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  • 2008 Financial Crisis

    A Decade After the 2008 Financial Crisis: What has Changed? What has Remained the Same?

    The 2007-08 financial crisis was an event that undeniably had a major impact on the global economy. The crisis, which is believed to have been largely triggered by poor debt-keeping and dangerous mortgage practices, unleashed a tremendous series of rippling effects that affected both the world’s largest financial institutes as

  • crude oil

    PPI Falters, Crude Oil Soars on Heightened Supply Worries

    U.S. Treasury yields fell for the time in four sessions on Thursday after a government report surprisingly showed U.S. producer prices fell in August. Declines in the prices of food and a range of trade services offset an increase in the cost of energy products for the first drop in

  • global stocks rise

    Strong Data Supports U.S. Markets and Limits EM Decline, Oil Rises on Hurricane Florence’s Threat

    Stocks of the Emerging Markets remain under pressure on Wednesday morning, with positive sentiments prevailing in American markets following strong macroeconomic statistics. MSCI for Asia-Pacific region has been updating its lows since July 2017, losing 0.5% on Wednesday. Hong Kong’s Hang Seng loses 0.2% but is also in the area of 14-month lows.

  • Gold

    Gold Edges up Amid Pressure from US Fed Rate Hike & Sino-U.S Trade Tensions

    Gold prices edged higher on Wednesday after the previous session’s sharp fall, but rising U.S. interest rates and lingering Sino-U.S. trade tensions continued to weigh on the market with investors selling the metal at small rallies.Spot Gold XAUUSD is trading at 1203.59 up 0.20% on the day as of writing

  • Crude Oil

    Crude Oil: Worries Over Reduced Supply Offset Concerns About Lower Demand

    Tuesday’s price action in crude oil only proves what we already know: despite calls of an oversupplied market and reduced global demand, traders are more concerned about not having enough crude oil.With the market primarily supported by long hedge fund positions, bullish news is going to have a greater impact

  • Us dollar US

    U.S. Dollar: Trade War Rhetoric, Strong Economy Aiding the Currency

    Way back in January Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin bluntly stated his desire for a weaker U.S. Dollar. President Trump quickly corrected him and the dollar weakened. However, conditions began to change about mid-February when talk about at least four Fed rate hikes began to surface and the dollar reached its

  • EM Currencies

    August Seems Hot for the Currency Market, Trump’s Sanctions or Tariffs Spook Emerging Markets Currencies

    This August seems hot. Not only temperature but also currency market volatility is rising. The period of active vacations, which is accompanied by a decrease in volumes, this time result in increased volatility. So far we have seen this in the EM currencies that have been subjected to sanctions or

  • Gold

    Gold Trades Range-Bound in Asian Market Hours

    Gold prices were mostly steady in range-bound Asian trade on Thursday, after gaining for two straight sessions, with a strong dollar weighing on upside momentum. However, the downside movement of Gold was limited as US dollar loses ground to the Japanese Yen. Spot Gold XAUUSD is trading at $1211.89 down

  • Oil prices

    Bullish Storage Reports from API, EIA Could Spike Oil Prices Through Last Week’s High

    Just when you thought the renewed sanctions on Iran were already priced into the crude oil market, there are signs today that this may not be the case. Both U.S. West Texas Intermediate and international benchmark Brent crude oil futures contracts are trading higher on Tuesday. The catalyst behind the

  • Yen Yuan

    The Japanese Yen Loses Its Safe-Haven Status as China-US Trade Conflict Intensifies, Global Stocks Slightly Lower

    The dollar adds at the start of a new week, despite the weak employment growth in July report. The EURUSD pair is trading near the 6-weeks lows at 1.1550. Despite a poor number of jobs created, market participants felt that the Fed would maintain its commitment to the gradual tightening


    Will the USD/CAD Bulls Hold Their Nerve?

    Any signs of recovery were hammered on July 20 when the pairing fell 140 pips on news that Canada’s May retail sales had shot up 2%, rather than the forecast 1.1%. Recent comments by US President Donald Trump about his disdain for domestic interest rate hikes have also put pressure

  • Stocks Buy Sell Dice

    Facebook Plunge Dragging NASDAQ Lower, Easing of Trade Tensions With Europe Boosting Dow Industrials

    The major U.S. stock indexes are trading mixed on Friday, reflecting their exposure to the technology sector and the easing of trade tensions between the United States and the European Union.The main driver of the price action in the technology sector on Thursday is Facebook. The social media giant represents

  • Us and Russia

    Russian Hackers Invaded Control Rooms of U.S. Power Companies, President Trump Warns Iran

    The Wall Street Journal reported on Monday that hackers from a Russian state-sponsored group invaded the control rooms of U.S. power companies. There were two attacks by the Russian group: the first attack was back in the 2016 and the second attack throughout 2017.The Russian hackers broke the security networks of

  • Iran VS US

    Iran-U.S. Tension Headline Could Be a Bull Trap

    Crude oil is trading higher on Monday, but is it really being driven higher by the launching of “an offensive of speeches and online communications meant to foment unrest and help pressure Iran to end its nuclear program and its support of militant groups?” Or is the start of a

  • Oil Rises

    Oil Rises as Trump Sends a Threat to Iran, US Dollar Trading Under Pressure

    The U.S. dollar was seen weakening on Friday after the U.S. President Trump commented about the currency’s strength. Trump said that China and the EU, among other countries were manipulating their currencies and interest rates lower. He also said that the U.S. was hiking interest rates while the dollar gets

  • Us Dollar

    US Dollar Extends Losses on Trump’s Comments, Now Focus Shifts to ECB

    Despite doubts that the influence of the president’s comments will be long, tactically they came out at an opportune moment, not allowing the growing index of the dollar to gain momentum after touching highs for the last year. At least for the short-term, the scales turned to dollar bears and

  • U.S. Dollar and Commodities

    Whip-Sawed U.S. Dollar Fuels Commodity Market Volatility

    Commodities had a volatile week with some of the price action driven by the two-sided U.S. Dollar and some by market related fundamentals. Overall, hawkish testimony from Fed Chair Jerome Powell and negatively-viewed comments from U.S. President Trump seemed to be the main catalysts driving a few of the markets

  • Oil prices drop sharply

    Markets Under Pressure after Oil Hits 3-Month Lows, Powell’s Testimony in Focus

    After returning to the highs area since March, the American S&P 500 lost growth momentum in anticipation of further signals from the economy or the Fed’s chairman.The dollar index has continued its decrease since Friday, losing 0.8% in the meantime and failing to stay in the area of year highs near 95. The pair EURUSD managed

  • Trade war in focus

    Investors Will Absorb Latest Tariff News, but Chinese Retaliation on U.S. Crude Will Be Game Changer

    The major U.S. equity markets opened lower on Wednesday with most of the pressure coming during the pre-market trading session late Tuesday as investors reacted to the news of new U.S. tariffs on China.Investors responded like they normally do to an unexpected geopolitical event by selling higher risk investments and

  • Crude Oil

    Crude Oil Gets Closer to Its Turning Point

    The recent momentum of the dollar’s setback has been caused by some improvements in the world statistics in the recent weeks. But the growth rate of the world economy is noticeably lower than a few months ago, according to PMI, and the actual introduction of tariffs between the US and

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