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  • USD/JPY Hidden Bearish Divergence Prior to FOMC Decision

    Today the USD will be faced with the major news and report- the FOMC Federal Funds rate decision. Besides the official rate announcement, the report includes the FOMC’s projection for inflation and economic growth over the next two years and, a breakdown of individual FOMC member’s interest rate forecasts.Technically, the

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  • EUR/USD Possible bounce at W L3 -1.2246

    The EUR/USD has reached 1.2257 and bounced just above W L3 level 1.2246. At this point the W L3 holds the pair from further drop as it makes a confluence with D L3 level. If we see a retracement, pay attention to 1.2305-20 the POC zone. The EUR/USD might reject

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  • USD/CAD Bullish SHS Pattern for a bounce towards 1.3000 and above

    The USD/CAD has formed inverted head and shoulder bullish pattern. The right shoulder has been formed, however the price could still retrace down before a possible bounce. At this point the price might go straight up (from 1.2943) or retrace exactly to POC then bounce. 1.2895-1.2915 is the POC zone

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  • DJI30 Technical W Bullish Pattern Formed in 4h Time Frame

    Even though income data was lower than expected in the USA, the high NFP number suggests wage pressure may be imminent on company earnings in the USA – one of the reasons why the DJI30 was sold yesterday. The price might reject from the POC zone 25054-25240 as we see

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  • USD/JPY W Bullish Pattern at Daily Support

    USD/JPY W Bullish Pattern at Daily Support

    The USD/JPY dropped heavily to its session lows after Trump cancelled Thursday’s Tariff meeting. Now we can see that the price is exactly at the POC zone and it is either “make it or break it”.  The price might spike from 105.75-60 zone to the upside. In that case targets

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  • GBP/USD Two Important Zones

    GBP/USD Two Important Zones

    The GBP/USD started to reject from 1.3760 zone, and we see a potential for further bullish price action. We have two possible zones where price could spike. POC (m) is the mini POC zone – 1,3760-70. Near-term history suggests buyers within the zone, and it is also a strong intraday

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  • EUR/USD Confluence Zone is 1.2163-1.2178

    EUR/USD Confluence Zone is 1.2163-1.2178

    EUR/USD dropped more than 140 pips after the Head and Shoulders pattern neckline break. Subsequently, the descending channel has been formed, and at this point, the pair is stuck around D H3 / W H4 camarilla pivot. 1.2163-78 is the critical POC zone. Rejections above could spike the pair towards

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  • DAX30 Waiting for the Breakout Move

    DAX30 Waiting for the Breakout Move

    As the US data slipped overnight, showing signs of weakening the economy in the US, the data from China is also showing a slowing Manufacturing sector, yet from Europe, the data has been okay this week.  US Equities pulled back later in the session yesterday, causing the Dax to follow

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  • USD/JPY Bullish W Pattern with Ascending Trendline

    The USD/JPY has formed a W bullish pattern straight from the W L3 support. We can also spot an ascending trend line supporting the bullish outlook. The POC zone 106.85-107.00 could spike the price upwards towards 107.15 and 107.36. However, a 4h close above 107.36 is needed for a continuation

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  • aud/usd

    AUD/USD Bullish W Pattern Breakout

    The AUD/USD has formed a bullish W pattern, and we could see rejections from POC and POC2. At this point, the price is struggling to break daily H5 but is still above W L3 pivot. Traders should pay attention to bounces from 0.7860-68 (POC1) or 0.7840-53 (POC2) if the price

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  • GBP/USD Intraday Bearish Zig-Zag Pattern

    GBP/USD Intraday Bearish Zig-Zag Pattern

    The GBP/USD has been in a steady downtrend after reaching 1.4140 zone. The price has been steadily dropping and it has reached 1.3855 support. As we can see on the chart, it closed just above the trend line after it has reached D L4 level. A rejection above the trend

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  • S&P500 Adam and Adam Double Bottom Pattern in Progress

    The SP500 has formed Adam and Adam double bottom pattern. Adam pattern is very similar to a W shaped reversal pattern except for the two related bullish spikes that distinguish the pattern from the W bullish. Point 1 and Point 3 form the basis while point 2 is a continuation

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  • WTI Uptrend is Intact While the Price is Above 61.50

    WTI Uptrend is Intact While the Price is Above 61.50

    The WTI is being held within the upward ascending channel trying to make a positive momentum push above 62.10. The POC zone 61.80-62.00 could reject the price towards 62.60, the confluence of W H3 / D H3 camarilla pivot. A 4h candle close above 62.60 will be needed for next

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  • USD/JPY Possibly Up to 107.20 if 106.60 Breaks

    USD/JPY Possibly Up to 107.20 if 106.60 Breaks

    The USD/JPY has been rejecting the POC zone 106.16-30 and the price formed a V-shaped bottom. The recent USD recovery aims for 106.60 and if the price makes a 4h close above 106.60 we could see 107.20. At this point the pair is supported but for bulls to dominate 106.60

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  • DAX30: The Price has Reached an Important Zone

    DAX30: The Price has Reached an Important Zone

    The DAX30 has been in a steady uptrend. We can see a cluster of resistance that makes for a POC zone ( W H3, D H3, channel top, historical sellers) 12500-12510 is the zone and we could see a bearish reversal candlestick configuration that might turn the price down. If

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  • GBP/USD Congestion Zone 1.3866-1.3916

    GBP/USD Congestion Zone 1.3866-1.3916

    The GBP/USD has been consolidating within the 1.3866-1.3916 zone and we can see a clear congestion without any clear breakout to the upside. UK January CPI remained at 3.0% contrary to the 2.9 % forecast. Technically the price has been supported at 1.3866-76 and while the price bias remains bullish, the pair

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  • USD/CAD Trend Line is Rejecting the Rally

    USD/CAD Trend Line is Rejecting the Rally

    The USD/CAD is rejecting the trend line and the POC zone 1.2580-1.2600 with a very congested move that still lacks the real bearish momentum. The weakness in oil prices weighs on CAD and that could be the reason for a consolidation without a bearish break. However if the pair keeps

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  • USD/JPY Downtrend Continuation Only if 108.45 Breaks

    USD/JPY Downtrend Continuation Only if 108.45 Breaks

    The USD/JPY short zig-zag moves since February 7, have formed a clear pattern that suggests possible continuation to the downside. However, we can see steady support within 108.45 zone and if the zone holds we might see a spike first towards 108.90-109.00 POC zone. However, if the price continues with

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  • USD/CAD Might Make a U-Turn if 1.2560 Holds

    The USD/CAD has been in a retracement mode but without an additional momentum to break recent highs. The pair is making a lower high now and if 1.2560 holds we might see a u-turn on the price. Targets are W H3 and W L3 levels – 1.2468 and 1.2376, but

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  • S&P500 Sell-Off Still in Play but Watch for 2500-2530 Zone

    S&P500 Sell-Off Still in Play but Watch for 2500-2530 Zone

    Given the large drop overnight on the SP500, today should see some extreme volatility to continue, particularly because the SP500 is retracing now. Trade with caution and with the trend, but have in mind that the price action may be choppy on the NYSE open. The market started to digest

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