fell on Tuesday

      The US stock markets were marked by Tuesday’s growth in strong earnings reports, which allowed S&P500 to add 0.3% on Tuesday’s results. On Wednesday, by the beginning of Europe session, the futures for S&P index remains near the closing levels of the previous day. It is also worth mentioning the growth of companies’ shares in

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    • Bitcoins

      Bitcoin Hits $8000 for the First Time in Two Month

      Cryptomarket actively replaces altcoins in portfolios with the Bitcoin. Over the last 24 hours, BTC added more than 4% and overcame an important psychological level of $8,000, which sets optimists on the proximity of the new milestone of $10,000. Bitcoin was trading at $8189 at the time of writing.The top

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    • Stocks Rise Bonds Pressure

      Stocks are Growing while Bonds Under Pressure

      The situation in the world markets looks controversial. Shares are growing after strong reporting of companies. The shares of Alphabet (#Google) jumped by 3.6% after the market closed on Monday, bringing capitalization of the company to $870 billion on strong quarterly reporting, despite a big fine imposed by the EU. By capitalizing the search engine giant is at a striking distance of Amazon, the 2nd

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    • Us Dollar

      US Dollar Extends Losses on Trump’s Comments, Now Focus Shifts to ECB

      Despite doubts that the influence of the president’s comments will be long, tactically they came out at an opportune moment, not allowing the growing index of the dollar to gain momentum after touching highs for the last year. At least for the short-term, the scales turned to dollar bears and

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    • USD,CNY, EUR

      Trump Wants a Strong US Dollar but Not Too Strong; Trade War Escalates

      The dollar index reached the one-year highs on Wednesday due to the demand for safe assets. USDX reached level 95.43 on Thursday, breaking the peak levels from November and May-June. However, Trump’s comments have caused pressure on the American currency, throwing the dollar from the recently achieved highs.The U.S. president, in an interview

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    • Global Stocks Edge Higher

      The Potential of USD Growth is Limited, Global Stocks Edge Higher after Powell’s Testimony

      The Fed’s confidence that the years ahead of the low unemployment and sustained growth have increased the demand for risks at the stock markets. As a result, S&P500 has overcome the downturn of the previous two trading sessions and has updated the highs since February, rising by 0.6%. The credibility

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    • Oil prices drop sharply

      Markets Under Pressure after Oil Hits 3-Month Lows, Powell’s Testimony in Focus

      After returning to the highs area since March, the American S&P 500 lost growth momentum in anticipation of further signals from the economy or the Fed’s chairman.The dollar index has continued its decrease since Friday, losing 0.8% in the meantime and failing to stay in the area of year highs near 95. The pair EURUSD managed

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    • Global Stocks Recover

      Oil Prices Drop Back into the June Price Range while USD Strengthens, Global Stocks Recover

      Libya has said it would lift restrictions on exports and production would return to normal levels from close to 0.5M bpd back to 1.3M bpd. Saudi production has also increased by 0.7M bpd to 10.7M bpd in June responding to President Trump’s call for lower prices. Increased production can lead

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