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Plamen Stoyanov
Updated: Jan 7, 2024
Overall Rating
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  • Fees
  • Platforms and Tools
  • Tradable Instruments
  • Customer Support
  • Research
  • Deposit and Withdrawal
  • Account Types and Terms
  • Education
  • How Did We Test and Rate This Broker?
    When trading forex and CFDs, understanding a broker's strengths and weaknesses is essential. We developed a proprietary rating system, which is the result of extensive research and hands-on evaluation by our expert reviewers. With a rigorous approach, our reviewers manually assess each broker, investing more than 50 hours per review, checking and testing the broker while analyzing over 250 variables to simplify the broker selection process for you. The categories we evaluate include trustworthiness, trading platforms, customer support, regulatory oversight, spreads, fees, the variety of instruments offered, education, and research tools. This unique rating system is specifically developed to ensure that the assessment is based on firsthand knowledge and experience. By dedicating a significant amount of time to each review, our team of experts can provide in-depth insights and help you make well-informed decisions when choosing the broker that best suits your trading goals.

    Our Take on was founded in 2016 and is headquartered in Cyprus. The Group is regulated across multiple jurisdictions. It offers retail and professional traders access to over 3,000 instruments from different markets at competitive costs. operates as a market maker, delivering fast execution speeds to its over half a million clients worldwide. The thing that stood out the most to me is’s offering of educational materials, which I consider one of the best in the world.

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    Pros Cons
    • Security of funds
    • Choice of professional-grade platforms 
    • Plenty of instruments
    • Fast order execution speeds 
    • Robust educational and research materials 
    • Unreliable live chat support
    • High swaps Highlights for 2023

    • Multiple Regulations. is authorized by three Tier-1 regulators and two Tier-3 regulators. The broker as a whole can be considered transparent and reliable.
    • Fast Order Execution. is a market maker and averages fast execution speeds of under 32 milliseconds, which are among the fastest in the industry.
    • Quite Competitive Fees. The broker supports commission-free trading with mostly competitive spreads. The non-trading costs are acceptable.
    • Wide Range of Instruments. There are over 3,000 CFDs on FX pairs, commodities, shares, indices, and ETFs.
    • Extensive Educational Support.’s research and educational materials are extensive and very informative. I rate the broker’s offerings of supporting content as one of the best in the industry.
    • Selection of Platforms. The broker has a user-friendly proprietary platform. Its clients can also choose between the seamless TradingView and the widely popular MetaTrader 4.

    Who is For?

    I estimated that is suitable for high-frequency traders who rely on fast and precise execution, such as intraday traders. It is also great for beginners because of its extensive offering of highly practical educational materials.

    What Sets Apart From?

    What stood out the most to me in’s offering is its detailed and multifaceted educational content. Beyond the webinars, written articles, glossary, and other types of materials you might expect in such an offering, surprised me with its guides dedicated to understanding the significance of trading psychology. The broker has even developed a mobile app, Investmate, which is specifically designed for educational purposes.

    I performed my tests on a CFDs leveraged account using the web-based version of’s proprietary platform and the desktop version of TradingView as well as the CFD trading and Investmate mobile apps. The account was opened with the Capital Com (UK) Limited entity of the broker. Some features and services may vary depending on where you reside and which entity you open an account with. Main Features

    ☑️ RegulationsFCA (United Kingdom), SCB (Bahamas), ASIC (Australia), CySEC (Cyprus)
    🗺 Supported Languages
    Turkish, English, Russian, French, Polish, Arabic, Italian, Spanish, Farsi, Vietnamese, German, Romanian
    💰 ProductsCurrencies, Stocks, ETFs, Indices, Commodities
    💵 Min Deposit$20
    💹 Max Leverage1:30 (FCA), 1:200 (SCB), 1:30 (ASIC), 1:30 (CySEC )
    🖥 Trading Desk TypeMarket Maker
    📊 Trading PlatformsMT4, TradingView, Proprietary
    💳 Deposit OptionsWire Transfer, Debit Card, Credit Card, ApplePay
    💳 Withdrawal OptionsWire Transfer, Debit Card, Credit Card, ApplePay
    🤴 Demo AccountYes
    🗓 Foundation Year2016
    🌎 Headquarters CountryCyprus
    Risk DisclosureCFDs are complex instruments and come with a high risk of losing money rapidly due to leverage. You should consider whether you understand how CFDs work and whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money. Full Review


    How Did We Test the Broker's Trustworthiness?
    Assessing a broker's trustworthiness with your funds is vital. To help you make the right decision, we carefully checked each broker's regulatory license and examined how well they protect traders. Moreover, we looked at the broker's stability by studying their business history, corporate structure, and industry experience. Finally, we thoroughly reviewed all of the broker's legal documentation, including terms, conditions, and fees, and evaluated their transparency based on our analysis. Our hands-on approach ensures that even novice traders have the knowledge they need to make smart decisions.
    trust chart Group operates under four entities authorized and regulated locally by several regulatory bodies in multiple jurisdictions. The broker’s legal documents are also very transparent. As a whole, I found to be a reliable and stable broker. Regulations

    In our reviews, we examine the licenses and regulations of each entity operated by a broker. This allows us to compare their different levels of protection. We rank licenses by various regulatory bodies on a three-tier system, where Tier-1 licensing indicates the highest level of regulation.

    This is what I discovered about

    • Capital Com (UK) Limited is licensed and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) in the UK under license number 793714. We rank the FCA as a Tier-1 regulator.
    • Capital Com Australia Pty Ltd is licensed and regulated in Australia by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) under license number 513393. We rank ASIC as a Tier-1 regulator.
    • Capital Com SV Investments Limited is licensed and regulated in Cyprus by the Cyprus Securities and Investments Commission (CySEC) under license number 319/17. We rate CySEC as a Tier-1 regulator.
    • Capital Com Online Investments Ltd is licensed and regulated by the Securities Commission of the Bahamas (SCB) under license number SIA-F245. We rank the SCB as a Tier-3 regulator.
    Capital Com (UK) Limited’s licensing info on

    We have summarized the most essential aspects of in terms of regulation and safety in the table below:

    Entity Features Capital Com (UK) Limited Capital Com Australia Pty Ltd Capital Com SV Investments Limited Capital Com Online Investments Ltd
    Country/Region UK, London Australia, Melbourne Cyprus, Limassol The Bahamas, Nassau
    Regulation FCA ASIC CySEC SCB
    Tier 1 1 1 3
    Segregated Funds Yes Yes Yes Yes
    Negative Balance Protection Yes Yes Yes Yes
    Compensation Scheme Up to GBP 85,000 No Up to EUR 20,000 No
    Maximum Leverage 1:30 1:30 1:30 1:200

    Why is it Important to Know Where Your Broker’s Subsidiaries are Regulated?

    Brokers operate multiple entities because it allows them to serve clients worldwide. However, licenses obtained by regulators in different jurisdictions do not always entail the same degree of protection. Some regulators mandate compliance with the strictest financial frameworks, whereas others are less rigid. That is why traders need to familiarize themselves with the safety mechanisms ensured by the entity they want to open an account with beforehand.

    Here is what you need to be looking for in a broker in terms of safety mechanisms:

    • Segregation of client funds. Keeping client funds in segregated bank accounts from the ones used for the broker’s corporate capital negates the risk of accounting errors. All of’s entities ensure this.
    • Negative balance protection. This safety mechanism removes the risk of trading losses exceeding the account balance. In other words, the losses you incur from trading are capped at the amount you have put in your trading account. This is especially important in volatile markets. All entities provide negative balance protection.
    • Compensation scheme. A compensation scheme protects retail traders against the broker’s liabilities in the unlikely event that the company becomes insolvent. Clients of Capital Com (UK) Limited are protected under the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) of the FCA by up to 85,000 GBP. Clients of the CySEC-regulated entity, Capital Com SV Investments Limited, are protected by up to EUR 20,000 under the Investor Compensation Fund (ICF).
    • Maximum leverage. Capping the maximum leverage restricts the extent of market exposure to retail traders. The higher the leverage, the higher the potential profits and potential losses.’s entity with the highest leverage, 1:200, is Capital Com Online Investments Ltd.

    Is Safe to Trade With?

    Most of entities are authorized by top-tier regulators and adhere to some of the strictest safety requirements. Capital Com (UK) Ltd entity is licensed by the FCA, one of the most trusted financial regulators in the industry. The entity has also issued a ‘best execution policy’, ensuring the provision of the most favorable price quotes to traders under prevailing market conditions. Also, the entity provides other less common safety mechanisms, such as two-step authentication.

    With regards to the broker’s practical protections, I found its provision of guaranteed stop orders extremely useful, as it negates the risk of negative slippage. Overall, can be considered reliable to trade with.

    Stability and Transparency

    In our tests for the Trust category, we also cover factors relating to stability and transparency. Here, we focus on how long the broker has been in business, how big the company is, and how transparent it is in terms of readily available information. is a globally recognized brand with offices in multiple countries. It employs hundreds of people across various fields. I also appreciated its clear corporate structure, especially’s leadership team.’s live feed of various trading fees

    The broker is highly transparent about its fees, which is underscored by the fact that you can quickly check the spread rates and overnight fees on all available instruments directly on the website without having to be a registered client.

    In summary, my research indicates that can be regarded as having a very good level of trust and stability due to the following factors:

    • Authorized by several top-tier regulators
    • High level of transparency
    • Maintains best execution standards
    • Provides two-step authentication and guaranteed stop orders


    How Did We Test the Broker's Fees and Commissions?
    Broker commissions and fees can be challenging to understand. To simplify this for you, we carefully examined all the broker's fee-related documentation and presented it in a clear, easy-to-understand format. Furthermore, we conducted hands-on tests on spreads and commissions for the most common instruments during both London and New York trading sessions. We then compared these real-time test results to the market benchmark we've established through our extensive experience evaluating the industry.
    fees chart offers commission-free trading and floating spreads that vary across instruments from different asset classes but generally fall below the industry average. Swap-free trading via Islamic accounts is unavailable with the UK entity, but on the other hand, there are almost no non-trading fees. The broker does not charge a handling fee for deposits and withdrawals, and its inactivity fee is very low.’s Trading Fees’s Spreads

    I tested’s spreads during the most actively traded times – the London open at 8:00 a.m. GMT and just after the U.S. open at 2:45 p.m. GMT. The test was conducted on 23 October 2023. The results are shown in the table below:

    Instrument Live Spread AM Live Spread PM
    EURUSD 0.6 pips 0.6 pips
    GBPJPY 2.8 pips 2.9 pips
    Gold (XAUUSD) 30 pips 30 pips
    Crude Oil 0.03 pips 0.03 pips
    Apple NA 0.12 points
    Tesla NA 0.18 points
    Dow Jones 30 2.2 basis points 2.2 basis points
    Germany 40 1.5 basis points 1.5 basis points

    Broken down by asset class and compared to the industry average, charges low-to-high spreads on FX pairs, low-to-average spreads on commodities, very low spreads on share CFDs, and low-to-average spreads on indices.’s Swaps

    A swap fee is a trader’s cost for holding an open position overnight because of changing interest rates. Swap long refers to the charge deductible or credit receivable for holding a buy position open overnight. In turn, swap short relates to the charges/credits deductible or receivable for holding a selling position open overnight.

    The values listed below are for one full contract (100,000 units) of the base currency.

    Instrument Swap Long Swap Short
    EURUSD Charge of $8.35 Charge of $0.35
    GBPJPY Credit of $20.22 Charge of $35.17

    The recorded swaps are average to high compared to the industry average.’s Non-Trading Fees

    Deposits and withdrawals are charge-free with, though third-party banking fees may apply. Dormant accounts that have been inactive for a period longer than 1 year are liable for an inactivity fee of 10 EUR/USD/GBP or equivalent. The fee is charged monthly until activity resumes or the account balance drops to zero.

    Are’s Fees Competitive?

    I assessed’s combination of commission-free trading, floating spreads, and swaps to be indeed very competitive, though this varies depending on which instrument is being traded. The absence of a fixed commission makes’s offering better suited for those traders who prefer frequent getting in and out of trades.

    Accounts Comparison

    Usually, we compare the fee competitiveness of a broker’s trading accounts, but since only provides a single CFDs Trading account type, I decided to compare it to the industry average.

    The table below illustrates the spreads and commissions I have recorded on the EUR/USD pair on’s CFD Trading account and the usual values I record on classic STP and ECN accounts in other brokers. It shows how much you have to pay to trade 1 full lot (100,000 units) on the EUR/USD with a pip value of $10.

    To calculate the cost of such a full-sized trade, I used this formula: Spread x pip value+commission

    Account Type* Spread Commission** Net Cost
    CFD Trading 0.6 pips $0 $6
    Typical ECN 0.3 pips $6 $9
    Typical STP 1.1 pips $0 $11

    *The numbers in this chart are only illustrative and subject to change over time

    **Round-turn commission

    My tests indicate that’s fees are comparatively lower than the industry average. However, it is important to keep in mind that this applies only to the EURUSD pair and that the same may not be the case for instruments from other asset classes.

    Platforms and Tools

    How Did We Test the Broker's Trading Platforms?
    We understand that platforms play a crucial role in your trading experience. That's why we spent many hours testing the broker's web, desktop, and mobile trading platforms to gain a real understanding of their usability, functionality, and overall performance. From experimenting with different order types to testing execution speeds, charting, and other features, we thoroughly examined every aspect of these platforms based on our trading expertise, helping you make an informed choice.
    platforms chart has a diverse platform offering. Traders can choose between the broker’s proprietary platform, which I found quite versatile, the seamless TradingView, and the widely popular MetaTrader 4. There is also a wide choice of mobile apps and supporting tools like FIX API. Algorithmic and social trading are both possible.

    I quite enjoyed using’s web-trader platform, which allows for easy price action examination and order placing. You can also use it for carrying out more sophisticated technical analysis and market research. There is also the rather cumbersome but easy-to-learn MetaTrader 4. Alternatively, you can use the same login credentials to execute orders from TradingView’s platform, which I consider to be among the top platforms for usability.

    TradingView’s clean design

    As shown, the best thing about TradingView is how easy it is to apply technical indicators and drawing tools to examine various setups. As a chart artist, I have always valued clean and precise price action illustrations, which is where TradingView truly excels. It is packed with hundreds of analytical tools and chart configurations.

    Moreover, it is very easy to connect your account to the platform and trade from there. You can also use TradingView’s Strategy Tester tool for algorithmic trading. Additionally, TradingView is the largest social trading community on the internet, and clients of can easily access a vast pool of trading ideas for all kinds of trading strategies. All they have to do is click the ‘Ideas Stream’ button on the right-hand panel and scroll through hundreds of ideas published daily.

    I was also impressed by’s rich offering of mobile apps. Catering to various trading needs, the platform offers separate apps for CFD trading and spread betting. (Note: Spread betting is only available with Capital Com (UK) Limited entity). What sets apart is the Investmate app – a distinct and interactive educational tool designed to help traders navigate shifts in market sentiment.

    Last but not least, the market maker supports fast execution speeds of around 32 milliseconds. This is ideal for high-frequency and precise trading. The performance is further enhanced by’s FIX API offering.’s Web Trader Platform

    The general outlook of’s proprietary platform

    General Ease of Use

    The platform has a highly intuitive design. There is a chart screen at the bottom and a watch list of selected instruments at the top. Market news and instrument info are available from the right-hand panel, whereas account info and settings can be reached from the left side.

    Navigating the platform is easy, and the instruments search bar makes it easy to find a particular asset from the broker’s vast array of available instruments. The platform supports one-click trading, as well as has an alert setting option and trading from the chart.

    Market information supplied on the platform

    I found the ‘Market Info’ and ‘Trading Info’ panels particularly useful. They can be accessed by clicking the info button on the right-hand side of the main panel. Through it, you can access vital trading information relating to a selected instrument’s trading fees, margin, leverage, and more. Whereas the ‘Market Info’ tab underscores the prevailing market sentiment on the same instrument and its price change over a specific period.

    The platform also integrates Refinitiv stock reports for share CFDs trading. They could be very useful for longer-term day and position traders, allowing them to gain in-depth insights into a company’s performance and thereby enabling a more informed decision-making process before trading stocks.


    I consider the chart screen a platform’s most important feature. It aids technical analysis by providing an overview of price action behavior and allows traders access to a number of analytical tools and chart configuration possibilities. A good chart should afford easy scaling up and down of price action.’s proprietary platform and its chart screen

    I have broken down the available analytical tools and chart configurations below

    • 76 technical indicators. The platform supports trend-based, volume-based indicators, oscillators, and more. These can be applied to study price action behavior and determine the underlying market sentiment. In general, technical indicators are used to gauge where the market is likely to head next. Unlike other more rigid platforms like MT4, applying two or more indicators on’s platform does not obscure the actual price action.
    • 18 drawing tools. Drawing tools, such as Fibonacci retracement levels and Elliott waves, are used to study repeatable price patterns. Additionally, they can be applied to determine key support and resistance levels and potential breakout or breakdown levels.
    • 8 timeframes. The platform affords multi-timeframe analysis of price action behavior. The greater the number of timeframes, the more intricate examinations that can be carried out across the short-term and long-term.
    • 6 chart types. Price action can be represented as an area, as a line, using candlesticks, bars, and more. This diversity makes it possible to examine potential trading opportunities from different angles.


    Executing orders on the platform is simple, and what stands out is the comprehensive pre-trade information provided. Before you even open a position, you’re presented with key details like your potential margin exposure.

    An order placing window

    I have broken down the available order types on the platform below:

    • Market orders. Market orders are used for immediate entry at the best possible price. If triggered, they guarantee volume filling, though there could be a discrepancy between the requested price and the price where the order actually gets filled.
    • Limit orders. Unlike market orders, limit orders guarantee exact price execution. However, a limit order will not be filled if the price action does not reach the pre-determined execution price.
    • Stop orders. They are used to support open positions by limiting the maximum loss that can be incurred if the market turns in the opposite direction. A stop-loss order is placed at a fixed price below or above the spot price. If the market does indeed turn and triggers the stop-loss, it will transform into a market order and get filled at the best possible price.

    My Key Takeaways After Testing’s Proprietary Platform

    I appreciated’s platform for its practical design and easy-to-navigate charts. Trading by myself, I always look for two things: speed of order execution and intuitive charts that accommodate easy scaling of price action up and down. These two are essential for carrying out high-frequency intraday trading and probing technical analyses. And I am happy to say that achieves both.

    As I mentioned above, one of’s standout features is its impressive average execution speed of around 32 milliseconds, which I consider ideal for the successful execution of high-intensity strategies.’s CFD Trading Mobile App

    A watchlist of Big tech instruments (left), an order execution screen (middle), and a watchlist of favorite instruments (right)’s CFD Trading app also has an intuitive design, which is very useful when it comes to fast order placing and position adjustment. The app also affords traders quick and easy access to detailed information about various markets. In other words, the app is a great research tool in and of itself.

    An indices info screen (left), news screener (middle), and educational segment (right)

    My Key Takeaways After Testing on its Proprietary Mobile App

    Most trading apps have a rather limited scope. They are great for checking your account performance on the go but not for much else. But’s app goes beyond that. What makes the CFD Trader app so unique is its educational section. Novice traders can use it in conjunction with the Investmate app to learn about trading whenever and wherever they can.

    I am generally very skeptical of trading apps because they all share one inherent problem: representing price action on a low-resolution device entails a very high risk of giving traders a false impression about market sentiment. But I would recommend’s app to those eager to learn about trading and stay on top of the latest trading developments.

    Tradable Instruments

    How Did We Test the Broker's Tradable Instruments?
    For this section, we examined the broker's market offering, assessing the variety and depth of instruments and asset classes available for trading. Through our proprietary database, we then compared the results with other brokers. This comprehensive analysis allows you to determine if the broker offers the specific instruments and trading options you're looking for.
    tradable_instruments chart offers a fairly decent range of tradable instruments across most major asset classes. There are more than 3,000 FX pairs, commodities, indices, share CFDs, and ETFs. I also discovered that has one of the most diverse offerings of FX pairs in the industry.

    What Are CFDs?

    Contracts for difference (CFDs) are derivatives used to speculate on the price of the underlying asset without physical delivery. For example, a long position on gold would generate profit as the price rises or incur a loss as it falls, all without the need to purchase actual gold bars. One of the biggest advantages of trading CFDs is that traders can get in and out of the market almost instantaneously, thereby catching even minute changes in the price of the derivative.

    What Can You Trade With

    I have broken down the available instruments with below:

    • 125 Currency Pairs
      Majors, Minor, Exotic
    • 20 Commodities
      Metals, Energy, Agriculture
    • 3942 Share CFDs
      US, UK, Europe, Australia, Asia
    • 20 Indices
      US, UK, Europe, Asia
    • 104 ETFs
      Financial, Tech, Healthcare, Other

    Compared to the broader industry, offers an above-average amount of FX pairs, commodities, indices, share CFDs, and ETFs. There are no cryptocurrencies available with the UK entity, though it affords spread betting on over 2,000 instruments. (Note: Spread betting is only available with Capital Com (UK) Limited entity).

    Forex Commodities
    EURUSD | GBPJPY | USDMXN | EURNZD | PLNTRY | SGDJPY | EURCHF | USDTRY | CADPLN Crude Oil | Gold | Brent Oil | Silver | Orange Juice | Copper | Palladium | Natural Gas | Wheat | Sugar
    Share CFDs Indices
    Apple | Tesla | Amazon | Bank of America | Nike | Alstorm | Delta Air Lines | Alphabet | Chevron Dow Jones 30 | Germany 40 | Japan 225 | France 40 | Hong Kong 50 | Italy 40 | Australia 200 | Russell 2000
    iShares 20+ Year Treasury Bond ETF | ProShares Ultra Bloomberg Crude Oil | Energy Select Sector SPDR Fund | Aberdeen Standard Physical Platinum Shares ETF

    My Key Takeaways After Exploring’s Tradable Instruments

    I was impressed by’s wide range of 125 FX pairs, which is one of the largest I have ever seen. In addition to the above-average amount of major and minor pairs, there is also an ample variety of exotic pairs, which is ideal for those speculative traders interested in more unconventional opportunities.

    And even though already has quite a diverse instruments offering, I still see room for improvement. Namely, the incorporation of lower-risk securities like bonds would benefit more risk-averse traders interested in hedging trading risk. Whereas the inclusion of options would benefit more experienced traders seeking to exploit changing volatility levels over time.

    Customer Support

    How Did We Test the Broker's Customer Support?
    Traders often underestimate the importance of customer support, yet it proves to be a critical aspect during times of crisis. We put the broker's customer support to the test ourselves using all possible channels, such as chat, phone, and others. Our evaluation focused on the accessibility of live agents, as well as the helpfulness and professionalism of their responses. This way, we provide you with comprehensive insights into whether a broker can deliver full support when you need it most.
    customer_support chart offers customer support available 24/7 via live chat, email, and over the phone. Support over email and phone is reliable, fast, and available in multiple languages. The live chat appears limited to automated responses to general inquiries, but for more specific questions, traders should turn to one of the other two channels. There is also a dedicated FAQ section on the website.

    The live chat is available at the bottom-right corner of the main page. You can also call the support team at +44 2030978888. Alternatively, you can request additional help by submitting a form here.

    Customer Support Test

    When we test a broker’s customer support team, we evaluate the agent’s knowledge of their own website, how long it takes them to respond to questions, and how detailed their answers are.

    I conducted my test on 24 October by inquiring into’s execution performance. Initially, I attempted to submit my questions via the live chat, but I  struggled to get past the automated bot and through with an agent. After failing to get an answer, I decided to submit a form at around 10:12 CET. Eventually, I received an answer in about half an hour. The agent was kind enough to introduce himself, and his explanations were clear and concise.

    Deposit and Withdrawal

    How Did We Test the Broker's Deposit and Withdrawal Process?
    The deposit or withdrawal process can be tricky since you may encounter hidden fees or longer than expected processing time. To assess the broker's offerings, we examined their deposit and withdrawal options and conditions. Using our proprietary database, we then compared these results with those of other brokers.
    deposit chart offers several payment methods for the convenience of its clients. Transactions are processed fairly quickly, though transaction times may vary depending on the chosen method. Most importantly, does not charge a handling fee for deposits or withdrawals. However, third-party banking fees may apply depending on the underlying payment method. Deposit Methods

    Payment Method Currency Fee Transfer Time
    Credit/Debit Card GBP, EUR, USD $0 Instant
    Bank Wire GBP, EUR, USD $0 1-5 business days
    Instant Bank Wire GBP, EUR, USD $0 Instant
    Apple Pay GBP, EUR, USD $0 Instant Withdrawal Methods

    Payment Method Currency Fee Transfer Time
    Credit/Debit Card GBP, EUR, USD $0 1-5 business days
    Bank Wire GBP, EUR, USD $0 1-5 business days
    Apple Pay GBP, EUR, USD $0 Not Specified

    Deposits and withdrawals can be processed via bank wire, using credit or debit cards, or via an e-wallet. The broker may process most withdrawal requests within 1 business day, though transaction times may vary from 1 to several business days. You should check with your personal bank whether any banking fees may apply.

    Account Types and Terms

    How Did We Test the Broker's Account Types and Terms?
    When it comes to achieving your trading goals, choosing the proper account is essential. We initiated our evaluation by personally opening an account with the broker, which allowed us to gain firsthand experience of the process and accurately asses, how fast and easy it is. In addition, we carried out an in-depth analysis of the account types and features offered by the broker, including spreads, maximum leverage, minimum deposits, and more. For a comprehensive comparison, we turned to our proprietary database and examined how this broker's account offerings and processes stacked up against other brokers.
    account chart has a very diverse offering when it comes to account types and features. Its CFD Trading account supports margin trading with a maximum retail leverage of 1:30; its three base currencies include EUR, USD, and GBP. The 1X account type is geared towards more conservative traders interested in trading without leverage.

    The information below is related only to the Capital Com (UK) Limited entity.

    Why is Choosing the Right Account Type Important?

    Your account should reflect your goals, needs, and ambitions on the market. You should take into consideration several factors, such as whether the account type has a minimum deposit requirement, its spreads and commissions, the execution method, and more.

    What Account Types Does Offer?

    I have broken down’s account types below:

    Account Type CFD Trading 1X
    Spread* From 0.6 pips From 0.6 pips
    Commission $0 $0
    Platforms, TradingView, MetaTrader 4, TradingView, MetaTrader 4
    Account Currency EUR, USD, GBP EUR, USD, GBP
    Maximum Leverage  1:30 0
    Minimum Deposit  $20 $20
    Execution Time 32 milliseconds 32 milliseconds
    Swap-free Trading No Yes
    Demo Accounts Yes Yes

    *FX Majors’s two trading accounts – CFD Trading and 1X (available only with Capital Com (UK) Limited entity) – feature commission-free trading and floating spreads starting from 0.6 pips. The CFD Trading account is suitable for speculative trading because it supports a maximum retail leverage of 1:30. In contrast, the 1X account is tailored to satisfy the needs of those interested in lower-risk/lower-yield trading. Both support ultra-fast execution speeds of around 32 milliseconds, suitable for high-frequency trading.

    Another advantage of is that its two trading accounts are very accessible, with minimum deposit requirements of only $20. Thus, even traders with more moderate means can take advantage of’s professional-grade services.’s Execution Model operates as a market maker, which means that it acts as a counterparty to its clients’ orders. The benefit of this execution model is its superior execution standards. Market makers support fast and precise order execution, mitigating the risk of negative slippage. In short,’s execution model is just another aspect of the broker’s offering that makes it such a great choice for high-frequency trading.

    What is CFD Leverage?

    The leverage determines a trader’s overall market exposure. When trading Contracts for Difference (CFDs), positions can be opened for a fraction of their value because of the leverage. Essentially, the broker lends the trader money so that the latter can open bigger-sized positions. The leverage multiplies the profits a trader generates from winning positions but also the losses incurred from failed trades.’s Account Opening Process

    The first step of opening an account with

    The account creation process with is straightforward and quick. You can go at your own pace, though realistically, you will be done with everything within an hour. I have summarized the process step-by-step below.

    • Step 1. Click ‘Sign Up’ at the top-right corner of the website.
    • Step 2. State your country of residence, birthplace, and nationality.
    • Step 3. Provide your investment knowledge, trading experience, name, date of birth, and address.
    • Step 4. State your annual income, source of income, current value of investments, employment status, occupation, and highest level of education.
    • Step 5. Confirm that you have read and understood the T&Cs.
    • Step 6. Verify your account by uploading proof of your ID and address.
    • Step 7. Fund your account to start trading.’s questionnaire

    Why is a Demo Account Important? offers demo accounts that introduce traders to the broker’s services and allow them to tweak their strategies in a risk-free environment. The market is continually evolving and never static, so it is important to hone your skills in a safe environment. You can set up a demo account for yourself alongside your live CFD account.’s Restricted Countries

    Afghanistan, American Samoa, Belarus, Canada, China, Cuba, Eritrea, Federated States Micronesia, Gibraltar, Guam, Indonesia, India, Iraq, Islamic Republic of Iran, Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, Kazakhstan, Libya, Marshall Islands, Northern Mariana Islands, Malta, Malaysia, New Zealand, Palau, Russia, Spain, Sudan, Somalia, South Sudan, Syrian Arab Republic, United States Minor Outlying Islands, United States of America, Venezuela, Bolivarian Republic of Viet Nam, Kosovo, Yemen.


    How Did We Test the Broker's Research Tools?
    Research options offered by brokers may not be seen as the most important feature for some traders, but they can provide a competitive advantage. To assess the broker's research offerings, we personally explored and tested both proprietary and third-party tools and content, such as Fundamental and Technical Analysis, Market News, educational videos, and webinars. After evaluating the availability and quality of the overall research offering, we compared the results with our benchmark to provide a comprehensive analysis of the broker's research capabilities.
    research chart’s research section is wide and diverse. There are multiple supporting tools, market breakdowns, trading ideas, and more. Most research materials are written in an easy-to-grasp language, without complicated trading lingo, so that even newbies can grasp it. At the same time, the materials are comprehensive and in-depth, providing traders with intricate insights into currently developing trading opportunities.

    Research Tools

    I have broken down’s different types of research content below:

    Research Discover

    The Research Discover tool

    A research tool available from the platform consists of a news screener, risers and fallers, a volatility measuring tool, and a breakdown of the most traded instruments by market. News traders and intraday traders can use the Discover portion of the platform to inform themselves of changes in market volatility, often driven by the market’s reaction to specific news, and position themselves accordingly. The tool can help them spot good entry and exit levels for intraday trades.

    ESG Rating Tool’s proprietary ESG rating tool

    ESG stands for Environmental, Social, and Governance data. This is a unique tool that allows you to look for a particular company to trade based on how ethical it is (e.g. how well it treats its employees), how clear its corporate structure is, and how eco-friendly it is. Companies with high corporate social responsibility (CSR) are likely to attract more socially responsible investors, which, in turn, attracts capital and helps the company grow in value.’s ESG tool allows traders to look for companies whose share value is likely to grow in the future. I appreciated that at the same time, the tool also displays a risk factor for each company, helping traders and investors make even more informed decisions.

    CFD Calculator’s CFD calculator

    The calculator helps you estimate the profit and risk potentials of hypothetical trades based on the instrument traded, leverage, and trade size. What makes’s calculator stand out against other such tools is the graphic illustration, which allows you to better understand these values against the scope of a given price trend. I found this very helpful, especially for beginners.

    Economic Calendar’s economic calendar

    The economic calendar serves as the most basic research tool. It informs traders of upcoming economic releases that are likely to cause upsurges in market volatility. This creates potential trading opportunities. The economic calendar shows how the market is likely to react to specific events.

    News and Analysis’s news and analysis overview

    This section contains all of’s market breakdowns and trading analyses. Each article covers the current market outlook or the impact of a recent economic development. The explanations are broad and provide the reader with a comprehensive picture of what is driving the market.

    Materials are supported by graphs and charts from TradingView, presenting the reader with a clever overview. I also appreciated that employs multifaceted analyses containing technical and fundamental ones.

    A analysis

    Data Journalism’s data journalism

    Extensive articles that cover broad economic and financial topics, such as global growth prospects in a given quarter, tracking of global interest rates, debt, and more. Useful for longer-term traders and investors wanting to understand what is generally driving the market and its broader trends. It is really helpful for gaining a broader perspective on the market.

    TradingView News

    TradingView’s news screener

    Unlike the ‘Data Journalism’ segment, the TradingView news tool provides the reader with more practical trading ideas/setups.

    My Key Takeaways From Exploring’s Research Materials’s overall research offering is well-rounded and comprehensive. It is written in an easy-to-grasp manner while delving deep into the subject matter. I would, however, like to point out one little detail that is quite important. Over the last couple of years of analyzing brokers, I noticed that many of them tend to use technical indicators that look good on a chart but are not compatible. For instance, the Stochastic RSI and the Ichimoku Cloud indicator, where the former is suitable for ranging environments but the latter for trending ones.


    How Did We Test the Broker's Education Offering?
    Gaining knowledge about trading in the financial markets can make the difference between success and failure. To assess the broker's educational offerings, we personally tested and evaluated the quality of the content provided, considering its relevance for both novice and experienced traders. We explored the range of materials available, such as articles, videos, webinars, and courses. After evaluating the content's volume, update frequency, and overall quality, we compared the results with our benchmark to provide a well-rounded analysis of the broker's education offerings.
    education chart

    One of the standout features of is its robust educational content. The platform offers a well-rounded learning experience featuring a mix of articles, trading courses, and instructional videos. What truly sets apart is its educational app. Beyond that, the broker provides in-depth content on technical and fundamental analyses, as well as on trading psychology.’s Educational Tools

    I have broken down’s educational content by type:

    Educational Videos’s educational videos

    70+ educational videos are available from the platform and the broker’s YouTube channel. These are separated into several categories, including introduction to CFD trading, trading strategies for novice traders, and trading psychology. I especially appreciated the last type because, in my opinion, having a proper trading mentality is the most crucial determinant of long-term success.

    The course as a whole presents traders with a nuanced and in-depth understanding of essential trading concepts such as how to read price action, how to use certain indicators to implement various trading strategies, how to avoid falling victim to cognitive biases, and much more. I would recommend exploring the course carefully and diligently, especially for those who want to learn more about trading, as I found it to be of great value.

    Trading Courses’s trading courses

    The courses, available from the educational section of the website, consist of written articles about trading basics, risk management, and more. Each article is written in an easy-to-grasp language, and I quite liked that at the end of each lesson, traders can test what they’ve learned with an interactive tool. This content is geared towards first-time traders who still need to learn essential trading concepts.

    CFD Trading and Spread Betting Guides

    A CFD trading guide’s trading guides take your learning experience to the next level. Building on the foundational knowledge you gain from the trading courses, these guides delve deeper into a wider array of trading topics. They are also highly practical, equipping traders with actionable insights to navigate the markets effectively.

    Glossary’s glossary

    The glossary contains an impressive collection of hundreds of entries and appears one of the best glossaries I have ever seen. Unlike other brokers’ glossaries, which usually provide 1-2 sentence explanations, affords entire articles’ worth of data even for more obscure terms. I also appreciated that the names of the authors of each entry are listed, which makes the content more transparent.

    Trading Strategy Guides’s strategy guides

    In this section of the Educational hub, you can read about the intricacies of specific trading strategies such as margin trading, day trading, position trading, trend trading, swing trading, and a special guide dedicated to trading psychology. The texts are multilayered, covering both the technical and fundamental aspects of trading. They are also supported by intuitive charts, graphs, and other illustrations.

    Investmate Mobile App’s proprietary Investmate mobile app

    Investamte is a quite unique and practical educational app. Once you first start the app, it asks you whether you have traded before and in which area you would like to improve your knowledge – the ABCs of finance, how to predict trends, and how to become an expert in CFD trading.

    As a chart artist, I decided to check out the trends prediction category. Each lesson is a case study of popular events that have shaped global markets in one way or another, such as the 2008 credit crunch, the Russian annexation of Ukraine’s Crimea region in 2014, the launch of the iPhone in 2007, and more. When you choose a case study, you are asked how you think the market reacted to the event initially. Afterwards, you are given a detailed explanation.

    This proactive approach to studying is very practical because it introduces the reader to the impact of supply and demand changes on global prices, as well as the importance of traders’ expectations.

    You can also access webinars from the app, determine the pace of your learning progress, and perhaps most importantly: learn about the top 50 cognitive biases in trading. I cannot stress how important that is. Trading psychology is the most crucial aspect of trading. I have reviewed brokers for nearly 2 years now, and is the first one to pay so much attention to these biases, which is what I found so useful about

    Market Guides

    There are 5 comprehensive guides for different asset classes, including Forex, shares, indices, commodities, and ETFs. Each guide provides a general breakdown of the particular market. You can read about how instruments from each of these asset classes are structured (their contracts structure), how they are traded, what you need to know with respect to finance/economics, and more.

    The Bottom Line is one of the most well-rounded derivatives brokers in the trading industry. Founded in 2016 and headquartered in Cyprus, it has quickly grown into a globally recognized and multi-licensed brand. holds several top-tier licenses from some of the most reputable financial regulators and offers over 3,000 tradable instruments.’s UK entity offers spread betting, margin trading, and zero-leverage trading. Its CFD Trading account features commission-free trading and floating spreads from 0.6 pips, which fall below the industry average. The broker offers a choice of versatile platforms for every taste, including its feature-rick proprietary platform and the seamless TradingView. operates as a market maker and supports fast execution speeds, making it ideal for high-frequency trading.

    One of the best things about is that it offers a wide range of research materials and innovative educational materials. I assessed that the broker is equally suitable for inexperienced traders and seasoned professionals. does not have a lot of drawbacks to speak of, though there is room for some marginal improvements. I would expect them to fix their live chat option, as their bot does not appear overly sophisticated.

    In conclusion, is ideal for those wanting to learn about trading basics and the intricacies of trading psychology. The broker also can be used for social and automated trading.

    FAQ is headquartered in Limassol, Cyprus., maintains excellent execution standards and provides the most essential safety mechanisms. Overall, can be considered safe.
    Yes, is exceptionally good for beginners because it offers low trading costs and a choice of versatile platforms. It also has probing educational and research materials, some of which are quite unique
    The minimum deposit requirement with is $20.
    Clients of can withdraw funds via bank transfer, bank card, or e-wallets.
    Wire transfers typically take between 3–5 business days. Other payment methods vary.
    The maximum leverage for retail traders with is 1:30.
    Accounts can be opened from the main page of the website.
    Traders can choose between trading on’s highly versatile proprietary platform, the seamless TradingView, or the beginner-friendly MetaTrader 4.
    Yes, it does.
    Yes,’s platforms have Expert Advisors (EAs), its execution speeds are fast, the broker has a ‘best execution policy’, and TradingView comes with an excellent in-built strategy tester. Furthermore, provides a FIX API.
    Yes, hedging is available with
    Yes. Spread betting is available with’s UK entity.
    No, it does not.
    Depends on the particular asset class. For instance, the Forex market is open 24/5, whereas shares of U.S. companies can be traded during the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) open – Monday to Friday from 09:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. EST.
    Yes, is a market maker.
    No, does not operate a bank.

    See Full Information

    Headquarters CountryCyprus
    Foundation Year2016
    RegulationsFCA (United Kingdom), SCB (Bahamas), ASIC (Australia), CySEC (Cyprus)
    Publicly TradedNo
    Number Of Employees620
    Trading Desk TypeMarket Maker
    Trading PlatformsMT4, TradingView, Proprietary
    Restricted Countries
    Belarus, Canada, China, Cuba, Eritrea, Kazakhstan, North Korea, Malaysia, Palau, India, Micronesia, New Zealand, Indonesia, Gibraltar, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Guam, United States, Turkey, Marshall Islands, Kosovo, Northern Mariana Islands, Somalia, Belgium, Russian Federation, Venezuela, Yemen, Syria, Vietnam, Libya, Malta, South Sudan, Spain, Sudan, American Samoa
    Supported Languages
    Turkish, English, Russian, French, Polish, Arabic, Italian, Spanish, Farsi, Vietnamese, German, Romanian
    Min Deposit$20
    Max Leverage1:30 (FCA), 1:200 (SCB), 1:30 (ASIC), 1:30 (CySEC )
    Deposit OptionsWire Transfer, Debit Card, Credit Card, ApplePay
    Withdrawal OptionsWire Transfer, Debit Card, Credit Card, ApplePay
    Time to Withdrawal2
    Time to Open an Account9
    Currencies, Stocks, ETFs, Indices, Commodities
    Demo AccountYes
    OCO OrdersNo
    Offers HedgingYes
    Automated TradingYes
    API TradingYes
    Guaranteed Stop LossYes
    Guaranteed Limit OrdersYes
    Guaranteed Fills / LiquidityYes
    Economic calendarYes
    Trading From ChartYes
    One-Click TradingYes
    Expert AdvisorYes
    Social TradingYes
    Trading SignalsNo
    Platform Languages
    Italian, Dutch, Chinese, Arabic, Hungarian, English, French, Spanish, Russian, German, Romanian, Greek, Polish
    24 Hours SupportYes
    Support During WeekendsYes
    Live ChatYes
    Daily Market CommentaryYes
    News (Top-Tier Sources)Yes
    Deposit FeeNo
    Withdrawal FeeNo
    Inactivity FeeYes

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