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  • Basics of Fundamental Analysis

    Fundamental analysis is all about using the forex news calendar to make guide your trades in the forex market. These news releases are simply important data on the certain sectors of the economy of nations which are strategically important in the forex market. The countries in question are the major

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  • Price Action Momentum Using the MACD

    Momentum of a financial market captures the rate of change of a specific market.  So it’s not the actual change of a security, but it’s the measurement of whether the change is increasing or decreasing.  As markets accelerate in one direction, traders who are interested in capturing quick movements may

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  • Trading FX with Equities

    The financial markets are intertwined and it is not strange to see events occurring in one market exerting some measure of effect on another market. For instance, activities in the equities market may affect the currency market, and this article will show two examples of how this might occur.1)   Mergers

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  • So what is a comdoll?

    A comdoll is a nickname for a commodity currency.  A commodity currency is a currency that theoretically moves in tandem with changes in commodity prices such as crude oil, soy beans, coffee, metals or any other commodity that a country would rely on to export.So why would a country’s economy

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  • Scalping for FX Beginners

    Scalping, as the name suggests, is a trading strategy that takes advantage of a very small fluctuation within a trading pair over a large number of trading lots. They are mainly interested in executing a higher number of trades as they believe it will reduce the losses on a single

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  • Forex Trading

    Top Mistakes in Forex Trading

    Trading in the Forex market can be really exciting and with the widespread use of the Internet, it is very easy for anyone to open a trading account and start trading in the largest financial market in the World. However, only a handful of forex traders are truly successful as

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  • Scalping


    Currency exchange rates change every minute during the course of a trading session.  Each order that is placed creates a new dynamic which may create a different emotional response from investors who participate in trading a specific security.  These movements may be captured by investors using a technique known as

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  • Forex Strategy Tutorial: Trend Trading

    Forex Strategy Tutorial: Trend Trading

    Forex Strategy Tutorial: Trend TradingTechnical analysis strategy often seem difficult for newer traders that might not be mathematically inclined.  But the reality is that forex traders do not need advanced degrees in order to implement these tactics and strategies.  One of the most commonly used techniques in the trend strategy,

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  • Forex Strategy Tutorial: Breakout Trading

    Forex Strategy Tutorial: Breakout Trading

    Forex Strategy Tutorial: Breakout TradingOver the last few years, technical analysis trading in the forex markets is something that has risen to prominence.  When we are thinking about technical analysis, one for the first terms that comes to mind is the breakout strategy.  This is a highly valuable strategy in

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  • Forex Strategy Tutorial: Swing Trading

    Forex Strategy Tutorial: Swing Trading

    Forex Strategy Tutorial:  Swing TradingWhen new forex traders are just starting out in the currency markets, it can be difficult to identify with one strategy that can be used to ride the wave to new profits.  This is because there is a lot of misinformation that can be found about

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  • Economy Not Deterred By Interest Rates

    Economy Not Deterred By Interest Rates

    Economy Not Deterred By Interest RatesIn 2015, we have seen very little in the way of pessimism in the financial markets.  Many commonly traded indices are reaching record highs and national employment numbers are the strongest they have been in a half-decade.  So there is a good deal of optimism

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  • Using a Forex Mini Account

    Using a Forex Mini Account

    Using a Forex Mini AccountWhen many new forex traders enter the market, it can be very easy to get overly excited about the prospects for new wealth and riches.  There is good reason for this mindset, as the forex markets make new millionaires every day.  But when we are first

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  • Benefits of Forex Copy Trading

    Benefits of Forex Copy Trading

    Benefits of Forex Copy TradingForex trading has become all the rage in recent years, but we are still seeing many instances where newer traders are falling to the whimsy of the markets.  The unfortunate reality of this type of mindset is that it usually creates a large number of unnecessary

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  • Free Forex Tools for Today’s Trader

    Free Forex Tools for Today’s Trader

    Ten years ago, many of the forex tools available today were either in the early stage of development or did not exist. Today, they are virtually commonplace. Today’s retail traders are therefore in a much better place now than their counterparts were as at the time the first iPhones were

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  • Using Retracements to Find Entry Point

    The term retracement represents an opportunity to enter a trade when a market reverts to a lower or higher price after it has experienced a gain or decline.  Using a number of different technical analysis tools a trader can define specific levels that represent prior support and resistances levels to

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  • The Danger of the Martingale System in Forex

    The Danger of the Martingale System in Forex

    Risk management is the backbone of trading a successful portfolio of financial instruments.  The risk you assume when you place a trade is directly correlated to the reward you would like to achieve.  As your risk increases, the reward you expect to achieve may also increase, and finding the optimal

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  • A Beginner’s Guide to Commodity Markets

    While most traders are more familiar with stock markets or foreign-exchange markets, commodity markets have had a huge impact on economies throughout history. In fact, there is some evidence that futures in rice may have been traded in China over 6000 years ago, and more recent commodities crises have led

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  • Trading Exotic Currencies

    Trading Exotic Currencies

    The Foreign Exchange market is the largest and most liquid financial markets in the world, with nearly 5 trillion in daily turnover.   The market allows individuals, corporations, banks and speculators to exchange one currency for another.    In a typical currency transaction, one party exchanges a quantity of one currency for

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  • Liquidity


    The liquidity of a financial instrument is often overlooked, as investors strive to produce the best risk adjusted returns.  Market liquidity usually fluctuates, but can be extremely illiquid as investors rush toward the exits during adverse market conditions.  Despite the liquidity associated with US stocks and ETFs, traders need to

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  • Liquidity

    Guaranteed Stop Loss in Forex

    The Stop Loss is a commonly used function in forex which is used to control losses to an acceptable level if a trade goes against the trader. A stop loss order is an instruction to the broker to automatically close a forex position if the price action moves contrary to

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