Global Stocks Stable but Caution Dominates as Traders Eye U.S-Russia

Yaron Mazor
Updated: Apr 12, 2018, 08:19 GMT+00:00

Global markets have remained calm, but selling has been seen early on Asian stock exchanges.

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Forex has been stable. But commodities have reacted to the saber-rattling between the U.S and Russia which has occurred the past twelve hours as the Syrian conflict escalates.

Russian & U.S Rattle Swords, Markets Remain Calm but Cautious

Geopolitical tensions in the Middle East have risen in the past twelve hours, as the White House has stepped up its threats to act in response to what it views as overly aggressive actions by government forces in Syria. Russia has responded by saying it will react. Global equity markets have become cautious, but the greatest impact appears to be in commodities. Cooler heads will certainly not want to see the crisis escalate, because the number of potential ramifications would be enormous. Selling on the Asian exchanges has been calm and European Indexes appear to be tame. But traders need to stay alert today. Inflation data from the U.S was rather tame yesterday and the broad Consumer Price Index figures came in below expectations.

Euro & Pound Sustain Values, Fed’s FOMC Report Hawkish Yesterday

Forex has been consolidated the past twelve hours as investors have held onto their positions. The Euro and Pound have maintained their gains made on Tuesday, but have not shown much impetus to advance against the U.S Dollar. The Federal Reserve’s Monetary Policy Meeting Minutes report yesterday showed the Fed is ready to be more aggressive regarding interest rates if U.S economic growth remains strong. The European Central Bank will issue their monthly report today which reviews last month’s policy decisions.

Tactics will be Important, Commodities Sparked by Risk Adverse Trading

U.S Crude Oil and Gold have gained well this week. Risk adverse trading in both commodities is sparking buying momentum even as key resistance levels are tested. Traders should be careful in the current trading environment, and it may be beneficial to use pre-set ‘take profit’ and ‘stop-loss’ order tactics.

European Central Bank Report Today, Weekly Jobs Numbers from States

Forex traders will be interested in the ECB’s Monetary Policy Meeting Accounts publication at 11:30 GMT.

  • 11:30 AM GMT, E.U, ECB Monetary Policy Meeting Accounts
  • 12:30 PM GMT, U.S, Unemployment Claims

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