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  • GBP/JPY Bearish SHS Pattern Rejecting the Trend Line

    GBP/JPY Bearish SHS Pattern Rejecting the Trend Line

    The GBP/JPY, popular “Dragon” has formed a bearish SHS pattern just below the D L3 resistance. At this point, the price is trying to break 152.00 and reach 151.80-64. If the pattern stays firm, and the price goes below 151.64 then the pair could drop to 151.20. A spike above

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  • USD/JPY Triple Bottom Pattern Consolidation Breakout

    USD/JPY Triple Bottom Pattern Consolidation Breakout

    As the BoJ commences a slow process of tapering, this in theory has pushed traders into buying JPY. We already saw it in my previous GBP/JPY analysis. In addition, this has the side-effect of selling risky assets, and we saw Equities pullback from recent highs in alignment with rising JPY demand. Whilst

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  • WTI December Trend Lines Form the POC zone

    The WTI is currently getting close to its December trend lines, and it might be either make it or break it. The POC zone ( Weekly camarilla pivot, D L4, 78.6) is sitting precisely between W H1 and W L1 levels, minor camarillas that usually provide a breakout direction on

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  • GBP/JPY Bearish Divergence at W L3 Camarilla Resistance

    GBP/JPY Bearish Divergence at W L3 Camarilla Resistance

    As the BoJ commenced some minor tapering to its massive Balance Sheet in the month of December, the past week has seen some strong risk-on across Commodities, Equities and JPY crosses. Manufacturing data across the major exporters are still in expansion mode, including Japan, this is good longer-term for the

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  • gold

    GOLD Trend and Momentum are Aligned

    The recent rise in the Gold price is possibly due to the seasonal effect of Chinese New Year and various festive seasons this time of year. In addition, as Equities continue to rise across the globe, investment flows have been going into Gold as portfolio insurance.Gold is having both trend

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  • DAX30 Equidistant Channel is Trapping the Price

    DAX30 Equidistant Channel is Trapping the Price

    As the EUR continues its strength against the USD, this may not be good for unhedged exporters on the Dax30 and future earnings. Yesterday we saw a continuation of the selling, but it has since then retraced. Commodities prices continue to increase, but this has only a minor bearing on

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  • GBP/USD Strong Zig-Zag Bullish Pattern Points to the Upside

    GBP/USD Strong Zig-Zag Bullish Pattern Points to the Upside

    The GBP/USD spiked during early trading hours, and despite the holiday markets we see volatility in the GBP/USD pair. At this point, we can see a bullish zig-zag pattern trying to close above the D H3 level with a bullish candle. A dip towards POC zone (W L3, D L3,

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  • dax

    DAX30 Clear Congestion Between Two Camarilla Levels

    The German Equities market has been quite as expected during the festive season. In the absence of any German economic data or any major Dax30 company announcements, the price is ranging within a rectangle consolidation.Technically the DAX is congested between W L1 and W H1 – two basic camarilla levels

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  • EUR/USD Buying the Dip Continues During Holidays

    The EUR/USD has been bought on the dip that formed the right shoulder of the bullish SHS pattern also known as – Inverted Head and Shoulders. Holiday trading is always risky due to low liquidity, and lower liquidity might in turn, produce higher volatility. But at this point, the trading

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  • Gold 4H Retracement Stops at Weekly H4 Camarilla Pivot

    Gold 4H Retracement Stops at Weekly H4 Camarilla Pivot

    The Gold has been on the counter-trend move since it reached the M L5 level (Monthly Strong Support. The retracement is easily spotted in the 4h time frame. At this point, we can see that the W H4 stopped the retracement in its tracks and 1268.80-1270.50 could reject the price

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  • US Dollar and Euros

    EUR/USD Bullish SHS Pattern Close to D L3 Camarilla Pivot

    As I showed yesterday in my Session Recap webinar, the EUR/USD made the retracement to 1.1770 zones and rejected as planned. We can see a Bullish SHS pattern (inverted Head and Shoulders) formed slightly above the D L3 Camarilla pivot. That implies a potential continuation of a bullish setup towards 1.1834

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  • gbp

    GBP/USD is Bearish Below W H4 Camarilla Pivot

    The GBP/USD has been sold on rallies recently as the Brexit talks continue to weight on the pound. Technically the pair is very close to the POC. 1.3365-89 is the POC zone ( W H3, EMA89, order block, 61.8 and ideally the pair should stay below the W H4 –

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  • oil

    WTI is Bullish but Watch for Crude Oil Inventories Data

    Earlier this week, Oil prices rose as U.S. crude stockpiles showed a drawdown larger-than-expected late last week. In addition, Britain’s largest pipeline from its oil and gas fields in the North Sea had an unexpected shutdown for several weeks due to cracks appearing. This pipeline carries about 450,000 barrels per

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  • gold

    GOLD Retest of Cont. SHS Bearish Pattern is Possible

    Gold might be going through a revaluation phase, where Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin are now rivaling it as the preferred risk-off asset or when such inflation risks persist. This crypto hype has potentially weakened some demand for Gold. Furthermore, there is the possibility that the US Fed may hike rates three

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  • EUR/USD Continuation of the Rooftop Pattern Below 1.1800

    EUR/USD Continuation of the Rooftop Pattern Below 1.1800

    The EUR/USD has formed a huge bearish rooftop pattern with a clear support within .1810-00 zone. 1.1865-85 is the POC zone where now moment sellers might be waiting for. Month-end demand can usually be volatile and EUR/USD seem to be offered withing the POC zone. Break below 1.1800 and the

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  • GBP/JPY Diving Board Reversal Pattern Targeting D H4 and W L5 Camarilla Levels

    The GBP/JPY has formed a variation of a V-shaped pattern named “Diving Board”. The diving board is a reversal pattern that forms after the price makes a flat base than drops down with a high momentum that is followed by a straight-line run-up. V-shaped reversal is created, and the price

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  • WTI Rooftop Pattern Continuation if D L3 Breaks

    WTI Rooftop Pattern Continuation if D L3 Breaks

    The WTI, went as planned as we could have seen in my previous analysis. Today we can see a rooftop pattern shaping up that is coming from W H1/ D H5 confluence, and it is being held slightly above D L3 camarilla pivot. We can see the rooftop shape an need

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  • crude oil

    WTI Crude Oil W H4 Resistance Consolidation

    The WTI has been trying to break the W H4 resistance but the price lacks momentum and we can spot a consolidation exactly at W H4 camarilla pivot. If the resistance holds, we might see a retracement towards the POC zone 56.86-59.10 ( D H3, inner trend line, EMA89, D

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  • XAU/USD Analysis: Bearish SHS Pattern in Progress

    XAU/USD Analysis: Bearish SHS Pattern in Progress

    Gold spot – XAU/USD is currently forming a bearish SHS pattern (head and shoulders) while still capped below the descending trendline. At this time we need to see if the retracement will reach the POC zone. The POC zone 1286.55-1289.58 (W L3, ATR pivot, historical double top/sellers) if reached could

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  • GBP

    GBP/USD Progressive Trend Towards 1.3310

    The GBP/USD has been making a progressive trend move towards 1.3310. However, there is still resistance out there that needs to be taken away. The pair has formed W bullish pattern and the POC zone is wider today due to Friday’s price action and confluence tools. 1.3195-1.3225 is the POC

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