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    • Australian Dollar to New Highs or Lower?

      The Australian dollar is going to be in focus during this week. Retail sales  released on Monday as expected at 0.4% while the Reserve Bank of Australia holds its interest rates unchanged, also we have US jobs report on Friday. If the jobs data come out in line with or higher than

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    • Will CAC 40 Set a New Record?

      The CAC40 has quite recently recorded its 6th consecutive positive session for a total pick up of over 3%. The Parisian stock exchange offers a fence over the bar of 4900 pts, at 4925 pt.CAC 40 ChartThe European Parliament has quite recently embraced the disputable unhindered commerce understanding between the EU and

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    • Recession or New Records

      Strong US Dollar, Trump and Fed Policy Lead to Recession or New Records in 2017?

      Donald Trump believe in the American economy and markets quickly concluded that if Trump would implement his policy, the result will be a trade-in of ‘buy stocks and sell bonds’. The instinct outcome of planning infrastructure projects propels stocks market and might lead to inflation, hence, rate hike probability increases.Indeed, we saw

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    • Stronger US Dollar & Fed policy Might Pull Precious Metals Into Recession in 2017

      As we enter 2017, a further weakness in platinum, gold and silver against the rising US dollar is forecast. Furthermore, the change of the Federal Reserve policy from infinite monetary easing to indirect helicopter money will ultimately raise both inflation and growth, but only through a decline in value of commodities and precious

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    • The Impact of Trump - Dow Jones

      How Donald Trump’s Stimulus Hopes Will Affect The Dow Jones

      The U.S. presidential election results spiraled through the financial markets last week,  impacting positively on the U.S. stock markets, global equity markets and the US dollar.The Dow Jones 30 climbed by 5% last week – the sharpest jump in five years.The new elected president – Donald Trump, pledge to “dismantle the Dodd-Frank Act”

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    • Crude Oil

      Crude Oil Prices Have Only One Way To Go

      “Crude Oil can be seen at the last support area. Are we going to $26-28, and perform a move that will lead to $51-54 area?”http://www.fxempire.com/opinions/guest/will-crude-oil-continue-the-bullish-trend-329294This move was realized one by one, then I repeated several times that oil prices will fail to go above these levels.“Crude Oil can be seen at the last

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    • The U.S. Energy Information Agency (EIA) projects that overall gas consumption will continue to increase

      Will The Natural Gas Rally Continue?

      Natural gas is a flammable gas that is used as a major source of power generation, cooling and heating, feedstock for chemical industry, Cleaner and cheaper alternative to other transport fuels such as petrol and diesel and Fertilizers – natural gas is a major feedstock for the production of ammonia.As a result,  we

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    • Will the Dignity Return to US Dollar Index?

      The US Dollar Index (DXY) was under pressure after Wednesday’s FOMC statement, while poor US GDP figures provided follow through to the downside on Friday. The sharp selloff erased the prior four weeks of gains of DXY but we have a lot of activity this week, and the trend could change

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    • Could Brexit Bring on Positive Effect to UK?

      Could Brexit Bring on Positive Effect to UK?

      Positive Impact on inbound Tourism to BritainTourists vote with their feet for Brexit – As Brexit result released, the British Pound devalued significantly and that will create tourism growth in the UK. Chinese flock to tourist sites that offer holidays in the UK and the Kingdom ,one of the most

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    • Will the Gold Momentum Stop, or is it Just Taking Some Air?

      Will the Gold Momentum Stop, or is it Just Taking Some Air?

      If we will look at the charts, we can see support at 1224-1232+_, gold rate should keep above those levels to confirm more upside, fall through could take it to the next support level of 1180-1190. Gold rate also is expected to find its first resistance at 1262, and a

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    • Is the USD/JPY Trend Over?….

      If the trend have been changed, I would expect to see some corrections before the next round.That means if long term going to flop to the downside again, it won’t be right away, we need to see and watch USD/JPY makes some price corrections: the strong impulsive look of the

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    • Will Crude Oil Continue the Bullish Trend?

      Crude oil prices settled lower on Friday after the U.S rig count rose for the first time since December, renewing worries of a supply glut after an output freeze proposal helped boost the market to 2016 highs and multi-week gain.The Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME Group) as of late discharged an

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    • How the Markets react to Fed interest Rate Decision

      The Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) financing cost choice on Wednesday at 2 p.m. ET, trailed by a question and answer session at 2:30 p.m. ET with Federal Reserve Chairman, Janet Yellen.It is broadly expected, the Fed won’t raise rates, particularly since the European Central Bank cut rates the previous

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    • Global Markets are in Panic: What the JPY Could Tell Us about the Long Term Trading?

      Global markets entered what could end up being called a true panic, much of the credit expansion of the last few years has been miss allocated towards emerging markets and commodities. The long-term thesis is that much of the global expansion in production for the last few decades has been

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