Christopher Lewis

Christopher Lewis



  • Name: Christopher Lewis
  • An author with FX Empire since Jul 2011

Education And Work Information:

  • School(s) Attended: BS in Computer Science, Franklin University, United States.
  • Job Title: Senior Financial Analyst
  • Company/Organization: Peaks Digital Marketing
  • Former Jobs: Research Analyst, Financial Trader

Investing Profile:

  • Investing Style: Trader/Analyst
  • Area of Expertise: FX, Energy, Metals, Equities, Technical Analysis
  • Favorite instruments: US Indices, Gold, Natural Gas


Christopher Lewis is an experienced trader that specializes in technical analysis and markets prediction. Chris has over 20 years of experience across a wide variety of markets and assets – currencies, indices, and commodities.

Chris has authored several threads on major currency forums with millions of views and works as both an analyst and a professional trader, both for clients and himself. Chris has a financial blog for traders – the Trader Guy. Chris Holds a BS in CIS from Franklin University in the US.

Chris has been FXEmpire’s analysts since the early days of the website and followed by traders of all experience levels.

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