Education - Basic

  • Barry Norman

    How Does Price Move and Where Does It Go?

    The first thing a trader needs to know and understand in the fx market is the way in which prices move. Knowing this will determine what you do when trading currencies. You have to be able to understand what’s going on in the market in order to make smart decisions.

  • Barry Norman

    I’m a Pip, You’re a Pip, and everybody is a Pip… so what is a Pip?

    “Percentage-In-Point” is known as a PIP and is used to define a currency rate to a very small amount well below whole numbers. Different currencies are traded around the world and using this system helps equalize each currency against the other for much more accurate measurement. Ok, now you have an explanation

  • Barry Norman

    Forex Fear Factor

    Most investors can easily understand the stock market, even though they do not understand the complete explanation of how a stock is priced or how brokers and traders, value a stock. Earnings Ratio and P/E are not that important to a beginning investor. He knows he owns a piece of

  • Barry Norman

    Understanding What Influences Currency Prices

    Forex prices are currency prices. Currencies are issued and controlled by governments. Currency does not have a set price or a suggested retail price or a manufactures price. You cannot break down the components of a currency to find its value and sell of parts of it.Currency used to be

  • Barry Norman

    I Only Have US Dollars How Can I Sell Euros?

    Trading in the Forex Market can be very profitable if you have knowledge and experience.  A small bit of knowledge can quickly move the profitability odds in your favor. You may not get rich, but you won’t lose your money. And with time you will become a successful trader.A good

  • Barry Norman

    If I have a pair of shoes I have a left and a right shoe, but if I have a currency pair they don’t match?

    Currencies are always trade in pairs, when a trader makes a trade he or she is always long/buying one currency and short/selling the other.If a trader sells one standard lot (equivalent to 100,000 units) of EUR/USD, they would have exchanged euros for dollars and would now be “short” euros and

  • Barry Norman

    Fibonacci Will Earn You Money In The Forex Market

    Every keeps telling me that I can earn high profits trading currencies with Fibonacci… I just need to find out who he is.We know him as Fibonacci, but his real name was Leonardo Pisano, because Pisa was the town where he was born. His father’s name was Guillermo Bonacci. In Latin,

  • Barry Norman

    What are Economic Indicators?

    When trading in the forex markets, there are there are two types of analysis. There is technical and fundamental analysis. Technical analysis is done by looking at price and other numeric values, such as volume, along with charts and graphs to develop trading cycles and forex trading strategies. We will

  • James Hyerczyk

    Technical Analysis in the Forex Markets

    Traders apply technical analysis to the Forex markets because they believe that exchange rates are not always determined by economic fundamentals like central bank activity, prices and interest rates. Although long-term trends in the Forex markets are likely caused by these fundamental events, it seems that Forex traders are driven

  • Christopher Lewis

    Simplify Your Analysis

    Using technical analysis can be as easy or difficult as you choose it to be. Far too many traders have found trading to be a very difficult endeavor when it really doesn’t have to be. It really comes down to figuring out two important things: What direction the market is

  • James Hyerczyk

    Factors Affecting Currency Prices

    No financial marketplace comprehends as much of what is proceeding in the global trading community at any given time as foreign currency exchange, but in the end, Forex prices are a result of supply and demand forces.The cost of one currency relative to another is constantly shifting due to the

  • James Hyerczyk

    Who are the Major Forex Players Behind the Liquidity?

    The Forex market is the single largest market around the world not just in terms of average daily turnover and average revenue per trader but also the largest market in terms of participants.Here is a list of the major players in the Forex markets:Commercial Banks – Banks are usually involved

  • investor
    Christopher Lewis

    Getting Comfortable – Something We All Must Do

    One of the greatest tools that a trader has available to them is also the one they often ignore the most: Their own psychology. The Forex world has plenty of great books and articles about trading psychology, but many of them are broad-based, and often aren’t completely actionable after reading

  • eur/usd
    James Hyerczyk

    First Hour Breakout Strategy for Euro

    In order to achieve success in the Forex markets, a trader must make sure he has enough tools in his toolbox to take advantage of the different situations the markets present. At times a market may be at an extremely high or low and indicating a possible reversal. Other times

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