Alt Coins rally a bit during the trading session on Tuesday

Alt coins continue to react in high correlation to Bitcoin and Ethereum, rallying as they do. The market has resistance to worry about above though, so I think it’s only a matter of time before sellers could come back.
Christopher Lewis
BTG/USD daily chart, April 04, 2018
Visual representation Crypto-currency Bitcoin go down in value

Bitcoin Gold

Bitcoin Gold rallied a bit during the day, gaining 9% as the Americans came on board. However, there’s a lot of resistance to be found near the $50 level. That should be rather significant, based not only upon previous support, and of course the psychological importance of the $50 level. I think that we will eventually see exhaustion that we can take advantage of, as there is a thick resistance barrier extending from $50 to the $55 level above.

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BTG/USD DASH USD and XMR USD Video 04.04.18


The DASH market rallied during the trading session on Tuesday, reaching towards the $335 level. There is a significant amount of resistance between there and the $350 level, and I think it’s only a matter of time before exhaustion comes back into play, so that’s exactly what I’m looking for, exhaustion. I would be a seller of that exhaustion as soon as it appears, looking to roll over and reach towards the $300 level. If we break above the $350 level, we could go to the $400 level, but that’s very unlikely as crypto currencies continue to look soft, and DASH shouldn’t be any different.


Monero markets rallied as well, reaching towards the $190 level, but I think that the reach of this market won’t extend above $200. If we get some type of exhaustion, we could be rolling over rather rapidly. However, if we were to break above the $215 level, the market could go much higher, perhaps reaching towards the $250 level after that. I anticipate a lot of noise regardless.

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